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  1. Maybe? Cost me 4k USD and plenty of others on here big money. He'll get you at some point take that to the bank.
  2. I was busting his chops. My offer was $5,$6,$7,$8 and then I was locked out because my limit of offers was up.
  3. I tried to report him but as usual eBay is useless. The seller keeps reposting the listing because no one is falling for the scam. I must of exchanged at least six emails with him until I said FO.
  4. I was a buyer of this monster box if it actually exists which IMO doesn’t. I asked the seller repeated times to post actual photos of the monster box and/or any other documentation that he actually owned the coins. Like a receipt or invoice from one of the major monster box sellers here in the states. Oops, I can’t find it or don’t have it. Read the description of the monster box he gives. Make any sense to anybody? Billion Exchanges???? in his description. I was really going to test him and ask him to meet up in person but Newark, NJ isn’t the greatest place. Thoughts?
  5. Easy to confirm. Just check the NGC census stats and you will get the confirmation.
  6. See if you are smarter than NGC customer service. Just got a bunch of identical coins back from being graded and noticed this particular coins grade. I called up NGC ask asked them if they saw a issue with the description. After asking her (the rep) a few times if she saw anything wrong she finally got frustrated with me so I pointed out my issue. Let’s see if the Silver Forum members are smarter than some of the people working at NGC. Take a look. If it takes you less than a minute then NGC may have a job opening for you. LOL
  7. Just back from NGC grading.
  8. Maybe they are trying to determine how many to mint by people registering interest.
  9. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Nice photos. Which silver proof is that?
  10. Sal

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    I was limited to two silver and one gold. Unless you had multiple friends in the queue there were limits in place. Unfortunately the mint needs a dealer network (I guess) to sell their coins and puts no price limits on what these "dealers?" sells the coin for. They suggest the dealers not to screw the customer but obviously that means little.
  11. We need someone that has a betting account and a PayPal account to get this moving.
  12. How about a forum consensus and do a group wager? If we win we buy PM'S with the profit.
  13. Anyboby know of a site that I can wager on the outcome? Thanks