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  1. Then you are into CGT territory, because gold/silver are assets and not income. If you make less than £11700 gain (profit) within the year, across all assets, no self assessment.
  2. The source gov.uk site makes clear mention of "gross income". Revenue, sales, not profit. This makes sense, to realise a profit you need to be tracking costs and getting into deductions, starting to look a lot like trade. The objective of the rule was to allow hobbiest to ignore tax, so you dont have to file a tax return to say you made a couple hundred quid selling rope on eBay.
  3. What i was thinking. I think the safest place might be in your pocket But other than that, seems some sort of secure tool box is best option. Or a easy access, concealed compartment in a panel, speakers for example, probably only good for small volumes though. Trouble is cars aren't particularly tough and a "safe" could be easily removed, so i'd reckon you are looking for concealment.
  4. There's an conventional theory the gold-silver ratio tells us silver must be undervalued. There's an inconvenient alternative that gold could be overvalued. Or a combination, which could see gold fall back some and silver rise? While long term i have confidence in both, short term im wary of gold at this point, focus on collectables.
  5. Fortunately I'm in UK, no fees on banking unless you go overdrawn. Even credit cards are free if you weigh off the balance each month.
  6. I wouldn't expect anything to process through banks until Monday.
  7. I would suggest its because more people are going back to work rather than have one parent remain at home. It used to be something thought about, now it seems everyone does it, and while children younger.
  8. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pensioner-dies-after-being-found-13577522 So what size van will i need?
  9. I dont mind mistakes, but not the "glitch in the system" pony. It was priced around same as Britannia's and other 1oz, they realised they they could get more when dozens of orders came in.
  10. East India Company is a historic company long since defunct and anyone can use the name. The re-strike of the classic British (and now US) trade dollar was licenced as St Helena coinage, with the proofs very confusingly licenced as Niue. Who knows how these licences are agreed and what conditions attached. Some sellers still refer to the proof as St Helena trade dollar as thats what the original design was (or perhaps haven't noticed Niue on the observe of the proofs?)
  11. I dont see the problem to be honest, they aren't being deceptive in the descriptions, just over priced. Take off ebay fee and the box and they're that far away from other dealer prices for specific years.
  12. That sounds like objection and argument about governance and accountability, a problem that occurs in social groups, charities, and churches too.
  13. No, they dont, otherwise there would be no need for state funded welfare. They try to, but its patchy, inadequate and dependent on the affluence of the local area. Once you accept there is a need for a safety net (as you have), is it not logical (and moral) to have a uniform service, and have all contribute as they benefit directly or indirectly? In a prosperous, liberal society the debate should move to what should be covered and how much to spend on welfare (and indeed other public services). We should reserve our ire at taxes for purpose of social engineering and punitive taxation.