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  1. Hi, Just notices that the new Congo Silverback Gorilla 2019 can be ordered. See https://goldsilver.be/nl/1-oz-30-gr/2610-1-oz-silver-gorilla-congo-2019.html I still like the 2016 design most.
  2. I have the 2008 in perfect conditions (from original tube), but shipping to Portugal cost €15,- in a package or €8,60 in a letter. The coin itself €19,- in capsule.
  3. Would be about 100oz. Think I will stay with GoldSilver considering the shipping costs and fast shipping within Belgium. Some prices are low at EuropeanMint however.
  4. Hi @BackyardBullion, Would it be possible to join in from Belgium and get it shipped directly to the Belgian address with a shipping discount, or as long as the Brexit is postponed, can you make a shipping quote to Belgium. Having it send out now cost me about €108,- (that kills the deal somehow if you know the shipping cost from GS is just €12,- for me). I could even handle orders for other members in The Netherlands and Belgium, if enough interest.
  5. We could use a seperate Elephant Section, but I can not create it ...
  6. Just got these today ... Added 0 minutes later... and these ...
  7. Just received my Christmas Draw price today: my first 2oz Queen's Beast Unicorn 2018. Maybe a start for a new addiction, thanks to @smiddy28 Very happy to end 2018 like this Thanks @smiddy28 and a happy new year for all of the forum members, may all be blessed with loads of new silver in 2019 and even more important a good health for 2019 and the years that follow ...
  8. I use the following method succesfully: Fill a small cup with vinegar. Add salt. Put aluminium foil in it. Put the coin on the foil. If it works, you can see the tarnish disappear in seconds. It is like magic. Rinse the coin with water. Although I never had any negative side-effects, I would not recommend it with expensive coins.