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  1. NOTED! but we could "RUN AWAY TOGETHER"!!! 🤣
  2. By th e word "business" do you mean - bullion/coin dealers ??
  3. Primarily the mint charges for a second set of "STAMPS" production and handling costs IMHO this also fleece's little guys who cannot GO LARGE!
  4. Serious note now - Do you have a "sticky" type post that would outline to "members" The full procedure if they wished to get a coin graded through you @Numistacker
  5. WE "older" members are around to help out - thats what makes this "FORUM" - - eh! @JunkBond 😉
  6. I would like to take the Kitco bar please - PM'd @Cambridgeguy
  7. I cannot see images without "EXTREME" caution web download ???! 😕
  8. Not really my thing - But gotta say "extremely simple, clever ,well put together way of presentation" 👍
  9. 1984 has come and gone but "THE PLAN" is just lightly delayed - - "BIG BROTHER" will get more powerful in its insipid nature - Just look at the debate over "Facial recognition" OH YES I TOTALLY agree with this statement!
  10. While tidying up my spreadsheet of late, I have decided to re align a few items that don't really fully fit into with my collection! So here is an awesome thing of Beauty for sale - It was purchased from a Forum member Bargain Sale price of £390 plus postage of purchasers choice at cost! This awesome Sovereign was issued by the Perth Mint who are reknown for their superb production quality. The reverse of the coin features The Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms. Struck in 22 carat gold to a proof finish this coin comes in a wooden presentation box with a certificate of authentication. Mintage is limited to 2,500. I have seen these for sale on well known dealers site for over £450 - - Grab a bargain today from 5HUGGY