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    airmac got a reaction from ChardLizzie in chard   
    Well I can say i am impressed with Chards. Ordered my first proof sovereign and being in Luxembourg that isn't exactly necessarily the easyest to do. The customer service, communication and assistance was impressive for me.I had it at first sent to my place but was then told by a friend i should grade it. So even though i had to change the shipping address after paying there was no problem at all. They helped immediately and without any problems or any additional shipping charges. For me the best experience so far.
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    airmac reacted to Harry in RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted   
    😂🤣 Almost as good as watching the Germans get beat by the Mexicans! 
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    airmac got a reaction from augur in EU Copyright Reforms - 1984 and the death of the free internet   
    It will give them the possibility to go after whoever they want though.
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    airmac got a reaction from kimchi in EU Copyright Reforms - 1984 and the death of the free internet   
    There is not really an escape. The whole western world is turning into a police state and the rest already have a lot of them already
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    airmac got a reaction from Agpanda in Collections   
    Old military equipment. Which is easy as my family has a military tradition
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    airmac reacted to Roy in Today I Received   
    I still question it. I still buy it.
    I do love it really. It's a pain in the ar*e at times but so is my wife and I still love her too 😆
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    airmac reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, bought the new 2018 2oz silver proof "Dragon & Tiger" high relief coin from the Perth Mint yesterday. Mintage of 1,500. Hope you like it. 

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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in 1871 Young Head Victoria Shield Full Sovereign Reduced!   
    do we get middle man pay ……… even a sandwich is fine 🤩
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    airmac got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in 1871 Young Head Victoria Shield Full Sovereign Reduced!   
    What keeps me a2ay is the rim damage
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"   
    I did send him a sauce for his birthday and a box of noodles as a gift , life is not about gold and silver , it is about care
    he could have sold his business on to andres 
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"   
    Why don’t u visit me first , I sent you lots of noodles 🍝 
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    airmac reacted to Paul in **Updated** Forum Back Up   
    Working here folks !

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    airmac reacted to TheCoinConnection in 2018 SAPPHIRE CORONATION STRUCK ON THE DAY SOVEREIGN   
    I am glad to see your have read our trust pilot reviews, we have a global customer base,  my team and I work very hard to give my customers the very best of service,  which leads to happy customers and repeat orders, I personally inspect every coin i receive into stock, prior to sending them out to my customers, as I will not send out anything which is sub standard, its personal to me, and I will not have my customers being unhappy with the purchases. 
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    airmac reacted to NewMSmatist15 in Sent off some coins to NGC (Part 2)   
    Well the coins finally came back today! I was very excited to sign for and open this box from NGC and I will post the remaining successes and disappointments from this submission in the coming weeks as there are "themes" to my submission.
    I posted last week about two coins I really enjoy having in my collection and showed images of them - as purchased - in their ANACS yellow holders. See the link embedded in this topic. The first was a 2013 50P SS Gairsoppa Britannia coin which was graded MS 67 and the second was a 2014 50P SS Gairsoppa Britannia graded MS 69. Some mentioned the ANACS grades tend to come in one step lower (I would expect an MS 66 and MS 68 respectively) when submitted to NGC. I'm very pleased that this was not the case with these coins!
    The 2013 came back an MS 68 DPL - a full grade above the ANACS holder and with the Deep Proof Like designation. The 2014 came back an MS 69 same as it went in and also with the desirable DPL designation. Aside from the grading results making me very pleased with my original purchase, I wanted to post that I submitted these as NCS/NGC combined modern tier coins. They are conserved and graded in this selection for the price of $28 each.
    Another added benefit...the NGC holders allow me to better see the edge of the coin showing off their thickness (reminds me of a chunky silver pound coin) and the edge lettering with the shipwreck's name. Enjoy the photos!

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    airmac reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Grades are only known when they decide to send a package out. Until then grades are hidden as “quality control” but that status means complete pending release.

    Because we submit across a variety of tiers ours sometimes works at the speed of the slowest tier. Packages are sent FedEx and are expensive to send back and FedEx charge a handling fee and sometimes duty (even though origination is uk) and so I always wait till there is a reasonably efficient number to return to make it cost effective
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    airmac reacted to Bullionbilly in 2017 full proof sovereign   
    As above, anybody want to part with one ? 
    Ideally ngc pf70
    Must have origional boxes and paperwork.
    As near to spot as possible 
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in 2017 full proof sovereign   
    your local pub is the best place to ask , they will sort you out  you will get boxed and paper work afterwards 
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    airmac reacted to PansPurse in Coin Rings   
    As promised:
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    airmac reacted to sovereignsteve in Help! Plastic stuck to my gold indian head coin - new collector   
    Is there a doctor in the house?
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    airmac reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Grading results video

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    airmac reacted to sixgun in 5kg ABC silver bar   
    Man i hope you will still be selling this sort of top silver bar after October - i am spending my loose change elsewhere and so i have to endure the torture of seeing you selling all these fine bars but no means to get them. This is a form of mental cruelty. 
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    airmac reacted to SummitSteve in Thanks!!   
    Thanks!!  It was one of your YouTube videos that brought me here.  So, I guess that no matter what happens from this point, I will always be able to blame you   
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    airmac reacted to ChardLizzie in chard   
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Our answer may not appease everyone on the forum but we have been selling secondary market bullion sovereigns this way for over 50 years. However, we are aware that as transactions have moved from ordering over the telephone where we can advise the customer before they place their order - to online transactions, we may have diluted our process. Secondary market bullion sovereigns are our cheapest investment sovereigns which may not always be available for immediate dispatch. We have updated our website to clearly inform whether your order is available for immediate dispatch. If you order more sovereigns than that are currently in stock, you are informed during checkout that these coins will be sourced on the secondary market. You are also updated on a regular basis as to the current status of your order. 
    This process offers customers the opportunity to fix the price when the live gold price suits their requirements. If customers could only order when the secondary market sovereigns are in stock, they may miss out on a low gold price. Whether gold goes up or down, we honour the price that the gold was fixed at. If at any time a customer wishes to sell the coins we will buy them back at the current live price.
    In this instance, the reason for the delay is due to a very large order which we are fulfilling. This has resulted in a backlog of orders sitting behind it, some of which are small quantities. We would not normally use this as an excuse as all of our customers are important and would not like to deem one to be favoured more than another. Whilst we are currently paying 100% for bullion sovereigns, there has been a slow down on customers selling sovereigns to us in the last couple of months, although this could change at any time. We have been established for over 50 years and have huge resources of bullion and collectable coins. We believe in owning physical bullion as the most secure way to protect your wealth which is why we have over 5,000 bullion products available for immediate dispatch and you are welcome to visit our showroom without an appointment. 
    We are continuously reviewing our processes and appreciate the comments here as they help us to improve our service to you.
    If you have read the above and you still have further questions, please call us on 01253 343081 and we will be happy to answer them.
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    airmac reacted to Numistacker in Stacking old British Silver   
    Where do you find Pre 1920 Silver in bulk?
    Where do you find Pre 1947 Silver in bulk?
    What does “junk” Silver sell for?
    Here’s a couple of videos to start off the debate.


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    airmac reacted to morezone in MS70 1/4 oz GOLD Queen's Beasts GRIFFIN & LION for sale   
    @silvercollection Moved advert into correct section.  You will need to state an asking price as per rules. Thanks.