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  1. When it gets towards a $100/$1000 dollars an ounce it would be because it is a buyers market - so we who hold ahead of time - SELL into this market , to those that have none and are desperate to acquire!!
  2. Hmm If it does NOT matter! then I have to ask WHY are central banks and larger organisations hoarding it and buying it up at an apparent rapidly increasing rate?
  3. Large or small - - is always "RELATIVE" to your own budget and /or available funds
  4. it goes to $4 -- i will buy 30k worth !
  5. @Goldhooked yes - you are right there are several other products out there that do a (IMHO) reasonable job -- but having tried SOOO many different products in my vehicle restorations , over the years, I think this is "Streets ahead" when you see the results closely - which is how we (I believe) all tend to view our coins/capsules. It uses - -- >> Cutting-edge advancements in Meguiar’s exclusive Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology (MDAT) easily removes oxidation, chemical degradation, contamination, stains and light surface scratches. Plast-RX also contains long lasting durable protection to keep your plastics clear and beautiful longer. Plast-RX is non-toxic and does not contain harsh solvents. Plast-RX can be used on your Headlights or plastic windows
  6. By way of example - I had "soot" type stains to my WHITE UPVC window frames. After vigorous washing and using 3 types of UPVC window frame cleaners - I got the Meguiare's out and although a bit of rubbing was necessary (think of the area of window frames) It restored 95 +% and left them super smooth shiny white. From more than 5 feet away - they look new! (PS 20 year old window frames) I regularly use it to keep Acrylic headlights in tip top condition!
  7. I personally got my McGuire's from a local car parts supplier shop, I am in the UK! and I can get it a lot cheaper than is available in the UK Having given this a little thought - - I think that most people would NOT want to buy such a large bottle for just a small job If people were wanting small quantities - just for capsule cleaning/polishing - I would be happy to supply a small 10ml bottle for £1.75 + 75p postage (in the UK) Toothpaste im afraid is too harsh for fine acrylic IMHO 5huggy
  8. No sweat buddy - - BTW - -my address will be " The Cayman Islands" at that point 🤣
  9. I will go with that too @Guybrush I firmly believe that the "paper" pricing market of the Pm's far outweighs the amount of "TRUE" Physical out there and can only lead to an upward chase of the price from here!
  10. I respect and kinda agree what you are saying HH but the "if" is significant - - there are still an awful lot of individuals that - - in a panic - - would come up with the funds (by whatever means to try and chase the purchase of PM's) and the result would be!?
  11. Nope - but I am aware how much is being sucked up by central banks around the world and add private accumulations and this "finite" amount of gold could very well be in short supply "VERY QUICKLY" when a gazillion others with none - - try and purchase at the latter stages!
  12. No that is not so i am afraid! - - Sharps Pixley are quite a "reasonable" and respected broker in the Uk! I also believe (personally there isn't as much GLD or SLV) around as appears !
  13. THIS is worth noting from one of TSF well known dealer!! Are supplies of physical gold in Britain about to dry up? According to bullion broker Sharps Pixely, that’s not such a far-fetched idea: Sharps Pixley estimates that there is only about 2 tonnes of small bars and coins in the UK - given the UK population is 66 million, this suggest there is only £1 per person readily available at any one time. Should an economic ‘event’ occur, then we would expect demand would overwhelm the limited supplies which would dry-up overnight.
  14. depending on how many you are after! ? If you measure accurately - - then I think I have the size you want if they are approx 50.1mm X 29.3mm I had the same issue with APMEX bars and the dragon size is smaller