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  1. Frenchie

    Another new one

    @barsenault I have passed on Ares, but will definitively get the third (Hephaestus) at the introductory price (I hope !) , though I think that Poseidon is the most beautiful of the first three It seems that it will be on presale by the end of January. Do you have the same information ? Do you have a picture of the Chinese Dragon prototype ?
  2. Frenchie

    Another new one

    My best profits have been done with high premium coins (Proof Krugerrands 2017, Sovereigns 2017 (proof,sotd.), Gods serie Poseidon, Tuvalu Dragon antiqued 2 and 5 oz , Chiwoo Cheonwang 2016, Bhutan Rooster, to name a few..) , while my average cost for my fondation stack (ASE, Philarmonics, Britannias, Kangaroos...) is higher that spot price and would result in a big loss if I had to sell. Of course, I have made some mistakes and we have to be very careful with these high premium and beautiful looking coins and choose them wisely, buying them at the first prices, as It is a bet. Series I am curently invloved in : Dragon dollar restrike, Ghana Leopard (got the 2nd with a mintage of 8500) My last bet : Niue Chinese Dragon serie 2oz antiqued, first in a serie (500 ex) got it at 299€ and I am eager to receive it by the end of January (from my experience with other releases from the mint of Poland, it will look more beautiful in hand than the 3D project below)
  3. Frenchie

    200th Pistrucci Sovereign Current Price

    @creative Hello, I have a boxed SOTD 2017 for sale, perfect condition. Please PM me if interested
  4. Frenchie

    Numismatic Pandas future

    Hello, By looking at auctions or seller's prices , even in a bad economical environment or low gold prices I notice that Pandas are always sought after. Do you think is it wise to invest in the key Pandas, with such premiums today ? Even if I do a lot of search about them, I do not have enough experience and the necessary hindsight and will be curious to see how they will perform in a rising gold price environment. In other words, is this really a safe bet? For the example, I could be tempted by a key 1oz 1995 in OMP at 2,5/3 x spot value. Would you consider it as a fair price today, are these Pandas undervalued, or they are too much in a hype ? Pre 2010 Pandas, and especially the 1995/2003 pandas are highly sought after and could probably increase with time but I question myself to know if it would be better today to buy almost 3 oz of bullion gold coin instead, while catching up values on these pandas is already done and their potentiality is more limited in the future What is your take on this ? Thank you
  5. Frenchie

    Thinking of selling stack

    Gold is overvalued compared to what? After 7 years of significant decline, we are only at the beginning of a significant increase in the months or the year to come. You consider your Brexit-wide choices while the gold valuation fits into a global context. In any case, gold does not rise in a vacuum
  6. Frenchie

    Panda gold 2002 50Y (1/10th)

    wow ! thanks guys !
  7. Frenchie

    Panda gold 2002 50Y (1/10th)

    Just ordered it on ebay for 74€ shipping cost to France included (shipping costs were higher via Pandacollectior) Could you please tell me what is the population estimate for : 1oz Gold Panda 1995 LD 100Y 1/4oz Gold Panda 1995 LD 25Y 1/20 oz Gold Panda 2000 Frosted 5Y Thank you
  8. Frenchie

    Panda gold 2002 50Y (1/10th)

    Hello AgPanda ! Thank you,, I will order the third book and I hope it will be updated. Will drop a line to Peter Anthony Best regards
  9. Frenchie

    Panda gold 2002 50Y (1/10th)

    Hello, Could someone in the know/who has the book from Pete Anthony, can enlightens me about the scarcity and approximatives values of the differents varieties of this key coin ? What I have seen so far is : Frosted Bamboo Mirrored bamboo High letters Low letters Low letters/frosted bamboo Low letters/mirrored bamboo High letters/mirrored bamboo I have also see the "Far AU" and "Near AU" variantes for the 1oz gold, do they exist for the 1/10 oz ? Checking NGC, there is no variante, while PGCS differentiates the High and low letters variantes but nothing more Thank you !
  10. Frenchie

    Kraatz dealer

    I ordered from them for the first time one month ago, and everything has been fine for me
  11. Frenchie

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    The book is of course a must have, but I don't have it myself. Internet, and of course this forum as the Chinese coin forum are your best friends. I also buy from ebay but always with reputable sellers and with the possibility to return the coins and payment with Paypal, so no worries. Anyway these Pandas are so interesting and more you know about them, the more you love them
  12. Frenchie

    Shops in Paris

    Hello, sorry to answer now ! You 'll find all shops located Rue Vivienne in Paris (2nd district in Paris)
  13. Frenchie

    Chinese Silver Pandas

  14. Frenchie

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    Except the 2005 (apparently genuine, but needs further investigation), the 1994 and 1996 are probably fakes. The 1994 obverse has the field frosted and the Temple of heaven shiny, and as trozau said, the temple of heaven obverse of the 1996 is not right. Moreover, the center of steps is flat and not detailed in the genuine coins Here are pictures of the genuine obverse (small and large date variants)
  15. Frenchie

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Here is the reverse side Libertad in hand (picture from Andrea090904 - the silber.de forum). Unfortunately, I have not seen the RP obverse anywhere for the moment, and I am eagerly waiting to see them for both the 1/2 oz and 1 oz version