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  1. 1 invitee on the list - who else want £12:50 for FREE!!"!
  2. Im going to enjoy trawling through the rest of the document this evening/tomorrow!
  3. @HelpingHands - "EXCELLENT" find buddy - the very first 2 paragraphs of "FIAT MONEY" sum up EXACTLY WHY I have diversified a large portion of my assets to PM's Thanks buddy 👍
  4. AL:L that is required for me to "INVITE" is an email address and the recipient to sign up We All get £12.50 - just to sign up! WIN,WIN,WIN,WIN WOO HOO!!
  5. @Shaunbarry FYI - most use "TRANSFERWISE" to deal with European mint! Here's a deal for you !! Transferwise are currently offering £50 if (registered user ) INVITES 3 others - If we can get 2 others who wish to sign up 50 / 4 - me and 3 = £12:50 free money each I would receive sum and SHARE - "HAPPILY"!!!!
  6. @HelpingHands sorry buddy - this link does not appear to work
  7. FYI - @dicker was supreme, in that, whilst out and about he got my prize to me and the donation he mentioned to boot - i have asked to go to RNLI! What a cracking prezzy and thanks a million ALLTHE BEST TO YOU AND YOURS @dicker
  8. UK household debts see big increase - - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50671834
  9. @KDave Well said! - I canhonestly say that "I am HAPPY to be a MUG"! rather than one of the "SHEEPLE" they will get fleeced! 😉
  10. NO Im not taking personally - Seriously - MANY of my son's contemporaries are literally living with DEBT and dont see it as a problem - The main reason thta I see - is low interest rates for far too long GAWD help em (as most have little or NO savings) as and WHEN interest rates do rise - they will be FUBAR ed Here's another example of financial naivety - - - > > > NINE million Brits are "sleepwalking into retirement" and face a pension poverty unless they act soon. From here -- - - https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/9766688/pension-time-bomb-million-brits-retirement/
  11. So in effect daughter in law is frequently as good as a single Mother! 3 kids at different schools - and up here that means MILES APART!