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  1. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    Lots of women play airsoft. Look up Femme Fatale Airsoft and show it to her, you never know 😉 If you ever played soldiers as a kid, this video is very amusing -
  2. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    It usually hurts like hell, especially if it hits bare skin There is a lot more trust involved and there is cheating (there is cheating in paintball too). There are some re-enactment type airsoft games but mainstream airsoft is more like paintball - turn up, join a team, run round reliving your childhood playing soldiers in the woods
  3. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    Yes very similar to paintball. Main differences are the weapons are replicas of real world guns and fire 6mm plastic pellets.
  4. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    There’s a whole sport called Airsoft that thousands of people partake in every weekend. That’s why I own my RIFs. If someone is stupid enough to carry one in the street for no good reason then that’s their problem. There are thousands of responsible owners that shouldn’t be penalised for the actions of a few but probably will be eventually. Lots of policeman own RIFs and play airsoft too!
  5. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    They’re allowed to be black and are classed as RIFs (realistic imitation firearms). It’s not illegal to own them but selling of them is controlled as per my post above. KJ Works is a decent make. Far better than the cheap guns you used to be able to buy in the corner shop which it sounds like the one you had.
  6. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    Nice. I had a KJ Works P226 a while ago and was a pretty nice solid gun. Sorry I realise what you meant by "made in Austria" now
  7. Goldhooked

    Airsoft/air pistols

    Legally you can only sell an airsoft gun, that looks real (a RIF) i.e not brightly coloured, if the buyer can prove they have a defence to the relevant section of the VCRA (Violent Crimes Reduction Act). The defence could be proof that they have UKARA membership or if they play regularly at an airsoft site, the owner of the site might be happy to confirm to you they are a regular airsoft player (get it in an email). This is to protect YOU as the seller. If you sold to someone who ultimately did something naughty with it, you could end up in court and would have to prove you checked they had a valid defence. You could try selling it on prefired.com or usedairsoft.co.uk but still make sure you get the buyers details of their defence for your own protection. What make pistol is it (possibly WE or TM if it has trademarks)? It’s unlikely it’s actually made in Austria.
  8. I’m torn on clearing the mortgage early or not. Yes the debt is cheap in terms of interest at the moment but the psychological effect of having paid off your mortgage and being £x-hundreds better off every month is very appealing.
  9. Probably worth stripping those 😄
  10. The original plan was to build a backyard forge and melt/pour it but I’m always so busy so not sure that will happen anytime soon. For now I’ll just keep it. Most metal scrap yards will pay you for wiring even with the insulation on if you’ve got enough of it. In fact I did a test and unless you’re talking about really thick single gauge wiring, it’s not really worth your time stripping it for the extra price per kg it gives.
  11. A local scrap yard pays £4 per kg for bright copper wire vs £1.38 per kg for lead.
  12. Old appliances, circuit boards and wiring. I went through a stage of stripping stuff down and stripping wires while sat in front of the TV for an evening. Old CRT TVs are a good source for copper. I don’t bother so much now as it’s very time consuming.
  13. Goldhooked

    WTF, ISIS to bring out gold and silver coins

    I would imagine that if you could part with money to purchase one, you would end up on various security watch lists!
  14. Goldhooked


    It’s not always the carrier that suffers. The seller often comes off worse and by lying about not receiving a parcel is basically stealing from the seller.
  15. Here’s part of my copper stack Not very pretty but all free (apart from my time). There’s about 20kg in there.