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  1. How about now? I picked up 2 of these when they were first minted for around £24 each
  2. I would agree that it's best not to invest that 10k right away. Especially as gold has seen such a big increase in spot. I would not be suprised if it comes back to £1000oz. Also you need time to learn which works best for you and which coins are the best option. Perhaps start with 1k in gold and silver and see how you get on. Britannia's are always a good bet but I would recommend comparing with the cheapest Queens Beast as I have found them to go up in value more than Britannias while being similar in price (if buying the latest design, I don't recommend back-dating because of the premium).
  3. The bar does not include VAT but I do not need to charge VAT as I am selling as a individual purchased for myself not a business. Thanks
  4. I will be buying coins with the money from sale
  5. Looks nice, but too big for me.
  6. Edit: I have updated the original post with pictures of the bar. As @goldmember44 rightly said silver bars at least in the UK tend to be more expensive vs coins. The reason is because unlike coins purchased from Europe bars are not legal tender so do not qualify for VAT discounts. This bar was one of the first silver purchases I made and unfortunately that means I paid VAT on it Thankfully it wasn't too many purchases before I started to purchase from Europe. This is a stunning bar, the only reason for selling is that I prefer coins. For reference here is the bar on bullionbypost: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-bars/1kg-silver-bar/umicore-1-kilo-silver-bullion-bar/
  7. Thanks everyone. Info updated. I probably got a little wild with the £500 price considering the weight so I have increased it slightly to £510.
  8. 1kg Umicore .999 fine silver bar for sale I'm selling my 1KG silver bar produced by Umicore. The bar is one of the most popular 1kg silver bars. This 1KG contains 32.1507 troy oz of .999 fine silver (spot value at time of thread: £437.24). I'm selling the bar for £510 including Royal Mail special delivery. I will post this bar via recorded delivery through Royal Mail once payment has been made. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks.
  9. propertypartner.co looks very interesting. So you need to deposit a minimum of £250 to get started? Then I can invest that £250 as I see fit?
  10. Great discussions. Perhaps I have a lack of understanding but I cannot get my head around pensions in terms of tying my money up for so long. My dad is from traditional finance, ironically he worked for NatWest for 20 years. Also ironically he is a pension advisor and is very big on pensions. So I do have a pension which I setup partly to keep my dad happy and also because I don't really have much to loose being part of my income. So I suppose I have the best of both worlds but my goal is to build wealth outside of banks/traditional investments which is the main reason I got into previous metals investing. My long term goal is to invest into cash generating assets that will product cash flow that will act as a inflation adjusted pension.
  11. That is true but a with a pension it is tied up for years and the rules of which to play by have and will continue to change over time. There will be more and more restrictions between now and when I retire. Then I believe you are also heavily taxed in certain situations if you take out a lump sum. So the tax breaks sound great but when considering inflation, the risks and restrictions of a mention and the potential tax when pulling the money out it seems insane to me. I would rather invest my money and own assets that generate cash flow. The tax advantages are there because if they didn't exist then no one would tie their money up and take on those restrictions compared to investing their self and having full control. Also in terms of inflation there is no way that the official inflation rate is accurate. I would not be surprised if inflation right now is more like 10%. Perhaps a strange example but Doritos crisps, used to be 200 grams 2 years ago. They then dropped to 150 grams about a year ago and just yesterday I see they are now selling 100 gram bags. That's a 50% reduction in size I have seen in 2 years and the price has remained the same. The bigger sizes do still exist depending on store but they are testing the impact the smaller size has on consumers and over time the 100 gram bag will become the biggest size. Petrol prices are through the roof right now and the media isn't talking about it.