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  1. Goldhooked

    UK pensions

    But you can’t buy £100 worth of gold (more if your employer contributes) for £80 on a regular basis.
  2. Goldhooked

    UK pensions

    You have to look at in on an annual basis. If you drew out £11850 (or equivalent, as it will rise) each year and you had no other income, then you wouldn’t pay any tax at all. it really does sound like you would benefit from having a chat with a professional adviser.
  3. Goldhooked

    Anyone used a 3D Floating stand for display?

    @mr-dead ? Spanish gold.
  4. Goldhooked

    A proper silver bar

    Imperial War Museum, London would be a good fit.
  5. Goldhooked

    UK pensions

    You would only pay tax on any amount above your personal allowance that your pension “pays” you in a tax year. You certainly won’t pay 20% on the full 75% that remains after the tax free 25%. Get some recommendations from friends and family for an independent financial adviser and see if they will have a free chat with you about it. Might be the best conversation you ever have. Older you might thank you.
  6. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    It’s only 9 carat gold. Worth about £70 at spot.
  7. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Just checked, it’s 9% on coins.
  8. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Sod it, just bought another one on a different ebay account! They've got Elizabeth II Young Heads on for £255.78 now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163207055285 £217.41 after discount and I had another £12.50 Nectar voucher left so ended up paying just £204.91. Now to go and explain it all to the boss 😱
  9. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Who just bought the 1915 sov I was looking at
  10. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    I guess demand dictates prices as well, particularly with PM's. They don't appear to have added 15% on to their prices. 3% on the 2018 since @MickD bought his. Still one of the cheapest places to buy sovs today after the ebay discount.
  11. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Yeah it does! I guess they've added a premium for the 200th anniversary privy?
  12. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    You're not comparing like for like. They sell the 2017 on their website for more than they do the 2018. Like for like comparisons are... 2017: website is £262.30, ebay is £294.98 2018: website is £237.20, ebay is £259.46
  13. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    As above, they are currently listing other dates at less than that. And the 2018 is currently at £266.97 so they've only added £8 which is much less than 15%. Do they regularly update the prices anyway based on spot price? It wouldn't be difficult with repricer software, particularly for a business the size they are.
  14. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Look at the link I posted above - they are still selling sovs at £256 which is still £217 after the discount... http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/bullionbypost/Gold-Sovereign-/_i.html?LH_SellerWithStore=1&LH_TitleDesc=1&rt=nc&_fsub=3506830012&_sacat=bullionbypost&_sasi=1&_sid=940487802&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14&_sop=15&_sc=1
  15. Goldhooked

    Ebay 15% off

    Most businesses charge more on eBay than on their own websites to cover the 10% eBay fees. I do it myself with my business.