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  1. silversurf

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    For all you football fans out there, presumably done after a long long pub lunch!!!
  2. silversurf

    Today I Received

    Got this little beauty from @richatthecroft today for my 2005 collection. Many thanks. Will be going off for grading so I will be interested to see what grade in comes in at bearing in mind the ultra low COA.
  3. Why would anyone bother to make this shocker? 🤐 I've been looking at the image and just can't get it, combined with the truly shocking Queen' s image it just hurts my brain. Reading the accompanying sales guff doesn't help matters either. Can anyone show me something worse? 😁
  4. silversurf

    for sale Gold Proof 1/10th Britannia all Boxed with COA

    Hi. Can I take the 2005 if still available.
  5. silversurf

    Today I Received

    Just want to say thanks for the superb service and great deals from @morezone and @StackSellRepeat. Both items ordered yesterday and both turned up today. Superb.
  6. silversurf

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    I had a 2017 1 oz Brit which I exchanged for Sovs. The Brit is a great coin in terms of size and weight but it's a lot of money to have tied up with not that many buyers if you need to liquidate quickly. After exchanging into equivalent Sovs they are a lot easier to sell or exchange. e.g. 2 Sovs for a kilo of silver if you so desire. Much more flexibility in Sovs in my opinion unless you have big pockets and plenty of time.
  7. silversurf

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    What can I say !!! Well over the moon for a start.... It shows the benefits of grading. 😁 Thanks @Numistacker
  8. silversurf

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Just got a 2005 1/10 oz gold eagle for £112.50, postage included. Happy days indeed.
  9. silversurf


    Are the Venice and Florence bars still available?
  10. silversurf

    Sovereign Photo Thread...

    Happy days !!!!!. Bought raw at auction sight unseen. Thanks @Numistacker for grading. One of only 13 graded at PF 70
  11. True it would be a restrike, I was just curious as to which direction people would sway. Double the gold and £180 cheaper or the sov with blue chip provenance and easy to sell on factor. I don't own either but might consider so in the future. Damn too many coins and not enough money... Also thought about the 2017 SOTD, I think I'm starting to answer my own question.😁
  12. silversurf

    Today I Received

    It wasn't me I was out of town that night !!!!
  13. Two stunning coins, two trains of thought. As a keeper and not to flip what would you choose for the long term. The 20 peso is roughly twice the weight of the sovereign and £180 cheaper but wiould have limited potential to gain in value as a collectable. The sovereign obviously has a limited mintage and the great appeal to the UK market but at a premium. As I'm writing this it's seems to be turning in to a stacker vs collector theme but what tò choose between two lovely coins. What would you have?
  14. silversurf

    Today I Received

    A 2013 Proof Britannia which after the 2014 is my personal favourite. I really like the clear fields and unfussy look. Still on the hunt for the elusive 2014....
  15. Hi there and welcome. I have a graded 2013 proof sovereign which is very nice. I will send you a PM and photos.