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  1. According to Buckingham Collections website they are based in Bournemouth, not far from H&B!
  2. Their response to Steve Sharp's review makes me dislike them even more.
  3. This is probably Royal Mail getting fed up with the huge amount of ‘Return to Sender’ items they are delivering back to H&B 😄 I sent 5 or 6 back marked ‘no longer at address’ before they finally stopped sending them.
  4. I have a daily (Mon - Fri) Royal Mail collection for my business. Some days we will only send 20 or so small items but it still gets collected every day. The collection service is free due the annual amount we spend on postage. Couriers can be booked for same day collection. It makes no sense to only dispatch a couple of days a week when it’s so cheap and easy to dispatch every day, particularly when customers want everything yesterday. I reckon remote storage is the more likely reason and they just need time to retrieve it from the off site lock up, which perhaps they only visit a couple of times a week?
  5. They won’t be queuing at a post office. They will have daily collections from their premises, probably Royal Mail and any couriers they might use.
  6. We’re British, we don’t get angry. We’ll just have a cup of tea, a quick moan and then queue patiently for our hallway pass 😁
  7. Are you referring to a case being opened bu buyer? You should be able to leave feedback after that, you can in the UK.
  8. Are you talking about when a seller cancels the transaction? Looks like you can leave feedback on eBay.com... https://community.ebay.com/t5/Bidding-Buying/How-can-you-leave-feedback-for-a-cancelled-order/qaq-p/24967147
  9. Certainly does. Glad I’m not the only one to think so
  10. As you said above, it must be a US thing. You can definitely leave negative feedback on eBay UK under the circumstances you describe.
  11. Maybe I’m just a cynical old git but I wonder if the guy who started this thread has something to do with them...? All his posts are about this company. He supposedly received his sovs from them in 3 days (ordered May 15th, received May 18th). And he accused @ilovesilverireallydo of slander over a previous heads up of the company...
  12. It’s not resolved if the seller refuses to send an item because it didn’t reach a price they wanted, even if they do refund. The negative feedback is to warn other sellers what a time waster the seller is. If the seller doesn’t want to sell at a low price they should start their auctions at a higher price. It’s a bad customer experience for the buyer and as long as the feedback is factual, there is no chance the seller will get it removed.
  13. It must be a timing issue as I left negative feedback when a seller refused to send an item but I think I got it in before he refunded me?
  14. No, you can decline any best offer. You can also set it up to automatically decline or accept under/over certain values. I reckon about 90% of buyers pay full price without making me an offer. I get a few cheeky low offers but most offers are sensible and I’m more likely to accept the longer an item has been for sale.
  15. I sell a lot on eBay, both business and personal and never use the auction format anymore. Always Buy It Now with Best Offer switched on.