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  1. andyman

    Today I Received

    2 x Queens Beast Unicorn silver 2 oz 1 x Rwanda Santa Maria silver 1 oz sent by Backyard Bullion from the silver .Be forum order. All look in great condition.
  2. andyman

    Graded/Slabbed silver coins- don't do it?

    I have not been collecting that long but I do have modern silver proof coins in capsuls that have toned over less than 10 years .Before that I collected comics and have several slabbed and graded versions.It became obvious that modern graded comics had a greater financial gain when graded at 9.8 or better compaired to a 9.6 which would be significantly lower because collectors wanted mint perfect examples but to the average collector the difference between a 9.8 and a 9.6 is not obvious.This seems to be mirrored in the coin slabbed collecting where the difference in £ between ms 70 and ms69 or pf70 and pf69 is vast but to the average collector is not obvious and what are you paying that extra money for ,in some cases thousands of £ .
  3. andyman

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Can anyone advise where the best place is to buy these coins from .
  4. andyman

    Royal Mint Lunar dog 1/10th ounce coin

    thanks for all the comments I won't be buying this coin and it does look like " snowy " They have stuck a high premium on it even though its not a proof. can anyone suggest a good bet 1/2 - 1 0z gold coins to acquire nearer to spot price.
  5. andyman

    Royal Mint Lunar dog 1/10th ounce coin

    lunar seems popular and the mintage was not high
  6. i am new to coin collecting , but trying to build a small gold collection .just seen the lunar dog coin 1/10th at £ 175 which seems pricey for a BU coin what do you think ?