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  1. airmac


    Well I can say i am impressed with Chards. Ordered my first proof sovereign and being in Luxembourg that isn't exactly necessarily the easyest to do. The customer service, communication and assistance was impressive for me.I had it at first sent to my place but was then told by a friend i should grade it. So even though i had to change the shipping address after paying there was no problem at all. They helped immediately and without any problems or any additional shipping charges. For me the best experience so far.
  2. There is not really an escape. The whole western world is turning into a police state and the rest already have a lot of them already
  3. It will give them the possibility to go after whoever they want though.
  4. airmac


    Old military equipment. Which is easy as my family has a military tradition
  5. airmac

    completed 1871 Young Head Victoria Shield Full Sovereign Reduced!

    What keeps me a2ay is the rim damage
  6. airmac

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    I don't think that number is good. Since it is missing the country code +49 for germany
  7. airmac

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    You could maybe try contacting the German customs themselves and inquire what was the problem?
  8. airmac

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    If it's suspected to be gone from DHL, did he at least do a report to the German police?
  9. airmac

    First time ever Archangel Michael proof coin

    Mine was also a 70
  10. But you can tell straight off this isn't a steif. Its ear isn't marked
  11. But you would be president. You could go play golf
  12. Can i propose @fehk2001 for president?
  13. I seem to have the hang for others numbers 3002
  14. airmac

    John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    Would be in but unfortunately my country of residence doesn' count
  15. airmac


    Nothing is free. Not even death
  16. airmac

    completed PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    I know many fastfood places
  17. airmac

    completed PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    Burger King?
  18. airmac

    1937 Sovereign on eBay

    May just b me, but the coin in the picture seems weird to me
  19. airmac

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Don't they also add VAT to it, which @Numistacker doesn't do?
  20. I'm also of the opinion to be prepared. Although i don't take it to the extreme. I simply noticed as I got older that we don't store food anymore. As a kid my grandmother always had food stored. I'm not prepared for the world disaster, but all you need is already a local problem. Just consider a power outage. With the way things are run these days. No power, no money, no food. Here the government is pushing cashless society, so just imagine a power loss where cash doesn't exist anymore.
  21. airmac

    completed PF70 2018 sovereign proof

  22. airmac

    completed PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    If i win euro million, we go coin shopping together And have @kimchi along for entertainment