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  1. I'm not sure how much potential premium there is for modern bullion (collectors will focus on proofs), however I note a lot of discounted 2012 coins and they were a higher recent mintage.
  2. Very little in politics is binary, true or false, its opinion and position. That tax cut wouldn't do much and politically sensitive. So its a tactical retreat on something that shoots Labour's fox, they cant use tax cuts against Tories if they aren't cutting taxes. Whats funny is how dropping a tax cut is a "saving". Modern politics cant seem to accept that taxes are always a cost.
  3. Classic car profit comes from finding an unloved specimen and fixing it up, maybe find one in good nick from someone who doesn't know the market value. Best to expect is not losing money, which for a car where depreciation is standard is itself a small win. So buy it because you want the car, not the profit motive.
  4. Leaving the gold standard may have allowed this divergence rather than caused it - there is no inherent reason for leaving the gold standard to change production. Looking for reasons, i'd suggest computerisation and automation - the comment about the 4004 is likely on the money. (also the compensation looks adjusted for inflation, making the divergence seem larger)
  5. Isn't this part of the history of coins we like? I think i'd be unhappy it wasn't sold as damaged, but at 2% thats cheap and would expect low grade. I'd be inclined to lifes too short option, you'll still move it on when time comes to sell. Oh, and name them so others are forewarned of potential quality issues.
  6. Fractional reserve, inflation, debt, every problem with currency occurred before 1971 too. As others have put, currency is for transactions, there is less need for a hard standard as economies grow, even restricts growth. What we do with currency depends on the politicians, they can be care free or conservative in spending, dont blame the tools.
  7. Its from Corbyn's socialist, Marxist roots, that saw Jews as part of the bourgeois, through banking and corporate ownership.
  8. Not likely, company of that size would make a lot of noise before even getting close to going under. It's expanded in recent years and has shut a few under-performing sites, more likely local problems.
  9. You may be right, but its illogical. Brexit party arent offering an agenda of social change, etc. that Labour promise, so why to switch for one single issue? If that issue is significant enough to them, Conservatives are delivering leave as voted (out of single market, customs union, ECJ and control immigration).
  10. Bearing in mind nursery schools take 3yos, primary school starts at 4yo for most (in UK), this seems dubious to say the least. Daycare is only a new name for an old practice.
  11. Seems everything to do with race, overlooking her political outlook. Promotes immigration control and pro free-market, in common with Powell, ironic isnt it?
  12. I was rather hoping it wasnt about immigration and there was more to it. Born in London by the way.
  13. Left/Right are only ever crude labels for encapsulating complex, varied political ideas. Jumping from French revolutionaries to Priti Patel is not "right" is laughable (surely it is her views that matter?). I note the video doesnt attempt to explain what "right" is in any meaningful context, then ends talking about spectrum and building institutions without actually defining what that represents.
  14. If buying 1, Sharps Pixley is usually cheapest including delivery. If in London (so can pickup in shop), Hatton Garden Metals. Others may occasionally be cheaper time to time, but that means checking round half a dozen sites comparing with/without delivery etc.