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  1. 5huggy

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Aye Captn Kirk she'll hold a little longer JIM ----- LOL😁
  2. 5huggy

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    LOL - BIG take away and acro props for poor old table !
  3. 5huggy

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    that is IMPRESSIVE for the opening salvo - the unboxing could be outrageous this time! thanks of course to mr &mrs BYB
  4. 5huggy


    address = "Silver to the Moon" LOLOLOL - i will pay the postage but might not be in on delivery day!!😂
  5. 5huggy

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    Yeah ok kinda agree there! - once I had un -embarrassed my self! Does seem that this could lead to further increasing prices as the series gets nearer to finale - its the "VAT" that screws silver in this country but hey ho!
  6. 5huggy

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    however - off to Euromint for next group order 😉
  7. 5huggy

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    Still blooming outrageous to hike the price by that much whilst the spot price has fallen so much - $14.112 as I type
  8. 5huggy

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    As we are "brexiting" - how come we give away pricing to GS.BE?? and how come they are that powerful to command that position?
  9. 5huggy

    Why do you buy silver?

    to preserve todays "fiat" at least protecting the purchasing power , going forward. Not a short term rollover!
  10. 5huggy

    Everyday Carry

    i used sovereigns in Cyprus during crisis period, bought them back into my stack on return and actually made £80
  11. 5huggy

    Coin mag (sovereign info)

  12. 5huggy

    New silver Kruger rand

    I agree with Foolssilver and will have some for the weight - but also for the fact that they would be "recognised" as are the gold version around the world, especially if SHTF type situation did occur!
  13. 5huggy

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

  14. 5huggy

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    When all is said and done the beauty of the the artwork of the likes of the "queens beasts" - and they then come out with what i consider is a doped up "horse" ,"zombie dog", weird rooster and now an awful pig in a poke! - - I dont get who vetted these to be released !? is there a lower school ?
  15. 5huggy

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    I have a few words to describe it - however I was raised to be polite! LOL