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  1. Are there any sources for the monarch ones in europe, except Atkinsons ?
  2. Also, one of the zero feedback bidders has bid on 7 of this sellers other items !
  3. Ask them politly to move, this usually works well if you're 6'3" and 220lbs.
  4. try @BackyardBullion , had 3 at weekend, though they may be spoken for.
  5. Though they may have done the odd delivery driver and postman a nasty injury.
  6. Surprised no-one has asked yet, can we order capsules ?
  7. Very dependant on something or other that I can't quite remember at the moment.
  8. At 3/person they're only down £60, they'll easily make that back on the first proof coin you purchase.
  9. Increased price is because of increased demand, no problem selling.