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  1. Well i could say that we accept the conditions when applying for the license to use the road. Of course we aren't asked individually about legislation, one of the short comings of representative democracy, i dont think any other system would work in our population. When you say we have the right to travel freely, you have nothing to support this "right" other than ancient common law which has been superseded by statutes. Its a circular argument, built on ideas of some that dont accept the basics norm of society, and that is inconsistent with using the fruits of the state without having to accept the terms and conditions. You are free to walk on unhindered.
  2. Even if we accept this is factually correct, it doesn't refute my point. The state maintains the road, in trust if you say, the costs of which are borne by taxation and conditions applied upon its use. Why should a few claim they are outside this system and dont need to observe the conditions that the rest of the population, dare i say the commons, accept? It is strange to cite a 1888 statute to remove our duties and liabilities, responsibilities as members of the local parish we would have under earlier laws. In the context of the highways this would have been to provide equipment and labour for their maintenance - fixed any roads lately? It does not mean cash debts as i know you want it to mean. Much of this silliness is built upon twisted semantics, misinterpreting narrow quotes, and inconsistent claims on law such as bringing a statute to support an argument about common law.
  3. Most roads are created by the state and those that follow old byways are maintained by statute under various Highways acts. If we want to use the state maintained roads, we accept their conditions, if we want to use the common law byways, stick to using them on foot or horse.
  4. Martlet

    Advice for a newbie on strategy

    I've stuck with my strategy mainly because i drafted a loose approach that wouldn't restrict me. an allocation to core investment, happens to be Queens Beasts (fortunate timing as this is interesting series and 6 mth cycle suits me); allocation to "collection" currently Britannia, Panda, Rwanda ship and lunar; allocation to buy what i like. I've been tempted into gold, for which i have no strategy at present.
  5. Why would common law apply to the roads created under statute law?
  6. What makes me chuckle with that right to travel is they want to use the road created and maintained by the government, so owned by the private corporation of the state, right? If they were being consistent and honest in their endeavour they'd stick to the public footpaths and bridleways.
  7. Good point! Perhaps to appeal to wider global market.
  8. 2-3 days once dispatched i think. I would discount Sunday but think movement occurs Saturdays.
  9. Thats really nice first impression. Second impression, looking closely the right arm is odd and way left hold sword (like she's dropping it) lets it down a bit.
  10. Martlet

    What Should I do About This?

    Tone is there now, i say let the tone go free. Put it on a shelf or something see if it tones more in some attractive way that will add value for those that like toning.
  11. Martlet

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    What do we think about the fact there are only ~400 holders?
  12. Martlet

    Thai Gold Coins?

    QB Dragon seems to fit the bill, they are revered in Thailand.
  13. Martlet

    BrewDog Shares?

    They were innovative and refreshing in the first round of share sale, and expect those invested would be able to sell at a considerable premium as the company has grown. Unfortunately i did not have spare money at the time. Last round i looked at it seemed to me they were raising cash for unnecessary expansion, as a company awash with cash, and passed.
  14. Martlet

    The gold export illusion

    That would be because they aren't in the EU Customs Union. For all the talk of how difficult it would be to exist outside the EU, Switzerland offers a template solution.