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  1. Hello, Since it's Saturday, I decided to sell something special. PF70 2018 Privy Proof Gold Sovereign: £600. 1925 Silver Peace Dollar: £17.50. Prices plus postage. Paypal F&F, G&S is extra. Any questions, you know where I am.
  2. I have 4 x 1oz Silver Britannia (Oriental Border) I want rid of (landlord still wants to cut off my balls). price is £19.50 plus postage via PayPal f&f. willing to swap for gold or other silver. i will post photos when I’m back from business. anyway questions, I’m here.
  3. Bump! My landlord has threatened to cut my balls off if I don’t get him his money!
  4. Hello, i have some 2018 oriental brits? Any good?
  5. Welcome back to stacking! Also, I’m glad your business is working well.
  6. Bump! What part of “I need the money” do you lot not understand?!
  7. 5 libertads left. Everything else is still in play.
  8. 1982 Silver Libertads. £19 plus postage. 9 available. Sold as bullion. 2015 Scottsdale Silverback gorilla. £25 plus postage. Sold as seen. 2018 1oz Gibraltar Silver pound coin. £25 plus postage. Sold as seen. 10Franc gold coins. £125 each plus postage. Sold as seen. Paypal F&F. G&S is extra. Any questions, you know where I am. UPDATE: Libertads and 1858 10Franc coin sold. Please left, still, folks and UPDATE 2: All francs sold.
  9. Silver Shield suck. I mean REALLY suck! I refuse to have them in my collection. His videos are pure hyperbole and he's a frigging idiot. Silver Shield is the only silver collection I won't even entertain. I'd rather have fiat currency than his rubbish stuff. Just my humble.....
  10. I have a 1/4oz Krugerrand which I would be happy to swap for this (might need to negotiate on the cash part). If you’re interested, let me know. I may be slow in getting back to you as I have a busy week. 😀 Cookie Monster.
  11. Given how people were slating TBC on here, I though @shiny89 comments were mild! Admittedly, they were frustrated, but I don’t think TBC should have reacted like that and it could have been solved easily with no ill will on either Sadie (I have an example of how it could have been done). But everyone has an opinion and I’m not going to dig anyone for it. I have said a few times and I’ll say it again, I wish TBC the best for their business.
  12. If they were a disgruntled customer, I'd probably say something like this: "We're sorry you think of us as a 'money grabbing start up'. We are not and are trying our best to rectify our relationship with our customers. So, to help ameliorate the situation may we offer you a free half sovereign for waiting so long for your order? I hope you appreciate this generous offer and, hopefully, will show you we are not a 'money grabbing start up"". But, you are right, this is your business, not mine. I do wish you the best for your business. I genuinely mean that.