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  1. @KOS gave this information about the Korean Tiger 2019 on the forum...Hopefully, we will have some news about the silver version
  2. I sometimes feel that the world is turning upside down. Where are the values of respect and consideration ? I think there are obviously a lot of unscrupulous buyers, but here, despite the reseller's experience with me, I have the impression that the business boils down to buy, pay and sh..p. I assume that returning the piece does not pose a problem because there will always be a customer who will buy it , closing his mouth
  3. Yes, it would have been fair from me to say "sometimes". I have other flawless coins from them. The question is to find the good ones, and the dealers that do their job and consider their customers.
  4. Unfortunately this is only theory for the RM
  5. Thank you for your first comments. To be fair, the coin looks beautiful in hand, and of course, taking a photo with a magnification highlights the flaws. The dealer from whom I bought this coin replied to me that he checks all the coins and return the "too significant and obviously" to the RM, but cannot garantee PF70 (obviously). I have asked to the dealer if he could change it for another Yale in his stock but he replied to me harshly that I have to send back the coin for a refund, and advises me that he will never sell coins from the RM anymore to me. I have to say that I am a faithful customer for years, and bought all the QB proof gold to him without a glitch and I am a bit surprised by the tone of his answer. It seems that I am a little bit "finicky" for him 😒. For those who would like to guess, no this is not GSBE ! 😏
  6. Hello I have received this QB Yale proof 1/4 oz . Seems good except these flaws shown on the picture. I need your advice if this is acceptable or not for you. The flaw on the inner rim can be seen with naked eyes Thank you
  7. Really great design, will wait for the silver version too. Thank you
  8. Wait and see, be patient. I am not worrying and the TD serie is a winner in BU
  9. The Dutch mint is not the EIC mint and this is just speculation from you, I got the US TD proof, way before the BU version was released.
  10. Here is a screen capture I have grabbed from the "Coin Couch" video about the serie
  11. The serie continues. The proof versions, silver and gold are released first. The third coin, the Chinese TD has been released at the beginning of march ahead of the BU that will not take too long to come. Next to come in the following months will be the Japanese TD, and the fith and last one will be the French TD (Piastre), probably released at the end of the year or maybe beginning of 2020. Chinese proof TD
  12. Bonjour @Toshunya86, un petit clin d’œil et bienvenu sur le forum "86" Vous êtes originaire de la Vienne ? Au plaisir d'échanger
  13. I have made one order two years ago to him, without a glitch
  14. If they release each coin at 12 or 15 weeks interval, this one will be probably out around the 2nd week of June. What is your source for the info about this 4th design ?