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  1. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Added 0 minutes later... I searched but obviously not enough. Anyway thank you for being courteous, my intention was certainly wrong, but in good faith and you corrected it
  2. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Same for me, but I am unable to order with Chrome, when I put in cart, the cart is still empty. In order to buy, I have to use Explorer. There is maybe an option enabled in your Chrome parameters that I have not
  3. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    @PolarPanda, What is your brownser ?
  4. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    I still see 27,83€, at what time did you see that price ??
  5. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    ?? Are you talking about the same coin ? It is 27,83€ since this morning and they did not have a lower price
  6. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Or may be this is a mint error 😂
  7. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Got some but it's a pity they did not respect the original design
  8. Frenchie

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    On sale at GSBE around 27,73€
  9. Frenchie

    Boycotting GS.be

    Well, I can consider myself as a fidel and happy customer of GSBE. I have counted...68 orders so far for me without a glitch (except one...they sent me one 10oz silver coin I did not ordered, I have informed them and sent it back of course. Sometime, I receive or not receive a reply to my questions from them,, often laconic, but I know them and I have regular phone calls and when I get them, they are nice and always try to be helpful . I feel that honesty and fidelity pays in the long term
  10. Frenchie

    2nd Trade Dollar St. Helena

    Yes Niue
  11. Frenchie

    2nd Trade Dollar St. Helena

    I got the proof version, the design has a high contrast and relief and this coin is a real beauty. I received the QB Proof Falcon at the same time, and though I love my QB proofs, these trade dollar are second to none. Will be also on the boat for this BU version. Next coin (proof one ) to come will be on the 15th of november according to the East Inda Company, probably the French Piastre I am eagerly waiting for the Japanese and Chinese coins next year , and I think that these 5 coins all together could be a winner and I hope that the proof version (with a mintage 2500) is a winning sleeper
  12. Frenchie

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    GS.BE offers one Rwanda dog gold for 1677€. Cheapest price I have ever seen so far. Also one gold BU Libertad 2017 1/4 oz for 408€
  13. Frenchie

    Fake 2003 Panda mirrored bamboo ?

    Thank you Seasider, your comments are greatly appreciated and confort myself in the idea of a legit Panda. I have seen one from reputable Chinese dealer, without these plastic wrapper so it seems that the Shenyang Mint had different capsules.
  14. Someone bought these ? I feel that interest has greatly decreased with these chinese medals
  15. Frenchie

    New temple of heaven panda

    Topic moved