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  1. I think the difference with the flu is, we are used to it and follow those guidelines without really thinking about it. This is a new one and people aren't quite sure of everything yet and then to follow the measures like with the flu seems to be harder as they aren't drilled in us since we were kids like with the flu. Also don't forget the measures aren't quite the same so makes it harder for some to follow as the human being is generally a social animal.
  2. I think part of the reason so many people don't take this whole thing really serious is because of the media. They have all been over all these years making elephants out of flies for sensationalism that people simple don't believe it anymore if the come out with a true disaster. They've always gone for bigger hypes and now people just figure its another one like usual.
  3. A lot of the shops here are also refusing cash for fear of catching the virus. Personally I still keep cash but don't totally empty my account for the time being anymore like I used to.
  4. Thanks, didn't even notice I wrote the wrong mythical up 😅
  5. For sale: 2017 1/4Oz Gold Griffin of England in superb condition - £380, shipping included Payment by bank transfer or PPFF
  6. I've never had a delivery problem with GS.BE and it was always sign for
  7. Isn't it supposed to be a 10x ?
  8. I don't know. I can't see any surpassing the one you sent me for Christmas 😁
  9. Should talk to @fehk2001 to. He got some awesome boxes
  10. airmac

    Philly spots

    I got spotty philly's from different years
  11. Got the slab box from @fehk2001 and just love it. Can only recommend to all 😁
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