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  1. If you could post the link to £225 sovs that would be much appreciated, Thanks,
  2. There's the possible resumtion of group orders in February, the European mint have both the bull and falcon at a decent price.
  3. If your're investing that kind of money, I'd consider gold in the first place, that much silver takes up a lot of space and gets very heavy really quick.
  4. Think this sentence should have read: guys have bought bargain sovs from them which come with Loads of free junkmail.
  5. A little more than that, once you add in some 1kg's for side plates, and some 10 oz's for drink coasters.
  6. I'm pretty sure the answer to the original question was actually banana.
  7. Clearly you haven't looked at any of the threads on Brexit.
  8. Failed 'o' level english I did, but born here I was.
  9. Can't see how it can just be a bad google translate since the OP was from the US.
  10. The real expert would be https://thesilverforum.com/profile/2989-backyardbullion/ But if you're buying stuff and vaulting it now, don't forget Brexit at the end of next month, when all the rules (may) change.
  11. Potentially the window for this is closing fast, we'd better know soon.