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  1. The H&B London address is a serviced office, just the address of the Ltd, there's no one or product there. Another London based shop if in the west end is ATS, by the Savoy hotel on the Strand.
  2. Simply there is an awful lot of fire, spread over a large area, with new fires spawning all the time. They do share people and equipment with others, in particular north Americans, as their fire seasons are neatly offset. The eucalyptus is quite flammable with oils that burn hot, not quite auto-combustible, they are known to explode and send flaming branches hundred of meters.
  3. Martlet

    Plastic gold

    Needs to do some more market research.
  4. Yep, i've overbought in order to sell and cover postage, remain unsold. So I have quite a bit more silver than i intended.
  5. It notes a bullion value of £1200, which would mean £282 spot for a sovereign. So that looks right off for shields. However, perhaps its auction price? Which accounting for buyers fee would put prices up in £340-350 area.
  6. Martlet

    Gold import

    Your largest problem isnt going to be importing, its selling it on. You need to verify the purity, so pay for it to be assayed, or melted in to approved bars (Bairds might do this?). If you get cheap enough it might work out, set yourself up as a brand, just think through the whole process not just importation.
  7. Martlet

    Fractional Gold Ideas

    I suggest asking the boys to select what they'd like, from somewhere with a wideish range like Atkinson or Celticgold.
  8. Events influence market sentiment. There is a significant difference between conflict in Crimea (no one really cared, except the Ukrainians) and the middle east.
  9. The exchange rate GS be use now is decent, you might save a % paying EUR via Transferwise. You need to beat the VAT to make the delivery worthwhile, £100 isnt going to do it, really needs £200-250 minimum. Or look at somewhere with cheaper delivery.
  10. Thanks, im thinking of the event in September, and mixing overnight lending with extended term lending, or "QE that isnt QE". Though its largely short term, rolled over lending that provides liquidity. The video (and other sources) are overstating how much money is going in and overlooking its paid back or rolled over next period.
  11. Well as dodgy as Moodys and others are (competitive, market their own work), they wouldnt mark down like that. There's about 6 levels of graduation in between high AA and BB, so the market would adjust to re-rating. Also, Moody dont use that grading (AA1, AA2, A1...), thats used by S&P.
  12. Two problems with the video. I dont think the CCP is described correctly, as i understand it they are intended to reduce risk. In first instance they act as a broker, confirming the transfer of funds or instruments. Being liable to failure/default is secondary and would expect to be hedged, with the party defaulting go first, not the broker. Other thing is the repo market is temporary, one time over night intervention, not ongoing. He also seem surprised the market cap is less than the derivatives value, which is normal, the market cap is the value of the business not their loan books (business value is a product of the profit made on the loans). The state of DB is shaky to be sure, not from this, but bad debts on thier books.
  13. A less than acre plot with planning will be 6 figures, the same again for building anything sensible. I doubt you could self build a "mansion" for less than 250k. That'll buy tens of acres in England with scope to put a "temporary" building as desired.
  14. Along these lines, an old coach gives more space. Park up and make immovable (reversible methods), engine as a built in generator. A coach is clearly not a dwelling is it? I believe the main issue with building is around whether it is permanent or not. Containers or shed/shacks are considered non-permanent, make it too substantial, house like and it may be considered permanent. With the number of plots I see with sheds for horses, with water and electric supplies it cant be that difficult to arrange a suitable plot, if you understand the rules.
  15. Great data bomb, though looks like it doesnt solve the matter. The extra thickness of the 1915 would indicate ~10% extra material, but weight is on spec. This, along with other outliers, leads me to conclude the measurement is suspect (and it is difficult with coins). If they are fake they are not the usual obvious ones, except that odd "scratch" on the 1915. Assuming the dealer checks stuff coming in, i'd reckon they contain the expected amount of gold, even if they are copies.