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  1. Martlet

    Boycotting GS.be

    Yes, i had this on recent order, delivered in about 8hrs from "shipping" status. I also not that the delivery cost has risen 4 euro. Good improvement.
  2. Martlet

    Brexit status ...

    I want to believe that, and have argued the same. Many of the issues are simple and easy to prepare for. However no one has prepared for them, we dont have the contingency plans in place, legislation drafted ready to bring to the house etc. The approach has been "it'll be all right on the night" with no rehearsals, and I have no confidence that it would be.
  3. Martlet

    Brexit status ...

    Trouble is, it is. We ceded power in the negotiations when in the months after the leadership election we did zero planning for a no deal scenario. Various infrastructures, systems, legislation that would be needed to go all out were barely discussed as the politicians and media ran a perpetual re-run and analysis of the arguments of Brexit. Now we are stuck, a no deal would create too many problems. The Brexit politicians let us down badly, they won the vote then walked away to leave it to others. The EU have done what we knew they would, and in their interests, so cant really blame them.
  4. Nothing, there will not be a "no deal". It would put both UK and EU into recession and is completely avoidable.
  5. Martlet

    Brexit status ...

    That would be the expected path, except options for us to cancel withdrawal, renegotiate withdrawal, or delay withdrawal remain.
  6. You dont need to enter "Electrum" anywhere, enter your own reference for the name, then the IBAN to create the recipient. Then when making payment the reference given by GS.
  7. Martlet


    Its well meaning, though if major corporations cant get replicas and knock off copies removed from online sites, i dont thing a petition will do much. Passing off counterfeit goods as real is illegal and as i understand ebay/amazon do act when its reported. But its a game of wack-a-mole. Fakes sold as fake, having no problem with myself.
  8. Martlet

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    The detail is wrong, it should be clear but shallow. The lines of Kook feathers are too deep, the Panda fur too deep with not enough lines. Same with Queens hair, it should billow not sharp, impressionist lines. This is the first tell tale sign. I have a couple of fake sovereigns, the reverse looks great but as soon as you see the observe its obvious its not right.
  9. Martlet

    Brexit. And Scottsdale

    We'd be able to set our own taxes and import duties, we wouldnt have to pay anything potentially.
  10. Martlet

    Blockchain XLM Giveaway

    KYC? Just sign up and validate email address i thought?
  11. Martlet

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    I see GS.be price of 27.83, and note they are charging VAT! That price is 23 plus 21% VAT. Also 4 euro price rise for shipping.
  12. Martlet

    gold queens beast series losing its charm?

    I've been tracking prices on silver and gold QB and its quite odd. Prices are very variable if they have them in stock, some places were selling the 1oz lion for "regular" 1oz gold prices while others were 12-1300. On the other hand the 1/4oz doesnt seem to have moved apart from spot. Conclusion, i think some of the higher prices weren't reflective of wider demand. Silver prices are staying steady rate above premium.
  13. Martlet

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    They done another run and no COA to hide the increased mintage Seriously though, what dealers would accept a recall?
  14. You know that underage drinking in private is not a crime? Take that information and try to unwind what may have happend there. It not worth digging in to theses sorrid stories, people arent going to change views so i'll step out.
  15. I agree. Thats why we have laws, police to investigate and courts to decide on such matters. We should not decide because is within our boundary of morality that it doesn't offend others and therefore ignore it. Burning popes on the 5th, is all about historic context.