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  1. Go on then, put me down for 2. 1st class signed for should be enough for me (£3?).
  2. Why does anyone give that failed journalist and economist any attention? The guy and his stupid wife have been pretty much wrong on most stuff they talk about. Crypto? Wrong. JP Morgan and silver? Wrong. US Dollar losing reserve status? Wrong. Utter twat.
  3. I have a spare 2017 gold swan. I might sell if the price is right. How much do they go for nowadays? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'd be interested in the tombstone bars and the 20oz scottsdale bars, too.
  5. Hello, from the UK. Stacking is addictive. It should come with a government health warning.
  6. I might have legitimately pissed myself laughing at this comment! "Oh, Edmund! Can it be true? That hold before me, in my mortal hands, a nugget of purest green?!" "Well, it's not a nugget, really. It's more of a splat!".
  7. Shaw Taylor! Now THERE'S a name I haven't heard for a while.....!
  8. Huh? Johnson Matthey still exist. They're part of the FTSE 100. Are you getting mixed up with Engelhard who were acquired by BASF....?
  9. For me, with regards to silver, it’s the magnet and tissue test. Maybe weight, if I can be bothered. As for gold, I only buy from accredited or trusted sources. They do the checking for me.
  10. If in doubt, try the tissue test.....