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  1. Martlet

    Retirement age - Plan B

    The story is more a reflection on the poor life expectancy in Russia than rising retirement age, which is already planned to rise in UK and most the West. iirc (probably inaccurately) when the state pension was introduced only 1/3rd of population lived until 70, now its 2/3rds live past 70. Life expectancy has risen from 66 to 77 for men and add 5 for women. The state, or rather us tax payers, simply cant afford the old system, so dont expect anything other than the very basic state provision in future decades.
  2. Martlet

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    Having used both, have no complaints. Both have issues with some coin quality, thats down to what the mints send out. However GS is my preferred site simply for range.
  3. Martlet

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    I've heard of them...
  4. Martlet

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Delays happen, I believe there was already one? To pushing back another 6 months means funding, technology or compliance is not going to plan, but they've previously said all those things are OK
  5. Martlet

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    With that sort of budget, i'd look to alternate between silver and gold each month, and not worry about ratios.
  6. Martlet

    1887 Double Florin...worth grading?

    There's a lot of detail there so it may get a good grade. Personally i think coins should be held, antiques ones moreso, unless preserving pristine specimens. Have a look on ebay to see if comparable condition is worth the cost of grading, though they usually look cleaner as well as detailed.
  7. Martlet

    Sovereigns........old vs new.

    Yeah you have to watch those postage fees, as some of the cheapest coins have highest delivery costs. May work out when buying multiple coins, for single coins it can be a big rise in the paid premium. And watch for the "from" pricing on websites, which are for 10+ or higher, while single digit coins are £10 more.
  8. Martlet

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Not at that price, but at least its a decent and interesting design unlike the royal ones.
  9. The first thing to consider is where you want to be on the stacker-collector spectrum. Stackers look for the cheapest silver, collectors look for sets and coins of interest. The coin you refer to is quite a nice design, it does mark a pretty unique occasion. At £415 😲 its a very steep premium, and a large cash outlay to enter the world of collecting. Shame they dont seem to do a 1 or 2oz versions. There are 1 and 1oz coins with a different design, i'd look at those and 2-300 worth of regular coins to kick of the hobby.
  10. Martlet

    Hyperinflation in Games

    Infinite money supply innit. Actually bit more complex than that. I used to play Entropia which has game currency pegged $1-10PED exchange, they had rampant price inflation many years ago as people chased after the elusive best weapons and armour.
  11. Martlet

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    I thought the Big Ben was too busy, didn't like the design and the cloud nonsense, so skipped. I quite like the Nelson's Column design though. And i bought in to the Queen's Beast series.
  12. Perhaps if the landlords had not been so greedy for years, those site would be more profitable and not facing closure.
  13. Martlet


    Shopping around for silver traders, i've found the trader Eldorado.de which notably only charges €5.90 for delivery to UK (so they say). Anyone have experiences of them?
  14. Martlet

    Nazi Silver

    Talk of Third Reich memorabilia turns to holocaust denial. And that precisely why some prefer to censor the subject, because no good comes of it. Which is a shame because the artefacts and history are just as valid as any other period.
  15. Martlet

    Home Brewing

    What you brewing? Cider based on time/length of brew, bit ale in colour.
  16. I don't believe the self service lead to price reduction or lower costs directly. I don't see local supermarkets less staffed. I see more available checkouts, shorter queues. Especially useful in the smaller metro style shops, where staff can be employed in more productive shelf stacking. Efficiency, may be leading to lower cost increases.
  17. Why do you believe you have a right to an employee's number?
  18. How do you cope with petrol stations, being self service for decades? As it is you've happily gone round the shop to pick up your goods, would you prefer shops return to the era of counter service, the shop keep fetching everything for you?
  19. Martlet

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Have to chip in to note this massive red flag. Someone acting on their behalf are either an agent or employee and still their responsibility. So far, it could all be a misunderstanding, poor communication, victim of a customs scam (as it appear a few pages ago). To deflect on to mysterious others like this is deeply suspicious.
  20. Martlet

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    A note on using anti-tarnish, they only do anything if exposed to air from which they absorb pollutants. So placing them in a sealed pack is a bit redundant. Put some in the box with your vac-seal packs.
  21. Martlet

    Gold premiums

    Marvellous efforts. Are you going to do silver next? And the other supplier.
  22. For the cost and efficiency issues in the system, i'm not sure you can make up the shortfall in funding just from that - its the nature of such a large beast. If we want a quality healthcare provision, we have to pay for it. Currently we pay only through taxation, there needs to be a movement to private insurance, but that leads to inequality of service. That goes against a sacred cow of the NHS. All i can hope is that the discussion is framed about what we want and willing to sacrifice to achieve that, but it wont, it will be the usual political battle ignoring the practical economics.
  23. Martlet

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Yep, thats it basically, a bribe for people to join your Telegram channel to boost the numbers. Not uncommon for cryptocurrencies in earlier phase as they are trying to make a name. I found it rather ironic. The regulars are making a good effort to try and engage and discuss the project, i dont think they realise the calibre of people chasing airdrops aren't going to be investing in a $1000 token. They're all about the freebies. $100k would be better spent on some marketing puff pieces and SEO. Kinesis has such poor internet presence, a search mostly brings up an older project by the same name.
  24. Martlet

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Those US tax thresholds are very generous, in the UK its £325k. If it were in millions here, it would be above all but the largest estates and realistically wipe out any revenue from this tax.
  25. Martlet

    best safe for under £250?

    Excellent. I'm thinking a large unmovable* safe in the garage is better idea than trying to hide one thats bolted to wall, which probably isnt as substantial as hoped. Certainly looks better and you can tell people its just for novelty. (*for regular thief. anyone prepared is going to defeat most safe so you rely on the insurance imo).