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  1. @HighlandTiger Problem with that story is that the EU have had enough, and cant be seen to be backing down to many other members with many other issues. The bluff wont work, Boris and friends have spent 6 months saying we must leave no deal on the table as a negotiating position. They will call it. We've done little to prepare properly (i dont believe operation fear but there will be impact) and nothing to resolve the Ireland/NI issue. The sad part is Brexiteer boxed us into a corner, they still cant even decide between themselves what Brexit should look like. More likely scenario is we'll still import from EU, we'll still export with tariffs, though both economies take a hit. UK and EU will go into recession and Brexit gets the blame from everyone, very conveniently for EU when cyclical recession is due anyway. The sane path forward would be to accept the withdrawal agreement, with immediate work on steps to resolve Irish border, so by the end the period we complete the exit and the backstop isn't required. Which is in EU's interest to assist with as its their problem too. They put in the backstop as a poison pill, Brexiters seem to want to take the poison rather than work their way round it.
  2. Remainers are not happy with the deal and many MP only vote for it reluctantly, accepting the outcome of the vote. Those that want to leave reject it because its not good enough, but dont offer a workable alternative. Given the choices of accept sub-optimal withdraw, abort and start again or exit without a plan, the hard brexiteers want the third, most disruptive and divisive option. There is no electoral advantage, only the vague notion they force the EU into a position to re-negotiate. The EU are done with it. Conservatives will be done as well, because every economic and other policy ailment will be blamed on no deal exit and they will be punished at the ballot box, including millions that voted to leave. Its an absolute mess and the very suggestion of suspending parliament to bypass it is affront to our democracy, the sort of cynical action id expect of the EU.
  3. Ever notice something in common between those nations with low taxes?
  4. Martlet

    GOLD deals

    So say 995%? Not really a problem is it.
  5. I think Atkinsons has been the cheapest, then Royal Mint. Actually, i've noted fewer dealers selling the 1/4 oz than the 1 oz, so there's not a lot of choice.
  6. Of course advancement happened before while on the gold standard, as did inflation, depressions, etc. Remember that the largest depression occurred while on the gold standard, and in UK at least recovery was by accelerated by leaving. The boom bust cycles are an unfortunate side effect, usually from short term politics rather than medium-long term strategic economic investment, and progress, improving standards of living continues after a few short years.
  7. There is a lot of focus on purchasing power of our money, which seems to overlook this applies to government and businesses too: they must pay more nominally for labour and services as the purchasing power is reduced. As long as people can approximately keep pace with inflation its not so important any more. The problem of lost purchasing power is outweighed by the potential for economic growth, now bound by monetary policy. Anyone saying they are poorer today than 30, 50, 100 years ago should try living as then and soon realise its not all just about nominal wealth. Trivially priced light, heating, modern appliances, advancement in technology for labour saving devices and leisure are overlooked. What was once a luxury is everyday, what was once unimaginable is common place.
  8. Martlet

    Michael H

    I've seen enough project to know a dodgy one. Gold backed by 40% discount, how is that even possible? Massive red flag. I did look over the ITO site, there's zero tech, pitching the discounts, the team are some web developers/lecturers with zero experience of either crypto or mining. They dont have any gold upfront so nothing will be backing the tokens, its funding exploration so at best highly speculative. More likely there will be string of problems before the team exit. I also watch Cryptocrow review, even he couldnt hide his contempt for the project ("asked my booking guy if this is the right project"), and he'll shill anything for a few $.
  9. Martlet

    Michael H

    My genuine opinion is you are here to sell the scam.
  10. This means crypto-currency acceptance,. I find it odd the crypto world is wary, it breaks control of banks for retail which was the point wasn't it? I have always expected the larger internet/tech companies to do something like this, only surprised they've taken this long.
  11. As someone whose family works in trade, i'm struggling with "VAT is difficult", know tradesman often register for VAT well below the threshold to take advantage of ex-VAT prices. Everything vaguely business related goes through the books, and can be quite creative, as long as you don't take liberties. Obviously all tools and equipment, also new computer every 2-3 years, phone and contract, ISP, work clothes, business christmas party... as long as it looks legitimate should go through. Just dont get to zero tax, that really puts a mark on you.
  12. Ultimately goes back to power companies and ASIC makers. Otherwise, its simply whoever you buy from, thousands of people who've brought and sold over the decade, and those that mined themselves (like myself). Rather like gold, even if you buy from a mint some of their raw material may come from criminal or immoral trade. And unlike a diamond, which is not truly fungible.
  13. Difference is legality and whether there is deception. The legality is vague, something things may be breaching copyright or other laws. With money there is the legal tender aspect. Deception is straight forward, are you being sold item as original or copy. Compare with another product, car parts. You can buy most car parts made to pattern, these are replicas. Put them in a manufacturer branded box with matching part numbers, serial numbers, they are counterfeit. Interesting thing here (and many products) is they may even be coming out of the same factory, often the knock-offs are rejects, made on the machine out of hours or on old machine "decommissioned".
  14. If in no rush put up as a set and see if there are takers. Though a set of the 10oz would be a small market, unless keenly priced. As a buyer i have considered and in the end decided against buying sets in the past. Getting all in one removes "the hunt" and the opportunity to get bargains. But others pay premium for convenience.
  15. And yet they only just sold out, which is odd.