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  1. I agree High risk, high reward but most importantly with money that I can afford to loose and a existing diversified portfolio. I know Boeing has issues but I do think they fall into the "too big to fail" category. I could see some of my other stocks going out of business but if even 1 or 2 survive I should do well. I didn't just pick these because of the big loss. I looked at the historic price and ensured a stable upward trend over many years.
  2. I agree completely. Looking at the charts of the examples I sent they are all over priced. i don't want to buy them if they are the same price as they were 1 year ago. I want to buy companies that have crashed enough to be the same price as 2014 and early range. That's why I have been holding back on those companies. Here is my current portfolio, high risk yes (some could potentially go bankrupt such as the smaller airlines and cruise company) but if any of these companies survive then I think my £500 investment could be more like a few thousand in 5 years+. I don't care that these companies have crashed more, I am only investing for the long term also with money that I can afford to loose.
  3. I like the play on oil. I put some small funds into OXY as a "if" it survives it should do very well in the long term. Still waiting to get into companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Google but I also believe there is more crashing to come. I would love to purchase Tesla at the $300 range if we get there. I may ease funds into these stocks bit by bit if they crash.
  4. I am also new and had the same question. Also using eToro, so far I can recommend it as it's also commission free for stocks (not using leverage). I use order to control my purchase price. Yes, take profile will sell if the stock hits that price. I have the same attitude as you, buy cheap and hold for years so I turn off take profit and stop loss. Here is my profile: I feel like i'm too heavy in airlines and want to buy more future proof companies like google etc but I find those have not crashed anywhere near enough and the airlines are too cheap to ignore haha. Have a buy order in for OXY but could be risky. One thing to note is eToro is very pricey for some assets such as commodities. I only use it for stocks on 1x leverage so there's no fees (supposedly)
  5. Update: The last gold Britannia has been sold. Last remaining item is the 1KG Umicore silver bar. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, I didn't think you were interested as you didn't reply to my message. Yes it is yours. I will PM you. Thanks
  7. Update: The 3 orders sent on Saturday have now been received and I have 2 new feedback ratings on my account. Only 2 items left for sale from my stack: 1oz Gold Britannia 2017 - £1380 1KG Umicore silver bar - £600 Prices include special delivery to the UK. Depending on the order time I will be able to send these out today or tomorrow. Delivery should be 2 days maximum. Thanks, Jack
  8. The market is starting to come down. My stocks did ok considering. I am still waiting for a bigger crash but who knows if/when it will come.
  9. Hello all, I have the following for sale: Gold 1oz Gold Britannia 2017 - £1380 - sold 1oz Gold Britannia 2017 - £1380 - sold 1oz Gold Britannia 2017 - £1380 - sold 1oz Gold Britannia 2017 - £1380 - sold Silver 1KG Umicore silver bar - £600 4x 1oz Scotsdale silver bars - £18 each sold ------ Payment via bank transfer. All prices include special delivery to the UK Thanks
  10. I am aware, it's the same situation in the UK. The real rate of inflation I believe is around 10% especially taking into account not just price increases but the shrinking of products (shrinkflasion). But this has been the same for years. Lot's of hype (mostly from people selling gold/silver) and no result. I don't ever doubt the possibility of hyperinflation but it has been promoted as a pending crisis for many years and it never comes. It's important to prepare for every situation including a future without hyperinflation which I believe is more likely.
  11. Maybe so, but we have also heard that for over 10 years and it's not happened yet.
  12. This market does not make any sense. I believe what we saw was either a small crash or the start of many to come.
  13. I'm using eToro due to the low fees on stocks. Just playing around with the market, learning a lot and having some fun
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