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  1. I like the design. At the premiums thats where the interest ends.
  2. Transactions are shown in the blockchain, they move people will know. What im surprised by is some noddy unknown exchange has £145m in crypto/cash assets. Had look them up and they dont appear in the rankings for exchanges on CMC, though they are listed on there with about $130k (not error) of volume. Im not entirely convinced the whole story is as reported.
  3. Yeah... they really need an English proof reader to go over their site. I interpret that section to be the confirmation must be made within 1 hour. Elsewhere on the site it explicit says 4 days (see links above), and it wouldn't be possible to do a bank wire in 1 hour outside banking hours (or reliable in those hours).
  4. I dont recall any "pay in 1 hr " condition, thought it was a couple of days. The confirmation is automated, contains the same payment information, reference number that is on the order. Transferwise should work but add the recipient details before placing the order to check. Some time last year Transferwise blocked their account as they share a name with a cryptocurrency wallet (Electrum). No seperate shipper, they send direct themselves, by DHL (was bpost/yodel).
  5. I can see this working for online, in person not present transactions. It would not work for shops, ATMs etc where the imposition and interference would increase risks.
  6. That would only be a problem if anywhere near all the population have 85k.
  7. Yes taking this up with MPs, especially if pro-brexit and focus on the investment angle would hopefully gain traction. A small, fringe change to VAT rules to show "we are in charge", while not impacting meaningfully on wider VAT (lets be honest, general VAT aint going anywhere)
  8. Yes, if they didnt they'd have real crisis on their hands and as recovery is dependent on confidence, the system would be shot. They dont want to see millions of small savers, pensioners, wiped out and then have to support them. Keeping some cash on hand in case ATM run out for a day is a good idea. Brexit isnt going stop transfers, so best left in the bank.
  9. No expert but i have been looking at Mexican coins recently. I dont recognise the design at all, and there is no signs of official status, no denomination, country etc. Have you tried looking on Aliexpress...?
  10. Thats much better than the usual US design. Though its a sketch, how much will translate to the final product.
  11. I prefer the sets in the original case, but i'm sadly not the market as much as i would like to be.
  12. If media outlets want to filter the content thats their outlook. Remember free speech is from the state not companies. Dominant companies (plural) arent monopolies, if people want to run alternatives they are free to do so. If there isnt a market to pay for it, thats really another matter.
  13. Ironic when Daily Mail carry adverts for London Mint, Westminster Collection et al who peddle over priced sovereigns and other coins. Surprised it got past the editors who i expect will be getting some curt email from those advertisers on Monday.
  14. The manufacturing is already there, import tariffs are based on where goods made and shipped from, not where company HQ is located.
  15. EU or the Brexit leaders? BTW the Dyson thing is bad PR but he's move there for tax/business. You dont need to move the HQ to take advantage of trade deal based on goods, where they are manufactured determines that, and they already moved manufacturing there.
  16. The prevailing advice and guidance on crypto is that taxes apply as normal. Most jurisdictions dont allow loophole of trading assets to bypass tax, so crypto is covered by default. While some governments have made noise on specific regulation and banning, its haphazard often seems to be worked around, as is the nature of them being on the internet. I dont believe any nation has yet outright banned possession/control of crytpocurrency.
  17. I find the conversation around inflation to be quite false. Yes, CPI/RPI/others are incorrect and manipulated, but they about averages across the entire nation. It does not and is not claimed to apply individually. But is it really wrong over long term? I know my personal inflation doesn't reflect the official numbers, because I dont buy lots of stuff, a telly or fridge lasts me until its broke or way past the expected life time. Simply changing shops or buying shopping around can change your costs. Only thing i'm conscious of changing prices over last couple of decades is chocolate bars, bread and beer (and petrol cigarettes, though the duty grossly distorts that. I know other things have changed, but not enough to notice. So much for anecdotes, heres the economics. This page shows some data from 1888 and this from 1910, here is BoE inflation calculator or alternative (better) and compare some of these figures (£1=£127). I dont know about others, I do not eat 10 loaves of bread, if i did it wouldn't cost more than £12, and far less pasta/rice equivalent. Who drinks £6 worth of tea in their house? I dont recognise the amounts after adjustment, everything is comparable or cheaper today. Which comes to the point of the matter, while inflation might erode the value of the money, the cost of most things has got so much cheaper relative to real terms. And we have so much more in terms of technology, media, travel to save labour, time and entertain us, which is entirely missing from inflation figures. We are much richer than 1888 Victorian even if the currency has supposedly collapsed and gold is twice the price.
  18. If Russia and China really had so much gold, there would be a serious amount more available than estimated which would be a negative on gold value. Cant just hide 10x the amount of gold in reserves. It plausible that sort of amount could be held within the country, in private hands.
  19. May i point out at .999 the durability will be the same for all. Asking for best quality and bog standard is contradiction, really its a compromise depending on what you value most. The Perth mint coins are great, but your paying another 10% over cheapest bullion. I dont think the quality of finish is noticeably different across the standard bullion coins i've seen, except the Nuie owl which is notably imperfect, Britannia's do get a few knocks on Queen. Spotting is a lottery, though some more likely than others, so far i have minimal incidence. So really its subjective to the designs, if you want to maximise £/oz, or happy to pay more for coin/finish you prefer. It's Brittannias or maybe Krugerrands for me.
  20. Alcohol. Not sure where i saw this, but very good suggestion that stock of spirits is the best thing to stack as it keeps and will be readily tradable. And if it really goes Pete Tong and all hope is lost, you can see yourself out in massive binge.
  21. Yes. If it weren't, the bank would not loan money secured on it.
  22. We broke south from the short trend, destination $1213. Hard to say what that means in £ though seems to have strengthen, could go anywhere +/- 5% on Brexit progress.
  23. QE has gone to bond holders: banks, pension funds, private funds. They in turn have bought other assets, so values of all assets have increase to some degree as a result.
  24. Well i'm confused. Mints need high demand to stay in business, some have closed, while there's increased demand. This will lead to price increase though currently margins are low.