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  1. It depends if the demand is more or less than 225 worldwide !
  2. I am going to receive my long and eagerly awaited Gold Una today. Among the lucky guys who were able to get it, I am on the fence with my doubt about selling or keeping it. I guess that all the Gold and Silver Unas are now despatched and I would expect prices going down, see stagnating at best (it would be a good sign) with these new Unas appearing on the secondary market. However, my sense is that the hype at these levels (for the gold) has not been created out of thin air. Of course there could be a bubble but I try to understand why some big dealers buy these coins at these high prices. What do they know that we don't ? They can have deep pockets, but they know their market and their business and I imagine that, at these levels of engagement, their positions are wisely calculated. 225 coins is tiny mintage and what will be interesting next is to see what the rate of resales (weak hands) will be on the secondary market and how it absorbs these sales at these price levels.
  3. Graded 70 Silver Unas seem to do very well... around 800€. Of course the RM is a business company and they want to make money as any companies. They can try to find ways to get more money playing with hype, but they are not stupid as they know how to keep a product "unique" without shooting themself in the foot. If they release a second batch of Unas, they would kill what makes it so special and unique then kill the confidence. There has been a lot of special designs, and I don't see any new release of specials Sovereigns (1989, 2017...) or Britannias (2014...) despite the hype for these designs. Anyway if they would do it one time, they would not do it twice.
  4. Silver mintage 20000 - Gold 250 Nice
  5. I have seen that video on youtube. What do you think ?
  6. Right, but I think that a retracement and a successful retest around 1500/1520 , see 1480, would be healthy. The market seems to believe it with a divergence as miners were flat to down on Friday. I am curious to see if they are going to catch the gold trend or stay flat today. GDX (gold miners index currently at 29/29,50) is still below its 6 years strong resistance around 31/32. A breakout above this resistance would definitly make it skyrocket to the 50 area so a 70/80% potential on the upside for miners
  7. Really ? I think the spheres of influence extend far beyond the borders of Ukraine and are sensitive enough to create a cold war, if not more. Ukraine is just an excuse in this geopolitical chessboard
  8. We have had a nice breakout at the 1480 level on the 23th of december. Now, If we have a higher weekly close around the current levels (1540/1550), we could have enough momentum to break the 1560s. I don't think we will test the 1400 again now (it would be bearish) as the 1450 levels has been beaten for 1 month . If 1560s broken, my target will be 1700/1750 This has nothing to do with events but with market sentiment...In 2014 for example, with the Ukrainian revolution and when Russia took Crimea, gold was bearish...
  9. Comparing the two coins side by side looks obvious to me, and I can understand why it is so challenging for the RM to strike this coin.Technically for me, it is like comparing apples and oranges. I don't have these coins in hand (only the RM silver) but the Alderney Una, looks so flat, dull and lifeless compared with the RM Una
  10. This price looks promising and congratulations to the seller (RegalStacker ?). The Gold Una are not totally despatched yet (I would be curious to know the proportion...for myself, I'll only receive mine in the first weeks of January). We will probably see more coins for sale on the secondary market next month and the prices could be more "tempered" accordingly ?
  11. Is it already sold ? I only see a phone number
  12. @TheCoinConnection did have a new one for 20000£ for sale 2 days ago, and it seems to be sold too. The first customer who sold at 12000£ will have some regrets maybe ! (even if this was already a nice short term profit !) I am curious to know where these prices will go in the years to come. It has definitely an historic appeal behind it and thinking that the original was struck at around 400 ex ...and this one, even in its modern form, at only 225ex, is the only one having been struck with the "original" (and digitalized) die. Will it be considered as a reproduction in the future or a continuance of the "first" Una ? Of course only a small number has been shipped by the RM, but the soaring prices that we see at these levels, after such a short time, don't make me think of a hype and greed, but more of this historic continuance. Who can buy this coin at 20000£ if not hard collectors with deep pockets Time will tell !
  13. I have posted new photos in "today I received section" . I love it
  14. The beautiful Una and the Lion I have tried to take new shots today with a better light in order to highlight the quintessence of this beauty I have a special feeling with this coin