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  1. Would you pay $15more to get a MS70 gold American Eagle vs a non graded? In the long run would this bring more value?
  2. Im using Apple's Numbers to make this worksheet. Im not a math guy so how can I calculate the value of 90% and 40% coins?
  3. I was thinking of picking up a few Silver Eagle and Proofs rated MS-70 to hold and sell at a later date. Would this be a worthwhile investment? If so are there certain coins I should be looking at? I ask because I see a wide price range for MS70 eagles, Some go for $40 and some go for $200 and I'm trying to learn the differences
  4. lol I love coins, but I love having lots of silver. so I just buy more coins. I have a few of the Team USA 10oz bars because #merica but other than that I mainly buy Silver Eagles, Perth coins and Maples because I think they look great
  5. I only buy from jmbullion, apmex, or modern coin mart. Im debating between 1/4oz-1oz coins. 1oz would be cheaper than 4 1/4 or 2 1/2 but if I do 1/4 I can start getting sooner.
  6. I have a could different reasons I buy silver and thinking of getting into gold. A. Economy goes to c**p - PM's would go through the roof B. SHTF - it would become the new currency at some point C. I just like collecting valuable stuff lol
  7. I have a decent amount of silver and I wanted to dabble in gold. wondering if anyone has a good strategy on a silver to gold ratio. I was considering for every 100oz of silver I get an ounce of gold. Thoughts?
  8. subject says it all. I want to pick up some more coins but I hate paying these insane premiums
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