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  1. One of these is different tho - - 😉 Customer service wise!
  2. Hi - I "seriously " suggest you read back through quite a few threads regarding certain issues that have gone before and then make "YOUR OWN MIND UP" Regards 5huggy
  3. 5huggy

    Today I Received.....

    I apologise ( 😞) that I did not make mention that my KOOK above was thanks to @motorbikez another quality member of this forum and yes you are right @motorbikez the limit was 500 but the "OFFICIAL" declared mintage is 382 - WOW! Pretty damn scarce ! 🍺😍Thanks bud!
  4. 5huggy

    Today I Received.....

    Well it arrived "HATCHED" yesterday actually - but this will no doubt make @Kookaburracollectorsmile! It sure made me happy - since there are only 500! and I have number 275
  5. 5huggy

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks to @augur for these PUDDY CATZ! They make a cracking set with the latest 2018 KITTY! (sold out BTW) 😊😍 Quite cool that one pair are obverse and reverse on the same backing - so you can see both sides
  6. 5huggy

    Money clip with Sovereign

    Bit awkward to stick the "50 p's " in !🤣
  7. 5huggy

    Outlook on Silver - Anyone following him?

    500 oz would probably buy ALL the hillside of properties in the pic! 😯 As to MM - i agree with His series - - - "The Hidden secrets of Money" - are very informative and educational especially for any one not aware of "Fractional reserve Banking practices"!!
  8. SO the last order could be a - - "HIRE BRINKS and BACK UP the Truck" scenario!😉
  9. WOW! that is going to be ONE AWESOME UNBOXING! 😍 Oohhhh the poor table!! 🤣
  10. 5huggy

    Government Gold Theft ?

    👍🙄- only if the locals are daft enough to hand over "Shiney" for "Shyster"
  11. 5huggy

    Today I Received.....

    OOOHhh you have the "BABY" box for 1/4 oz QB's - I have the other two fantastic boxes but Alun has me on list for the next run!
  12. 5huggy

    Underweight gold sovereigns

    You would have to weigh it yourself - as you won,t know the accuracy of the sellers scales! Just a thought! 🙄 🧐
  13. 5huggy

    Government Gold Theft ?

    Very well said Kevin Good on them I say.