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  1. Just heard back from him. First time he tried to deregister it took a year because HMRC didn't believe his turnover had reduced. He deregistered again just recently which apparently went through trouble free in a couple of weeks.
  2. A friend of mine deregisteted from VAT once, I’m sure he said it took nearly a year to get sorted. I’ll ask him and find out more details.
  3. What if you don’t believe in god? May as well say it comes from Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny
  4. A very narcissistic thing to do. Locate it where every visitor cannot miss it “Look at my big safe and all my shiny things”. Crazy! Horrible thing to happen to the guy but he really should have been more sensible.
  5. I would love see Gary do his gold dance over a bar of that size
  6. It’s not really the best suggestion to say just move somewhere else. That solution probably only works for a very small minority. Most people have ties such as family and friends or kids schools and their friends and so on. For a lot of people there are far more important things in life than the amount of tax they pay.
  7. Very specific to your circumstances then. Not everyone can register their company in Jersey.
  8. I already dropped PayPal as a payment processor from my website a while ago and now use Stripe instead. Once eBay move to Adyen I will barely use PayPal.
  9. Revenue or profit? The limited company would pay 19% corporation tax on any profit. Then you get £2000 of dividends tax free but then it’s 7.5% dividend tax on anything over that as a basic tax rate tax payer. If you’re a higher rate tax payer it’s 32.5%. So as a higher rate tax payer you’re paying affectively 51.5% tax to get any dividends out of your company after the first £2k. Or 26.5% as a basic rate tax payer. Not sure where your 10% comes from?
  10. A great guide to British pre-decimal coins 1760 - 1970. It has a couple of small dents on the front cover but other than that is in excellent condition. All internal pages are like new. £7 which includes postage to any UK address. Happy to post overseas for additional postage cost. Paypal F&F or bank transfer. Happy to accept PayPal Goods & Services payment if you cover the fees.
  11. Well, 50p is a half pound so I guess so, yes.
  12. What are we looking at for a total landed price in GBP after shipping and any import duty/VAT?
  13. Sending back ‘return to sender’ won’t cost them anything, Royal Mail don’t charge for that. If you don’t want to receive any more just send one back marked ‘Gone away’. They will think you have moved then and should stop sending them.