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  1. The 2020 royal mint lunar offering will be along soon, I'm sure it will be very memorable.
  2. Does it have to be my kidney or will anyones do? I could throw in some other organs if that helps.
  3. If you cut it up into small enough pieces then it's theoretically possible, might take you a couple of weeks to get enough envelopes.
  4. Take the nice, high quality reply paid envelope, stuff it with all your other junk mail, takeaway menus, ect, Then post it back. Cost them time and money, plus it cuts down on your recycling.
  5. Apart from no more cheap silver, who's going to miss the unboxing videos?
  6. Tried to order a second 3 last night, got an email this afternoon cancelling my order.
  7. Someone asked the same question last year, there's a whole street of them,
  8. You need to read the bible first: https://recyclingsecrets.com/free-reports/refining-precioius-metals-waste-cm-hoke.pdf
  9. Always buy legal tender coins, they're CGT free (for now)
  10. Funny you should ask,
  11. Razor sharp edges are quite common, I have a zombiedog that can happily cut paper.
  12. Given that we now have an extra 12 days, what potentially would be the interest in a 10oz bull order this weekend?
  13. There's a good Youtube video on self restraint that was posted on Wednesday, I'll try to find you a link.
  14. Given that the original date for the B thing was tomorrow, I have to say excellent timing BYB.