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  1. I’ll offer you $750 for two reasons. APMEX has the coin for about $800 and you can buy a PF70 on eBay for $1050. How is that moderator? Break any rules?
  2. Maybe they are trying to determine how many to mint by people registering interest.
  3. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    what power magnification?
  4. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Nice photos. Which silver proof is that?
  5. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    I was limited to two silver and one gold. Unless you had multiple friends in the queue there were limits in place. Unfortunately the mint needs a dealer network (I guess) to sell their coins and puts no price limits on what these "dealers?" sells the coin for. They suggest the dealers not to screw the customer but obviously that means little.
  6. We need someone that has a betting account and a PayPal account to get this moving.
  7. How about a forum consensus and do a group wager? If we win we buy PM'S with the profit.
  8. Anyboby know of a site that I can wager on the outcome? Thanks
  9. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    I am looking forward to someone like AOC to win the next presidential election. The debt will soar, jobs lost and my massive stockpile of PM's will skyrocket. Hail the "New Green Deal".
  10. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    So they didn’t get the coins at a discount from the Royal Mint you are saying? Of course they did and they had a profit at the mint list price I am sure. They just wanted MORE profit.
  11. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Seems pretty hefty to me. What percentage increase is that for the Piedfort? 25% from the issue price.
  12. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    The mint said awhile ago they were sold out. Maybe not so if you got one.
  13. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Don’t forget they gave quite a few to their dealer nerwork. Coin connection has some but you going to pay a premium over the mints price.
  14. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Maybe that is because they allocated too many to dealers like the coin connection that sticks it to the late buyers.