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    Frenchie reacted to Zlattata in Panda Photo thread...   
    Look what just came in the mail for me!! 😁🤑

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    Frenchie reacted to SilverRomantiX in Panda Photo thread...   

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    Frenchie reacted to KevinG in Panda Photo thread...   
    2018 15 gram Gold Panda.

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    Frenchie reacted to SilverRomantiX in Panda Photo thread...   
    My baby 1/20oz 1998 small dated panda 🤗🤗🤗

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    Frenchie reacted to UraaniBarbaari in Panda Photo thread...   
    1983 proof silver and brass



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    Frenchie reacted to offie in Britannia Photo Thread...   
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    Frenchie reacted to daz in Britannia Photo Thread...   
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    Frenchie reacted to Panda82 in Today I bought.....   
    New to the panda family , thanks @Numistacker for bringing them across the pond 

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    Frenchie reacted to Pritchard in A shift in public sentiment   
    i feel like im a trigger for this post.
    I am not a financial expert, but as with yourselves and buying gold, you will know there are dozens of criteria you look at in order to judge a purchase (condition, purity, age, etc). Well from what i do in stocks, i look at a companies, regional and globalfinancial data and indicators. I generally focus around oil and gas, tech and biotech companies. but there has been a huge swing (overpricing) or stocks in the last year across the market that while it looks good in everyones account, doesnt add up on paper. Then the more i looked a bit deeper the more alarms i seemed to find.
    i wont type out all the research ive done, because thats 1)boring, 2) its ultimately still just my opinion gathered from seperate facts.
    but if your interested, take a look at:
    1 - the early indicators for a recession
    2- the current unemployment rate
    3 - the current consumer debt
    4 - the current royal/federal bank debts
    5 - the huge price-to-earnings inflation of all US stocks
    6 - china-US trade war implications
    7 - brexit uncertainty
    8 - italian looming bailout
    9 - expiring goverment bonds (bonds possibly the biggest firework, if it goes off).
    10 - near zero base interest rate
    11 - Londons falling house prices
    ah theres loads. its quite scary.
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    Frenchie reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I bought.....   
    456 grams 999 silver round designed based on the Gothic Crown.  Bought couple of pence over spot so very happy despite a small drill hole on the edge. 

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    Frenchie reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received   
    Well finally arrived today.  It took a couple weeks longer then they expected to ship.  I think there were some casting difficulties.  Heads or Tales 30+ oz silver Britannia statue.  This thing is fantastic!  I love their products.

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    Frenchie reacted to sixgun in Bought Silver, and now Gold?   
    The sovereign is a good coin in the UK. They are tax free to buy and sell. They are very popular - fairly easy to sell and buy.
    What is good in the UK may not be good in Hungary.
    Why do you only want non-circulated coins?
    Philharmonics are basic gold coins - they are like Krugerrands. Philharmonics are not collectible coins - people will only buy them for the gold. There are coins which may appreciate more and develop collector potential. Perhaps the Queen's Beast coins - the 1/4oz could be good. You will pay a little more but i think they have potential to make more money. i would not bother with Philharmonics unless they have special tax treatment in Hungary.
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    Frenchie reacted to Agpanda in Avg price/oz of your stack? What have you learned?   
    Cheapest Pandas comes in at~35£
    Most I have paid is ~950£
    I have a full set with all variation in MS69-70
    I am #6 in NGC registry for Pandas
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    Frenchie reacted to Big23 in Non-UK gold buyers advice needed   
    "Darling, I just bought ONE coin, I swear" https://www.gold.de/kaufen/goldmuenzen/kaenguru/?stkl=1+kg
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    Frenchie reacted to sixgun in Today I bought.....   
    @Ares  Some still like sovereigns - Got this from @Quicksand005 today.

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    Frenchie reacted to Harry in 2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design   
    Gutting, keep the 2017 to the only Piedfort. Make it a rarity!!!!!!!! 
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    Frenchie reacted to Bagenz in Today I bought.....   
    Today, I purchased the last Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin  from the Perth mint they were only available to buy for 7 hours, I also ordered 1 on eBay, guess the next 1 will be the 10oz version in 2019

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    Frenchie reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received   
    Perhaps the ultimate Britannia Set?
    100 sets were made
    design is the most loved Britannia design

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    Frenchie reacted to billyf1 in Today I Received   
    I got _extremely_ lucky and got one of these sets for _a lot_ less than what i should have paid. The first genuine deal I've ever had at an auction.
    I had been eyeing this up for ages now.
    United Nations 1995 Silver Proof 36 coin set (with all COA's - this alone is very rare).
    There were only 1394 of these sets ever made, most of them got broken up from the sets, though some of the coins exist separate (in their own individual presentation cases).
    Some really notable coins in here, the lowest mintage Irish coin (ever), Moroccan 200 dirhams, Argentine Peso, Norwegian 50 Kroner, Latvia 1 Lat, Uruguay $200, Oman 1 Rial, GB £2
    The list goes on. Estimated Value is about 1000 quid, I guess. Maybe more.
    Has anybody got one of these?
    I placed a bid, thinking I'd just lose, but if you're not in, you can't win.
    Imagine my delight when I got the email that i'd won it.

    (This set is not my one in the picture, but the same deal.)
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    Frenchie reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received   
    Up close
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    Frenchie reacted to zeusss4 in Today I Received   
    A teeny tiny panda 🐼 

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    Frenchie reacted to engire in Today I Received   
    Last week I received two nice items, but very different from each other.
    The first is a nice coin from Burundi from the Baby five series. I've been looking for a coin from Burundi for longer, but I really don't like their design in the African lion series. I managed to get this one for a reasonable price in an online auction. It came without the original box, but I think the price makes up for it. I really love the design on this one. The high relief combined with the antiquing really makes it pop out. In real life it looks a bit better than photos with the light playing of it.
    The other one is a cool item is native silver of a calcite base. Not for stacking of course, but nice to have the range of silver in it's original form, bars and coins. I love the fine detail on it.

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    Frenchie reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    1959 Mexico Gold 20 Pesos with a beautifully detailed Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone and edge inscription “INDEPEDENCIA Y LIBERTAD”. Thank you very much to @JunkBond for his advice and inspiration in adding some Mexican gold to the collection.
    Also, five 2013 Great Britain 1/4 oz Silver Britannia SS Gairsoppa BU. Having a beautiful portrait of Britannia with the ship’s name as an edge inscription in a lasting tribute to Gairsoppa and her crew.

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    Frenchie got a reaction from Seasider in Fake 2003 Panda mirrored bamboo ?   
    Thank you Seasider, your comments are greatly appreciated and confort myself in the idea of a legit Panda. 
    I have seen one from  reputable Chinese dealer, without these plastic wrapper so it seems that the Shenyang Mint had different capsules.
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