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  1. Feltham

    London coin fair (SAT)

    Anybody free on Saturday to do a heist?
  2. Feltham

    Coin Grading Question

    The only thing I can think of is: 1. They made an error and haven't realised or 2. They want to get rid of their slabbed coins quicker so price them to look like your getting a deal and then they'll reduce the price of the standard version once all sold.
  3. Feltham

    Storing precious metals?

    It's nice to share!
  4. Feltham

    Storing precious metals?

    I did wonder wether PMs would melt in house fires but I never went on to research it. I also thought about capsules melting as you mentioned. I don't know if melting plastic on a bullion coin would affect or damage it. A lot of people have seminumi coins which if badly damage would only be bullion value. Its a shame that we have to hide our hobby and collections but you cant trust many people these days.
  5. Hello All, My name is Michael I am fairly new to silver collecting, investing, stacking I have been reading this forum for awhile as a guest and figured I may as well join in on the fun! I can't wait to learn new things and hopefully help people out. Only a short and sweet introduction. See you all around!
  6. Feltham

    Storing precious metals?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to silver investing / collecting / stacking and have thought about this a lot as you can't trust many people these days. So keeping your collection private is a priority. I like the idea of a decoy safe and also hiding places (loving the idea of fake pipes). Most thieves won't be searching around for long unless they know something good is there, they will mainly take easy to get electronics. My idea of storing silver is to put coins in tubes or the guardhouse capsule boxes wrap them in bed sheets or old / winter / summer clothes and put them in a vac and seal bag. Because no thief will be searching through your sealed old clothes, unless they need a new coat. I like the idea of a fake wall in your wardrobe or something too. Hey if you've got the space have a secret room haha. Another thing to consider is fire protection. Hope this helps someone.