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  1. If i understand correctly this relies on testing DNA, which is normally locked away inside a cell. You need to extract a sample of cells and break them down to get at the DNA to look for the marker.
  2. To be fair, the non-EU worker is not likely eligable to work and may not be inclined to work on a Cornish farm, preferring urban jobs if they are looking for work. Typical EU migrant is coming to work in fields because they know it already and earn a lot more than back in eastern europe.
  3. Sounds like it does: your order on debit gets a letter, your friends order on CC no letter and delivered already.
  4. I would suggest a cockup first. Paying with debit card the bank may have flagged. I used CC gold has arrived, waiting on silver that said it dispatched Thursday. Though i will be deleting my CC details once the silver lands.
  5. It is not strange when you realise silver primary use is in consumption either in industry or jewellery. Note that only high purity gold is VAT free, because it not used in jewellery as it is too soft and damages easily.
  6. Curious why NEO? In much the crypto community its talked down, mainly due to some confusing governance/movement of people between the project and others. Look in the low caps for some bargins, OWN (assest managment tracking), LND (lending crypto), MFT (blockchain, distributed computing) are interesting.
  7. Not really, parliament is sovereign. Queen is effectively chairman of the board, appoint PM and signs off on Act of parliament.
  8. That's disingenuous or a symptom of the problem. This past 2 year period was for the Withdrawal agreement, that's always been the case. Then we go into negotiation on future relations, again always the case. To leave the institutions and systems completely while negotiating to be in them (yes, we do want to be in many/most) would be foolish. The politicians and commentators have either not explained this or not understood themselves, blinded in their desire to pick political fights and perpetually re-run the debate.
  9. Had email from Westminster on the Gold - OK. On the silver, note on the account say "Fully allocated. We are currently working to clear all outstanding orders. New orders are being added to a waiting list". To be fair, it did say awaiting delivery or something rather than 2-3 days when purchased. Odd scenario to run a sale without stock.
  10. Not naive. There is an withdrawal agreement on the table and thats the best way forward - we are leaving. If it is voted down, leads possibly revoking article 50, staying in. Vote down and leave without any transition agreement would be a bit of a disaster for all EU and UK economies. Vote down, have another referendum we might stay in, or be back to where we are now. So its the best way forward.
  11. I would suggest this is made up to create demand.
  12. Not good reading for premium purchases, but for a bullion coin at discount not much to go wrong.
  13. I picked up first sovereign with the 15% ebay discount, so thats good. Kick myself i didnt pickup anything in the Chard sale.
  14. Is there a link for this? I find the census but not prices for individual year/grade (shop link goes to "MAShop" with every sov listed). Or are the price discovery elsewhere?
  15. I think not, too many other deals, discounts on. Then December is prime shopping and not exactly time for a discount, so wouldnt expect one until January. Or anyone know if previous years tell otherwise?
  16. Martlet

    HGM sov

    HGM price on the 2012 is probably the best you'll find.
  17. Yes, i had this on recent order, delivered in about 8hrs from "shipping" status. I also not that the delivery cost has risen 4 euro. Good improvement.
  18. I want to believe that, and have argued the same. Many of the issues are simple and easy to prepare for. However no one has prepared for them, we dont have the contingency plans in place, legislation drafted ready to bring to the house etc. The approach has been "it'll be all right on the night" with no rehearsals, and I have no confidence that it would be.
  19. Trouble is, it is. We ceded power in the negotiations when in the months after the leadership election we did zero planning for a no deal scenario. Various infrastructures, systems, legislation that would be needed to go all out were barely discussed as the politicians and media ran a perpetual re-run and analysis of the arguments of Brexit. Now we are stuck, a no deal would create too many problems. The Brexit politicians let us down badly, they won the vote then walked away to leave it to others. The EU have done what we knew they would, and in their interests, so cant really blame them.
  20. Nothing, there will not be a "no deal". It would put both UK and EU into recession and is completely avoidable.
  21. That would be the expected path, except options for us to cancel withdrawal, renegotiate withdrawal, or delay withdrawal remain.
  22. You dont need to enter "Electrum" anywhere, enter your own reference for the name, then the IBAN to create the recipient. Then when making payment the reference given by GS.
  23. Martlet


    Its well meaning, though if major corporations cant get replicas and knock off copies removed from online sites, i dont thing a petition will do much. Passing off counterfeit goods as real is illegal and as i understand ebay/amazon do act when its reported. But its a game of wack-a-mole. Fakes sold as fake, having no problem with myself.
  24. The detail is wrong, it should be clear but shallow. The lines of Kook feathers are too deep, the Panda fur too deep with not enough lines. Same with Queens hair, it should billow not sharp, impressionist lines. This is the first tell tale sign. I have a couple of fake sovereigns, the reverse looks great but as soon as you see the observe its obvious its not right.
  25. We'd be able to set our own taxes and import duties, we wouldnt have to pay anything potentially.