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  1. zittergie

    Congo Silverback Gorilla 2018

    Still no news about the Congo Silverback Gorilla serie for 2018? I really like this serie so far. I hope it is not discontinued, would be a shame.
  2. zittergie

    2018 kangaroo

    I really like those owls...
  3. zittergie

    2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Nice coin ...
  4. zittergie

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Are you working on updates? Maybe with the help of the forum members? For example: The Australian Kangaroo started with 2015 instead of 2016. Would also be nice to include little remarks on how the 2015 was marketed.
  5. I have used Delcampe a few times: https://www.delcampe.net/en_GB/collectables/
  6. zittergie

    Today I bought.....

    I got my first Kookaburra. An 1oz Silver 2016 ... So we can start to look for the other years now
  7. zittergie

    Canadian Bison 1 1/4 oz. 2017

    GS has the 2017 for sale now: https://goldsilver.be/nl/106-1-14-oz-bison More expensive than the 2016, probably due to the exclusive rights of The Hartford Gold Group.
  8. zittergie


    It is a difficult matter. When it is a coin that can be used to pay (this is not the same as legal tender) then it is 0%, however a lot of commemorative coins have a legal tender but are not recognized as valid legal money to pay, and then it should be 6%. I can say that I did indeed get a full refund of the VAT being charged. Bars, round and other silver things (excluding antiquities) are 21%
  9. zittergie


    Doesn't make sense for silver bullion coins because VAT in Belgium is 6% If you import for example from the US, chances are you will get an Invoice from the Belgian Customs for 21%, but when you send them your invoice that you imported Bullion Coins, they pay the difference back. I have used this when buying from a US forum member. You can find the tarif here: http://tarweb.minfin.fgov.be/itarbel_ext/FormMaatregel?LG=NL&BL=B&IE=0&TC=7118900000&AC=&PA=&DA=21/03/2018&TX=&CO=
  10. zittergie

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    What is your shipping cost to Belgium?
  11. Hi, I have no experience with the Lunar series. Is it possible to tell from the picture that this is the real deal, and not just a fake one? What are the details I have to look for (besides the magnet test)?
  12. zittergie

    Silver Silver on the wall who is the favourite of them all

    I am into the Congo Silverback Gorilla nowadays. I hope they announce the 2018 very soon. And for cheap Bullion stacking: The Niue Athenian Owl.
  13. zittergie

    Congo Silverback

    I like this serie a lot. Looking forward to the 2018 design.
  14. zittergie

    February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

  15. zittergie

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    For the Belgian members who want one, but do not want to take the hassle of importing the coin, I have some for sell.