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  1. From fundamentals point of view P/E is an important number, avoids having to look at lots of other numbers. Price/earnings is ratio of share value to amount of profit company generates. (If the company doesn't make a profit, interesting substitutes can be used). A lowish P/E signifies a steady earner, nothing flash unlikely rise in price. Higher P/E signifies growth, the market believes future will return more earnings and they are pricing that in. When a company doesn't match those (crude) profiles it gives a guide to under or over-priced. If a company should be growing, good future prospects with sound earnings, but a low P/E, thats a good buy indicator. A high P/E is bit more tricky but similar in reverse. Comparing P/E of companies in same sector or wider market average is good way to spot value, then you have to read behind to understand why the market hasn't adjusted.
  2. @cravethatcoin I raised an eyebrow at Boeing before (they already had issues with 737 Max), already proven wrong there. Some of the others are indeed "brave".
  3. You used the loaded phrasing "the establishment is blocking the therapy", where as maybe "the therapy is awaiting regulatory approval" would be more helpful?
  4. Only the swab is in contact with people, no claim of contamination there. Probes and primers are used in the lab.
  5. Have to be wary about the potential upsides for some, the market was very overbought end of 2019/2020. I highlight this because you've mentioned 3 good examples. Tesla got pumped up on speculation and is still above its price 6 months ago, has a market cap above VW, does that make any sense? Amazon is a more solid option but while off its high its already bounced back to its price start of year and a good 10% up on 6mth. Alphabet (Google) is probably best as it remains ~15% off the 6mth price and stayed there. If looking for value and recovery need to look back through the past 6-12mth chart to filter out market hubris that may not be back for a while, and understand some of the fundamentals of the business (Tesla shouldnt be anywhere near the price it is for a small car maker). The oil play is good for those that survive, the current price war will crush many smaller ones. Im looking at trading the oil price directly, it wont stay around $20 forever, be back to $50-60 when everyone grows up and demand returns.
  6. Forget 10oz, i see the dealers are doing similar practice with the 2oz QB, premiums of 60% or more when previously about 25%. I understand short stock but there's also a bit of fairness and i'm disappointed bullion is been overpriced.
  7. Russia is engaged in a oil price war, I doubt there will be anything spare to spend on gold and the wealth fund may be taking a hit for domestic expenses.
  8. I'm curious why the "elites" controling London would need to ship somewhere else?
  9. Is good point that defence is more consolidated.
  10. 3 times more spent on healthcare than military, think about that.
  11. I think you are suggesting, if i may, that the paper market is driving the price of the market? I read a theory a while ago that this is the case, not just for silver but a range of commodities and assets, where the derivatives dominate trade. i dont support it, the price action of the past month does give it weight.
  12. I keep hearing reference to a cover up, when was that exactly? I recall being in a meeting discussing it 3rd week of January
  13. Yes indeed, he has done very well out of things.
  14. The problem with these headlines grabbing surveys is they fail to separate the reckless, feckless and genuine in need. So many people on decent money spend as much as they earn and then some, so why do they deserve welfare that props them up? Others will just take what they can and dont even try, too many of them means there's not so much to go round. Then there are those that maybe dont earn much to start havent got chance to save and by fate fall on hard times. The solution is always "moar money", rather than education as noted or other ways of providing welfare.
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