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  1. Nah ! sorry @shawy2510 buddy - I borrowed it for 4 hours! - - BUT "ER" indoors doesn't like/terrified of water - -after being on here for 4 hours - when we got back into dock - - SHE SAID - - "OOH YOU CAN BUY ME ONE OF THESE!!"" - - - 😲 MY ANSWER WAS - - !"£$%^&*(O)PO(I*U&^R%$E££$%^!! 🤐🤣 Cos she wouldn't go on the 34 foot ketch we used to have! 😣 BTW! Boats are EVEN MORE - high maintenance than Ladies!! (that's why they are generally referred to as "she's") 🤣
  2. Might "pay" you to think about "UPGRADING" membership too! Earlier access to opportunities from other members - can result in negating the COST of "support " of the Forum ! Just IMHO
  3. Does this mean that those of us on this Forum are 1/ weird or 2/different thinkers or 3/ educated in fiscal matters or 4/ Elitists or JUST Smart ass z that can see through the smoke and mirrors!😉
  4. @Hennypenny - unless a PROOF QB - you have paid an awfully high premium for "BULLION" - Best advice IMHO is to ask on here for a "WANTED" and see if any of us have your desire a damn sight cheaper! Copper spotting is more common than gets reported - it is primarily due to a concentration (PPM) of copper allloyed in a very tiny area and on oxidation results in it "STANDING OUT"
  5. 🤣 how did you know it had been "FELT" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. I would love to know how you put a bar code on a kilo/LBMA gold bar!?? - please dont say a "STICKER"!!!!!!!
  7. Sorry buddy GDPR rules! 😉 Added 0 minutes later... yup - IM VERY HAPPY!
  8. personally have No knowledge of them - -Ive looked over their website! IMHO you would be better going via @EuropeanMint - as you are only approx 600 miles away and could drive there!
  9. Totally agree @KDave - but faith in the FED is like having faith in "FIAT" - it will disappear! 😉
  10. The bit that scared me the most of the TC debacle was - a few "interviewees" said "I've worked for the company for 30 plus years and have NO SAVINGS!" WTF! hand to mouth (or payday to payday) existence amongst a lot of the younger generation is a frightening prospect for them - AND THEY DON'T SEE IT!
  11. So this is how one dreams of gold and silver! Beer in hand -- and Idyllic view of Cyprus shores DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THEM! 🤣🤣
  12. Totally buddy - even chatted with xray guy at Paphos airport asking if he "Needed to speak to me" over what he was seeing! and flashed paperwork ! His answer - (seriously) - - -"you are the best and easiest person I have had to deal with today - enjoy your flight!!"
  13. just a little HAUL - from KDG came back from Cyprus! 😉