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  1. Martlet

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    If Russia and China really had so much gold, there would be a serious amount more available than estimated which would be a negative on gold value. Cant just hide 10x the amount of gold in reserves. It plausible that sort of amount could be held within the country, in private hands.
  2. Martlet

    Best quality silver

    May i point out at .999 the durability will be the same for all. Asking for best quality and bog standard is contradiction, really its a compromise depending on what you value most. The Perth mint coins are great, but your paying another 10% over cheapest bullion. I dont think the quality of finish is noticeably different across the standard bullion coins i've seen, except the Nuie owl which is notably imperfect, Britannia's do get a few knocks on Queen. Spotting is a lottery, though some more likely than others, so far i have minimal incidence. So really its subjective to the designs, if you want to maximise £/oz, or happy to pay more for coin/finish you prefer. It's Brittannias or maybe Krugerrands for me.
  3. Martlet

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    Alcohol. Not sure where i saw this, but very good suggestion that stock of spirits is the best thing to stack as it keeps and will be readily tradable. And if it really goes Pete Tong and all hope is lost, you can see yourself out in massive binge.
  4. Yes. If it weren't, the bank would not loan money secured on it.
  5. Martlet

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    We broke south from the short trend, destination $1213. Hard to say what that means in £ though seems to have strengthen, could go anywhere +/- 5% on Brexit progress.
  6. QE has gone to bond holders: banks, pension funds, private funds. They in turn have bought other assets, so values of all assets have increase to some degree as a result.
  7. Martlet

    Shortage of privately minted silver?

    Well i'm confused. Mints need high demand to stay in business, some have closed, while there's increased demand. This will lead to price increase though currently margins are low.
  8. Martlet

    1876 Sovereign

    My question would be why such a premium for the non-short tail, regular sovereign? Is 1876 particularly rare? Rare year plus variation means +££.
  9. Martlet

    SHTF Hypothetical

    Other countries with sanctions seem to fair better, there are ways around. The first came along after the economy was declining and the harsher sanctions only last year. They have run their economy in to the ground well before that by their policy.
  10. Martlet

    InvestorCrate Opinions

    Like the idea, get a random selection, some offbeat coins, items you might not buy otherwise. The concern would be from that picture, cant deliver that much for $100 so big red flag. On their site i see there are different tiers, but no detail of what you get. I'd want to know that i'd get (x)Oz every (n)months minimum, to judge the value.
  11. Martlet

    SHTF Hypothetical

    The example of Venezuela is how to run an economy into the ground through socialism, failing to accept its not working, turning to totalitarianism to cling on to power. They even managed to make their oil industry become unprofitable. I dont see such poor economic mis-management from even the most left wing European nation. QE doesn't go direct through to the real economy, the purpose is to create liquidity and reduce returns from government bonds in order to spur investment elsewhere. Crucially, it is reversible, by reselling bonds if need be. That is why it is not the same as simply printing money.
  12. Martlet

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I do find some of the reaction odd. The behaviour of GS.BE to issue was appalling, but by OP own admission he didn't have funds and wanted to cancel a trade. The technicality of their T&C error is tenuous since the OP hadn't read them until pointed out, and it is clear mis-translation (it refers to legislation and is illogical in the original English). If their response had been better i wonder how differently it would be viewed.
  13. Martlet

    SHTF Hypothetical

    Normal chap in the street doesn't view the currency as "government backed", it takes fundamental change in economic outlook for currency to collapse, preceded by a period of high inflation or other economic portents of doom. See 2008, bank crisis, recession, no actual collapse.
  14. Martlet

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    I'm after some other morsels, though the prices do tempt... i'd say stick it out for a while, if you want cash for March no need to sell less than spot.
  15. Martlet

    2019 Gold Bullion Sovereign

    Optimistic it will be resolved next week... stick to regular stacking shirley?