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  1. I have confused myself concerning the timing of the different pours. I would like two one ounce bars with the reference 50 and 65 if that is possible.....Cheers.....Vernon and Carol Goddard....
  2. Hi there, .......we are keen to join in but not yet sure if we we will keep the numbers as last year. I will check the list today and let you know. Didn’t you pour a 100 Grams bar? Well be in touch again later.....
  3. Gorseinonboy


    Good morning sir....
  4. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Very interesting and stimulating. You’ll be glad to know that Carol and I are planning a joint approach to the purchase of a large amount of gold between now and Xmas. I’ll let you know how we are getting along as we contemplate the purchases.......
  5. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Hi Vand....well I am a lazy sod and tend to wax and wane in my interests but I hope this wave of interest in gold and silver doesn’t dissipate too easily nor too quickly. It has certainly promoted in me an urgency to think things through, move fairly quickly at times, seek out good advice, ask questions and discuss the future. If it can do all that then I’m happy to put in a sustainable effort.....for the longer term.....
  6. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Hi there and thank you for your long and involved, sensible and strategic comments. I found them really helpful in constructing a strategy for moving forward. We have merely dabbled so fat, hence the question about how individuals actually construct a sensible approach to the whole business of building a collection or acquiring a stack. Our intention and I actually include my wife in this is to have at first a five year, then an additional five year strategy. I like the idea of judging the criteria of a collection by weight and to have this drive the process. I also think finding the right bullion site or right dealer contacts is a good way forward. Trust is an important element when it comes to precious commodities. The various videos all look interesting. Thanks for picking them out. And I take the point about inclusion and respect for ones partner. Thank you for your very helpful advice ........
  7. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Actually, I could feign interest in her bank account given that she has, over the years, slipped into the natural role of Financial Controller.....that way I might get my hands on a couple of bob to carry out my long term Silver strategy.....
  8. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Well that and the dog......at least.....
  9. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    Hi HyHy, Sounds like a work in progress. I’m sure you must be a little like me. I don’t want to have anything other than a great relationship but I’m also growing a little obsessional as regards my interest in PMs. I don’t track spot prices on the hour by the way. That would be excessive....just about six or seven times a day.
  10. Gorseinonboy

    Do I have a strategy yet?

    I’ve been around the Forum for a few weeks now, following various postings, watching videos, buying the odd coin or bar, signing up to all sorts of Bullion sites, scrutinising the rise and fall of spot prices on an hourly basis, learning basic German, keeping an eye on EBay and going quietly fretful and frighteningly obsessive as the days go on. My wife has even begun to use phrases like: I don’t know you any more...... Why do we never eat together? Like we used to....... If you mention the words BU, proof or low mintage once more....I won’t be responsible for my actions..... I realise this could take over the whole of my life, alter my ability to reason, affect relationships, destroy my bank balance. I need a sound, reasonable strategy to the business of collecting or stacking, which will be acceptable to a wife who is growing more suspicious and dubious. Tell me, those of you who have successfully negotiated this dilemma.....What is your strategy?
  11. Gorseinonboy

    2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Is it a question of the hound that wouldn’t bark in the night?
  12. Gorseinonboy

    First time ever Archangel Michael proof coin

    These are superb coins. I love the design and I think in the longer term they will become very popular with the more discerning collector. Sourcing them in whatever form is difficult though if one wants a decent price.....
  13. Gorseinonboy

    Should I return this 2018 Lunar Dog to dealer?

    Hi LaviciCoins......did you contact them in the end? I’d be very interested in how they explain the stain and if, indeed, they replace it. You expect an excellent coin and surely that means one that is not blemished or tarnished in any way.....
  14. Gorseinonboy

    1887 Double Florin & Crown--what grade?

    I’ve read through this entire posting and by the end discovered: There’s a book on grading that might indeed be helpful. Different criteria exist from country to country on the grading of coins. Even when employing the very best ‘scientific’ approach, the process can be subjective. To achieve the highest grading and therefore highest value for a coin means being very very careful when buying. Crikey.....for a newcomer it seems fraught with difficulty but I blame it all on Brexit.....
  15. Gorseinonboy

    2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    Being new to the various processes of purchasing newly released coins and being relatively naive, I have totally lost the opportunity to buy the Swan from Apmex when it was first announced and came out. I like the image of the Swan and I would have wanted to buy a couple of silvers at the original price. Sadly the game has gone on without me..... But isn’t Apmex now involved in dubious tactics, seemingly having commissioned, bought up and now exploited the release? I’m not sure I’d want to be part of that kind of exploitation anyway. There’s such a thing as good profit and fair play and then there’s dirty capitalism. Leaves a sour taste in the mouth......