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  1. Normal chap in the street doesn't view the currency as "government backed", it takes fundamental change in economic outlook for currency to collapse, preceded by a period of high inflation or other economic portents of doom. See 2008, bank crisis, recession, no actual collapse.
  2. I'm after some other morsels, though the prices do tempt... i'd say stick it out for a while, if you want cash for March no need to sell less than spot.
  3. Optimistic it will be resolved next week... stick to regular stacking shirley?
  4. Yes, they seem to have addressed this issue and switched from Bpost* to Fed Ex, at €4 extra cost. * Bpost is the national post and hand off to Yodel in UK. I dont know why so many over look that.
  5. Easiest sum for me is coin price/spot. So 1042/1010 = 1.032 = 3.2% premium. Divide spot by size first for fractional coins, or use grams for coin metal content and spot price.
  6. Neither, Queen's Beast 1/4oz My preference is old sovereigns or new Britannia, because of the colour. The extra premium upsets this though, for gold per £ cant really beat new/recent sov.
  7. Martlet

    Valuing Sovs

    As @JunkBond notes, use the gram to make it easier, then get the g spot price rather than oz.
  8. Before the drive on carbon reduction this was the drive for electric vehicles, because oil was not going available or at least not cheap forever, due to diminishing reserves and geopolitical location. Fracking has change that story, but the general plot still rolls on, we cannot realistically expect growth across developing nations and keep burning fuels as we have down. Electric is really good alternative for new markets, where the infrastructure can be built as they grow. Its also good for some existing markets, public transport and delivery services for example, where again suitable infrastructure can be built in bus depots and distribution centres. Its not good for personal transportation because the charge cycle requires either long trickle charge period or fast charging which existing electrical networks couldn't cope with. And nationally, we will have to build a few nuclear power plants to supply if we can over come that issue, as we transfer the entire energy consumption of travel from oil to alternatives (though it is more efficient having gas fired turbines than ICE). Battery technology is the interesting area because it not changed substantially in decades, not through want of trying, the basic chemistry I understand restricts what is possible and wont deliver the exponential increases needed. A detailed explanation I read told the issue is not density but the getting energy in and out. As well as the current draw there a problem with how stable the electrodes remain, which breakdown, fracture and experience micro sparks as current rises.
  9. That is not buying gold though is it, by your own admission. Its trading highly collectable coins that happen to be made of gold. Not sure we consider gold to be "growth" as that indicates capital increase and expansion, and traditionally its considered a hedge against inflation and the cyclical nature of the ecomony. Though that chart above creates interest contradiction showing gold substantially overshot currency value, so does looks more like growth and therefore not a hedge any longer.
  10. The complaint on TrustSpot doesnt even make sense, received sovereigns but not cases that were sold out - presumably known at time of purchase? Then talking about refund on delivery when they only offer one delivery service option. But this thread and the related dont make much sense either, why make such assumptions and flounce without any further input from Chards?
  11. It does seem to me that 999 silver creates problems, notably milk spotting, for little advantage over a lightly doctored alloy. It seems to me they followed the 999 pureness of gold, which is widely exempt from taxes and recognised for bullion as too soft for practical applications. However this exemption isn't followed, as pure silver still has good industrial purpose so treated as industrial commodity. Some carefully chosen alloy would help and I dont think bother the bullion investor.
  12. No one seems to asked the questions, why do you want to avoid declaring, whats the consequence of declaring or not? As i understand it from UK there is value of money you need to declare but no actual limit on the amount you take out of the country. You need to explain/justify source of money over the limit for anti-money laundering. Expect US and rest of economically developed world is similar (not worried about money moving around).
  13. Where's the market for such things, assume its not ebay. Problem with platinum is the massive premium before you even get to the VAT. Looking at 40-50%. That said if i wanted platinum the Noble is a fine looking coin.
  14. Seems i missed "EU". Dealers in EU use a loophole.
  15. Rather than have a "mechanical fault" on the person's plane? Theory from someone working there is that initial report was genuine then false reports, and day two there were police drones were being reported. Incompetence and cockups abound.
  16. Who has told you that and how would they know? I looked in ZPE many years ago and realised it really simple, we use it in kids electronic sets when creating a radio without a battery. Electromagnetic waves have energy potential. Erect a mast and you will realise some of that energy. Problem was/is the energy isnt scalable, its small amounts, you cant focus it or make it do work as there so little current. We use Tesla's technology and inventions everyday in AC and radio, not hidden away.
  17. Not much of a distraction from Brexit, more light relief. Why do these supposed orchestrated events always make us look incompetent in the process? Media are half fed incomplete information, then pad it out to fill pages, we know not to trust them but some want to highlight the inconsistencies as evidence of coverup. If government want to restrict or ban drones there's been opportunity to do so, dont have to wait for an event. Flying drones around a airport is already an offence, they also already legislated just not very much.
  18. To be fair, the actual is far nicer than the press image, which is too busy with the cross on the left. Still bit dodgy to completely change design.
  19. All countries in EU have VAT on silver, except Estonia. Dealers in apply a loop hole to substantially reduce the cost of it.
  20. I didnt realise they even sold anything, thought Kitco were a news outlet.
  21. You brought politics to the subject - which in its own right is an interesting one, whats the point of wealth without health. Not denying you have found a problem with sourcing some products, what im saying is, how can this be due to something that has not happened. Also, look on line for naproxen, i found suppliers immediately. Whatever is affecting supply and stock of something today, it is not Brexit.
  22. Seems like getting sucked in to fear. There is little reason for drugs, aside cold chain products, to be in short supply post Brexit even in a worse case scenario. If there were delays at customs, it would be a road bump in the supply chain until those delayed goods got through (subsequent goods delayed same). Worse case they can be prioritised at the port. There are 4-6 weeks of drugs in supply chain, by wholesalers and retailers, and they are extending that to 8 weeks. There are general stock issues on specific lines all the time, may be case for naproxen, not due to brexit if its happening today by definition (can buy it online btw). Its sensible to get some supply in to cover yourself but dont go too far (denying it to others remember) and dont blame it on an event that hasn't happened.
  23. They'd be losing money on them at current gold prices, so doubt they'll honor a sale. Though anyone trying keep us posted...
  24. If they want to know who you are they can simply cross check car... so no need to be paranoid about the purpose. Its simple misguided attempt to provide "convenience" and look modern. No doubt someone made packet from the app and payment systems. Write a nice, short letter stating you dont have a phone so will no longer be coming in to town, it'll be gone in a year if people object. Councils have a long history of love/hate with cars, love the revenue but hate the congestion, so many town centres switch between seeing car as a cash cow and a necessary evil.