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  1. Goldhooked

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Id happily pay 2 or 3% premium all day long but I’m not finding them for that. I thought I was lucky to get my first one for roughly 5% premium. The cheapest ones on eBay at the moment are around 10% over spot.
  2. Goldhooked

    £1 sold for £5000 ?

    If you look at the sold listings for lots of coins there are ridiculously high sold prices. The Peter Rabbit circulated 50ps are a good example. I actually wonder if its auction wrecking where people use fake accounts just to mess with those who think their average coins are worth a small fortune?
  3. Goldhooked

    withdrawn 1kg and 500g Silver Bars

    Yes, but you have to be making currently £11700 PROFIT in one year from any sales before you start paying any CGT and then you only pay the tax on anything above the allowance. Most people won’t have to worry about CGT.
  4. Goldhooked

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    I’ve already received one a couple of weeks ago from Harrington & Byrne and if you look in the ‘Today I received’ thread, so have loads of other forum members. Dont know about the company in the first post of this thread though as the only person I can see posting about them is the person who started this thread, who is a new user and hasn’t posted about anything else yet.
  5. Goldhooked

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    It won't let me put a different delivery address to the billing address - how did you get round that or did it work for you?
  6. Goldhooked

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    3 different addresses or did you have create 3 different accounts as well?
  7. Goldhooked

    wanted Want to buy £400 Gold 2-3% over spot

    I've got one from them that I would be happy to part with for £400 via Paypal In all serious though, I think you are correct in that they don't take Paypal. I'm not aware of any of the big UK dealers that do?
  8. Goldhooked

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Great looking Rooster you have there! Thanks for the thought. Although you are absolutely correct in that I need another, as more of a stacker than a collector (AKA tight b*stard) I couldn't bring myself to pay that much of a premium.
  9. Goldhooked

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    A sovereign is not 1/4oz of gold. They are 22 carat and contain 0.2353544oz of gold. At today’s spot price of £1017 that makes it £239.
  10. Goldhooked

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    They’re loss leaders. These companies make their money selling lots of other overpriced coins to people who don’t shop around. Once you’ve bought from them they send you offers for other coins at ridiculously high prices (that can usually be bought cheaper elsewhere). I got one of the 2019 sovs from Harrington & Byrne for £239. Nothing wrong with it. I opted out of email offers but they send a letter every week offering me something else at a silly price. I just throw them in the bin but I’m sure plenty of people buy them, particularly as they offer split payments (pay 25% every month for 4 months for example).
  11. Goldhooked

    20 Francs Advice Please

    I’ve got a bone to pick with you lot! Look what you’ve made me do... My first. It’s bloody lovely and I want more now So much more interesting than sovereigns, although I will continue to collect those too.
  12. Goldhooked

    Today I Received.....

    Now you’ll never be able to unsee it
  13. Goldhooked

    Today I Received.....

    I never noticed her lion hat until now!
  14. Goldhooked

    65th anniversary of the coronation scratch

    I’ll take the scratch off your hands and happily buy the coin off you for £250
  15. Goldhooked

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Several members here, including me, have already received 2019 sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. That's a good price. I got one when they were £239, then they went up to £249 so looks like they still have more left in stock than expected! The only thing to note is that you will start receiving lots of offers in the post for other coins - I just chuck them in the bin.