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  1. Forum sponsor bullion for less just had a front page that says they're closed!
  2. Am I the only one that didn't read this properly, just saw the words "Platinum" "proof" and "kilo" and got a little over excited at £854.17?
  3. Which exactly what the man who is currently stockpiling chickens is waiting for.
  4. Full Stack Photo, I'll be putting some on the trade section later this month, I'm looking to exchange for bullion sovs.
  5. Unfortunatly they use pretty high quality paper, it's far too stiff and scratchy.
  6. Off topic but can someone explain, I buy a share that costs £1.00, it goes down 10% (10p) to 90p then goes back up 10% (9p) to 99p so I lost a penny. But if I buy a share that costs £1.00, it goes up 10% (10p) to £1.10p then goes back down 10% (11p) to 99p I still lose a penny!
  7. "All that glisters is not gold" - William Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice act2 scene7)
  8. The US is screwed when this hits due to their healthcare system. How many people are going to get tested (That wil be $199 please sir) when the result of a positive test is 2 weeks in an isolation ward (That will be $200,000 please sir) if it's just a mild cold?
  9. It's whatever's left once @mr-dead has taken his out.
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