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  1. Research Jim Jones and Jonestown and you will know what I mean. Grape flavored I believe laced with cyanide.
  2. Next thing you are going to tell me is the standard of living for the average person is better where you live than the USA. How is your GDP as of late?
  3. They have you brainwashed. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid
  4. So where you live only criminals have guns? LOL. And if someone breaks into you home and try to steal your stack you are going to protect yourself how? Oh, thats right. With you dog.
  5. Maybe I was thinking of pitfalls. Either way they ain't no black lab
  6. What don't you start a grassroots campaign to get a leash law enacted in your local communities?
  7. Boy oh boy what a different world you guys live in. Can't own a gun, killer dogs run wild. Are you guys what we in the states called SOCIALISTS???
  8. The dog would be put down in the states and justly so. Plus the owner would be out at least the medical costs of the dog he attacked
  9. You would lose that debate. We have towns in the USA that ban the ownership of that particular bred. Next thing you will tell me you think rotties are a good for a family with little children. GEEZ
  10. A rottie not on a leash? Insane and I do blame the dog a bit. The dog is bred to kill.
  11. Leash laws folks or as some of us in the USA do is carry (2nd amendment rights). If it happened to me with my dog most likely the other dog would be dead.
  12. In the states most cities and towns have leash laws. You could sue his ass off and be up a ounce or two of gold in your pocket.
  13. Sal

    World coins & medals

    Sold out pretty much everywhere as well as the donut. Time will tell if the coin maintains a premium. eBay has a few for sale but few if any at issue price. Probably a US market primarily as I don't think many foreigners watched or still watch the Simpsons.
  14. Sal

    Flat Earth Coin by PowerCoin & 5% discount code!

    Did you buy one?
  15. Sal

    World coins & medals

    Simpson two ounce Perth mint proof