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  1. The question is will HGM buy them back at the same prices, at about 98% spot. I believe they do, so their low grade represent the very lowest spread buy/sell available. £150 is not to be sniffed at, its an extra half sov.
  2. Yes, there are a lot of straight markings indicating "cleaning" action. It looks more dirty than aged.
  3. I see your point, though to this low quality? I've seen a lot of the fakes being churned out, if they're "worn" its a rare year or mint mark to sucker people in. Hadnt considered being a vintage fake, that does make more sense for me.
  4. Would anyone fake these coins, to a low grade?
  5. Iran is a religious and political rival to Saudi, plenty of motivation.
  6. Not quite, history has shown communist revolutions fail. They dont get to the true communist condition as the ruling party doesn't relinquish power (or more to the point the means of production) to the population.
  7. Its an interesting view. If true communism were delivered, everyone accepted it and lived with in the limited world it engenders, it would be quite popular. Trouble is getting from here to there. Also Marx was wrong about several key economic principles its founded on, and we dont live in the mercantilist world anymore (well, unless maybe Trump protectionism takes it cause), so the basis of many socialist/communist arguments are flawed.
  8. VAG DPF was an option around 2007, one VW/Audi might have it, another not, until about 2008-2009 when they all have them. The Adblue came along around 2010-2011? 30 miles should be plenty long run to get up to temperature which is the problem with DPF. Daily short runs are the worst problem for diesels, always in use but never getting hot enough. I faced these issues in recent car hunt, went with a Golf GTI in the end, avoid all the worry with diesel.
  9. Adblue and similar are urea, used to clean the exhaust by turning nasty gases into nice gases. The age/engine of this car wont use that, the bigger concern will be if it has a DPF or not. Its around this year the VAG group introduce them, and if they go its £1k+ for a new one. They are needing regular running at high temperature, much like (and probably reason for ) many of the problems listed above. As it stands, i think the car will be a bargain, low miles looked after, run often and far enough to keep happy.
  10. Funny thing is i read the heading last night, i thought it was "nearly bought 2 tonnes of silver", and the story was you'd fat fingered a trade.
  11. Well there's no currency so must be a round. Its ok, but i'm not fan of colour details, and the rubber inserts is taking such novelties too far.
  12. Martlet

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    It would be interesting to see the detail of such analysis. And would be good to restate the theory clearly as we may have wandered (sorry i have trouble parsing your short sentances so often miss the point)
  13. Why is this "impossible"? Getting some people to do some basic training, get on plane, hijack it and fly into a massive tower seems entirely possible. Its a pretty primitive attack, compared to say the fear of terrorist acquiring chemical or nuclear devices that were popular scare at the time. Ask if you could do it, i'm sure you could, i dont see any reason someone in a cave (and a small fortune) with fanatical devotion couldn't do this. Maybe you dont believe the official story end to end, shouldn't mean discarding possibilities so lightly. We end up ruling out the obvious, practical explanations and reaching for energy weapons and holograms in the sky.
  14. Brass - copper and zinc - is golden in colour, i'd hazard a guess is some similar alloy.
  15. The price you see on goldsilver is including any VAT, nothing more to pay. The delivery has gone up quite a bit, €29 now. Do use their € pricing and Transferwise/Revolut though as their £ exchange rate is poor.