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  1. Frenchie

    Silver Deals.....

    For those interested by the third low 2oz Lunar mintage, Goldsilver has a really good price today at 49,85 euros for the Lunar Monkey 2oz
  2. Frenchie

    Today I Received

    For information Goldsilver.be has really good prices : 49,85 Euros
  3. Frenchie

    Ebay France

    @AgPanda, pm sent
  4. Frenchie

    Pandas Scam on ebay- Paypal protection ?

    I have not paid and I have put a claim to ebay in order to cancel the order, and warning them about this seller as other potential victims are still bidding. Ebay told me that even if I have paid via Paypal, I would not have been covered (from them) as I would have proceed outside ebay (remember that the seller did not originally proposed this option and this is only when I won the auction that he gave me his direct paypal address. I still have to ask to Paypal if, nethertheless, for theiir side they would have covered me (not F&F payment , with ebay reference of course) So lesson learned, it is better to pay with paypal within Ebay procedure.
  5. Hello, Here is my today's experience with ebay and I have discovered a scam from a "french" seller selling very rare slabbed ms69 gold Pandas. The starting price (auction) was 600€ and the auction lasted only 3 days (!). There was only one bid and a few hours remaining. It seemed suspicious, as this seller had only 21 positive feedback (as a buyer for things such as phone accessories, probably cheap but no history buying or selling coins), but was registered on ebay since 2008. At the same time, he proposed the payment via Paypal and a 14 days return, so I felt more confident thinking I would have the buyer protection. I was blindly thinking to myself that he was maybe not used to sell on ebay, and these coins could come from an heritage. Moreover, they were slabbed and checking the NGC certification numbers confirmed they were geniune...So, even if the feeling was not quite right and some red lights were flashing, the temptation was high and I decided to bid (a complete set of 1982 gold Pandas from 1 to 1/10 oz) . I bid and won the auction, for...2000€ (this set sells for around 9/10000€ ). Although I had won, I felt it was too good to be true. the seller's messages were far from being in perfect French, and trying to see what could be wrong I found that he would ship worldwide except China and US. It sounded odd to me, I could understand that Nigeria would be an understandable exception, but US... And then using the advanced search Ebay engine, ...bingo...I have found "my" coins (as other rare Pandas he also sold at the same time) proposed by a reputable Chinese seller with a "slightly" and higher price (10500€ BIN) The moral is that greed may have made me blind, but one must try to remain vigilant by listening to our intuition. I still don't know where I could have been scammed with the paypal protection (even if I would have received an empty box). So it would be interesting to know where is the "talon d'achille" of this protection and how this story would have ended at a total loss for me. Tomorrow, I will call ebay and Paypal and see what they say about this and of course stop these auctions
  6. Frenchie

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Same story for me, I also ordered from Dios a few Endeavour proof coins and never got them, though the track status said "delivered" . But here I have no clue about a neighbour who could have got it, and I am pretty sure it has been stolen at my local postal distribution center. I have of course put a claim to my local post office (the package was "lost" locally), but there is no result. First time I have this bad experience, and I receive a lot of packages. It's surprising how many of us have the same problem with shipment from Dios. I don't say they are dishonest, but maybe something wrong with the way they prepare the packages, they are maybe not too discreet and there could be temptation. I have a good communication with Andres from Dios and he is responsive and helpful, so I hope everything will end nicely as the shipment is insured correctly. Happily, they did not have the gold Endeavour anymore when I ordered,, so it could have been worse for me, but I think about others in this situation, having way bigger orders than mine
  7. Frenchie

    Britannia proof COA without number

    No there is no COA stamped on the coin (but I don't think that the Royal mint use to do that) I really think that everything is geniune (outside and inside boxes, book, the COA with the hologram, and of course the coin and capsule) I have bought the coin on ebay and already asked the seller if he knows the original buyer's name. Without this information, I imagine that the RM will not be able to do anything more
  8. Frenchie

    Britannia proof COA without number

    My COA back and the hologram look good and geniune as yours
  9. Frenchie

    Britannia proof COA without number

    Hello, I have bought a 5 oz Britannia 2014 with all original stuff box, and COA, but there is no number on this COA !...seems really odd....Has anyone ever had the same experience ? Is it a problem for the coin value ? My COA To compare with a 2015 COA (same patern)
  10. Great job Pampfan, thank you very much. These numbers are surprising when compared to the previous ones, one year ago. What I notice is that Lion and Griffin mintages (gold or silver) are really similar compared to one year before. So we can deduct that coins were mostly minted at the beginning, and slghtly reajusted accordingly with the demand (for example, only 5 to 700 more coins for the Lion and Griffin 1oz or 1/4 oz gold in one year). What surprises me is the low mintage for the 1/4 oz gold coins, compared with the 1oz. This is even more surprising as the 1/4 oz gold have not rised in price. They are still in stock everywhere at a steady price, while the 1 oz gold Lion and Griffin are now timpossible to find at a price close to spot as they literally have skyrocketed ... It would mean that the market for 1/4 oz gold coin is really really lower than those for 1 oz gold.... What is your take on this ?
  11. Frenchie

    Collecting a series or not?

    Think that the most desirable coins have often the highest mintages...If everybody is not keen on the bull, what could be the mintage ? Look at the Lunar serie 2...The rat or the ox were not as "sexy" as the horse or the dragon I cannot predict the future for sure, but even if you don't like the Bull, it belongs to the serie. and there are still 5 beautiful figures to come. If the mintage for the bull is low, then it could become a key coin every collectors should sought after to complete the serie. More over, this is probably the last (and symbolic) serie during the last years of the Queen Elisabeth Just my 2cts PS : I am not too keen on the Bull too personnally, but I see that a lot others enjoy it
  12. Frenchie

    A new PM Dragon & Phoenix

    Here is the BU version (2017) https://goldsilver.be/fr/collection-/919-1-oz-silver-dragon-phoenix-2017-.html?search_query=dragon+%26+phoenix&results=5
  13. Frenchie

    A new PM Dragon & Phoenix

    Available at GS again 62€ https://goldsilver.be/fr/2018/1869-1-oz-silver-dragon-phoenix-2018-proof-box-coa.html?content_only=1
  14. Frenchie

    A new PM Dragon & Phoenix

    Seems to have been removed today...GS proposed the coin 1 day in advance as the official release is today. Maybe they made a mistake yesterday. ?...
  15. Frenchie

    A new PM Dragon & Phoenix

    20 coins today at GS and sold out