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  1. Thanks @DavePanda for this 2005 1/2 oz. Just awesome.
  2. Considering the amount of grading that happens on this forum, have you thought about a box for slabs, NGC obviously 😁. What do you think?
  3. Hi @Numistacker, can you just confirm the next closing date for submissions. Thanks
  4. Have always liked these Aztec design coins. Thanks to @SilverStan for the 5 oz version.
  5. Another vote for M J Hughes, I bought a 2005 Sovereign set from him and with conservation all came back at 70. Very friendly and more than happy to help.
  6. Interesting point l see what you mean from the photo, Took some measurements with some calipers and it came in at 22.2mm, so 0.15 mm bigger then actual Sov. I guess the diameter on the scales is always going to be slightly larger to allow the coin to be placed quickly and with ease, however it is only one part of three tests for width, weight and thickness. As a quick cheap way of telling the good from the bad I think it still does the job, even after all these years. A fake Sov I bought (deliberately) failed on the weight, but passed on width and thickness so job done. Plus they're a lot easier on the eye then a scanner 😁😁😁
  7. This is my 150 year old fancy machine lol.... does the business though 👍 Available for around £40
  8. Fantastic 2005 1/4 oz Proof Britannia from @Pete
  9. Check out the BullionVault app, Gold, Silver, Plat, $,£,€ and spread from 1 hour to 5 yr. Easy to use and more importantly for me easy to understand.NO ADS and free to download. 👍👍👍 I have no connection with BullionVault 😁
  10. Hi all I've rehashed my original ads and put everything on one ad with some new photos. All coins now have reduced prices. 1918 India Sovereign. I would say AU/ UNC condition. £340 2005 1/10 American Eagle MS 70 £145 Payment preferably by PPFF. Thanks for looking.
  11. It is an I. Photo was taken on a tablet so its hard to get good focus. Coin purchased from a dealer and all weights and dimensions check out.
  12. As above, bought on the forum earlier, selling due to new purchase. Price is £200 plus postage of you choice. Payment by PPFF. Many thanks for looking.
  13. Lovely condition 1918 I Sovereign, one year mintage only. Comes with free SD postage and generic capsule. Price is £350 payable by PPFF Thanks for looking.