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  1. Quick question, folks (and folkettes!). How much do 1oz 2017 Gold Perth Mint Swans go for nowadays? I've been trying to research it online and it's almost like they've been wiped off the face off the earth! 2018 and 2019 gold swans? Come on in! 2017 gold swans? Dunno what you're talking about! Any advice will be appreciated. Cookie.
  2. Hello! Can you provide better photos and someone to vouch for you? I am sorely tempted by this! 😀
  3. How many quarters do you have left? I’d like to buy some. 😀
  4. When you sign into your account you can’t get the deal. It only exists when you haven’t logged in.
  5. I used these bunch of cowboys once and after a few week I asked for a refund from them. Never again. Unprofessional and sloppy.
  6. I have a 1/10th gold Perth Mint Year of the tiger 2010. £155 plus postage. Any good?
  7. The series should continue But with Charlie's head on the obverse. The obverse represents the ruling head of state, nothing more. But I hope Lizzie carries on for many years more.....
  8. Go on then, put me down for 2. 1st class signed for should be enough for me (£3?).
  9. Why does anyone give that failed journalist and economist any attention? The guy and his stupid wife have been pretty much wrong on most stuff they talk about. Crypto? Wrong. JP Morgan and silver? Wrong. US Dollar losing reserve status? Wrong. Utter twat.
  10. I have a spare 2017 gold swan. I might sell if the price is right. How much do they go for nowadays? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hello! What sovereigns do you have left? Regards.