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  1. Well I bought mine in Panama. Just in case the tax man is listening. But seriously this would be a hard one to regulate. The rich don't like paying tax so I'm sure a loophole will exist.
  2. Cold storage is a way to store your alt coins. This can take several forms paper wallet. Hard wallet Physical coins with ALTs on them that includes the private keys.. good luck
  3. I more of a reactionist, but I'll try owt once. You got to hold you own in this world whilst respecting the other persons point of view. If that fails. revert to the lowest form of whit.
  4. Warning... before you buy any crypto. Do some research. The silver forum has a sister site called.. the bit Forum.. head over there. Or ask more knowledgeable people on here. I don't want to guide you in any direction as £5000 is a lot of money.
  5. Just don't lick or handle the coin. Lol. The more I look at the photos in k-man post the more I'm intrigued in the meaning. Interesting/meaning gives it a depth that I quite like.
  6. Respect to anybody who will step in the ring. It was just a back at you to k-man. He probably will see something else in it though.
  7. No i didn't. I was involved in that discussion. But you too clever and quick for me mate No winding you up eh. I better be careful i might cut myself.??
  8. How's that Connor McGregor doing these days. Is he still getting schooled by boxers. Or is he still fooling the cage fighting audience. What a scam
  9. I was writing as you posted. It was a timing thing as you can see I just thanked you for the no hard feelings. Honest mate can we move on ?
  10. @JCRJMi just read your last post thats not exactly how the post went now is it. You jumped the gun, then realized your mistake.People will form there own opinions on it. Be them lovers or haters. Like I said someone on this forum will come to your rescue just like BYB has done.
  11. @savoyard thanks mate for me back. Recently I have gotten some stick....I'm not a hater. People is people. @JCRJM no hard feelings. This is what a good forum needs lively and colourful exchanges.
  12. Possession is nine tenths of the law I wouldn't trust a bank with my PM's. a bullion vaulting company yes. Maybe in an PM friendly country. Singapore, Hong Kong. ect. Banks have been withdrawing there vaulting business for a number of years now.
  13. Yes I do indeed. I am happy to be proven wrong but I just cannot see crypto as anything else other than a fiat currency with 0 regulation and a huge hype and bubble around it. Buying PM's with bitcoin would be the best way to spend your bitcoins at the moment - no reliance on cashing out via regular bit coin transactions which I have read can take days or weeks sometimes and that is just with regular traffic. Imagine what happens when the rush hits. People will not be able to get their money out and when they finally do the value of their bitcoins will be tiny. Also, ask yourself why would someone who processes transactions which devalues the currency they get paid in has any incentive to process the transactions? @BackyardBullion I believe that the bitcoin/crypto thing is a inside job it does not sit right at all with me, it could be there for the sole purpose of where the masses put there fiat In the event of a collapse. I just don't know what's going on. Ponzi scheme seems an accurate description. There was a Guy on here who made some good return on crypto's then cashed out into PM's so its possible to be a life changing venture. The thing is will the majority be winners or losers. As for this OP's thread, it has already been done by bigger players so if this sort of enterprise is your thing then play safer and go with the big boys and girls. As for me i wouldn't touch it with yours.? Ps I want to emulate the Guy who cashed out and made big?
  14. Some bullion company's seem to be buying into the crypto scene as they offer to exchange there bullion for it. Do you reckon their hedging there bets!!