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  1. Hello guys,! looking at the last Royal Mint promotional video, did you noticed it ? 😉
  2. I ordered the 1/4oz directly to them
  3. Frenchie

    White Lion

    It is may be difficult to have a good idea with a drawing...It could be also a nice surprise when we will get the bullion in hand !
  4. Hello, Auragentum in Germany : Griffin (13 in stock) 286€ https://auragentum.de/10-unzen-silbermuenze-queens-beasts-griffin-2018?sPartner=Gold-de Dragon (32 in stock) 227€ https://auragentum.de/10-unzen-silbermuenze-queens-beasts-red-dragon-2018
  5. I think the opposite. I have some sealed key Panda such as 1/4 oz gold 1995 (market price from 2000 to 4000€), 1/10oz gold 2002 (market price (from 500 to 1300€) for example and I definitely would not unseal them except for grading
  6. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    May be I don't understand correctly.... Price is made by the market sentiment only, and this sentiment can be justified fundamentally or irrational. > are you calling the 1st half of 2016 a bull market? It depends on your point of reference and time - If you consider the highs from 2011, so 2016 was a corrective ascending wave in a MT bear market - If you take the recent breakout of the 6 years resistance at 1380 and the price exploding above 2016 highs, we are in a Medium term bull market that started from the lows of 2015 - If prices continues to climb and break the 2011 highs. We will be in a bull market that started at the beginning of 2002, and the period from the highs of 2011 to the lows of 2015 will be only a descending corrective wave of a "very long term" bull market
  7. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    The market make the price, and the price says it
  8. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    I hope so too, but not too low in order to not break the trend
  9. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    I don't see the market stopping at 1480/1490 with such a rise we have seen since may ... 1440/1450 would be fine. There is a confluence of my 2nd ascending oblique support (lows from 07/01 and 08/01), your horizontal support zone in blue and the 38,2 FIB. However we could see lower prices by extension for a short time. We are in a bull market now (higher highs, higher lows) and these prices would be a nice buying opportunity
  10. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    GDX index just stopped short of his resistance (2016 highs) and need to break 32...It lags a lot compared to 2016 when Gold prices were only around 1380 You are right, the mining stocks market doesn't believe in the recent rise, a pull back and the prices passing 1600$ will get rid of those who doubt and then GDX will have a potential to go to 40/42 in a straight line, so more than 30% for a potential rise.
  11. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    Your EMA stands for 200 Exponentially moving average ? I ask you this because mine is at 1360, and the MA200 is at 1345. in daily...My 50MA is at 1472 and the 100MA at 1399 My ascending oblique supports are around 1480 (coming from 05/30/19) and next support around 1440 (coming from 02/07/19). My Fibbonacci retracements from 05/30/19) are 1488, 1446, 1412 and 1378 (respectively 23,6-38,2-50-61,8%) There is an interesting confluence of supports around 1470-1480 zone (50MA, 23,6% Fib, ascending support) - 1430-1450 zone (38,2%FIB- second ascending support) and 1370-1400 (zone strong 6 years horizontal support, 61,8% FIB and 100 MA)
  12. Frenchie

    GOLD $1500 an oz

    I think there could be a retracement to 1450 see 1380 $ from the present pull back (1515/1530$). This would be healthy and a really good entry point before the next rise way above the present highs by year's end. That's my 2 cts of course
  13. Pandas are really beautiful in capule and I would like to have them all in air-tites, but I tend to keep them sealed. You will get a better price selling them sealed, considering this as a garantee about not getting a fake coin and moreover, for key Pandas, the buyer's hope that the coin in minting condition can get a high grade. However, for last years (from 2011) Pandas, mintages let me consider them as bullion so , I don't mind getting them unsealed