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  1. You are right Otherwise my assesment was refering to the link provided by Frost ( https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices/10-oz-2019-great-britain-queens-beasts-black-bull-silver-bullion-coin-9999)
  2. Don't forget VAT (20% in France) Goldsilver is definitively the most competitive here
  3. https://goldsilver.be/fr/10-oz/2537-10-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2019-black-bull-of-clarence-10-.html
  4. Just checked on GSBE website, I see QB Bulls at 33,39€/each so 6678€ for 200, compared with the monster box sold at 6939,09€. This is definitely an error. On the other side, the Unicorn is now at 36,35€ so 7270€ for 200, compared with the price you bought your monster box at 7040€. What I think is they maybe did rise the price of Unicorn monster box before rising the price of the single unicorn and you bought it at that time. If I were you, I would send an email to them with your order reference with these facts (better than trying to call them as they often don't reply)
  5. Yes read limited with quotation marks 😂
  6. The 2017 is a "Premium Uncirculated" and I would say it has a nearly reverse proof finish and this is a beautiful coin. The 2018/2019 (I have some 2018) are pure bullion with unlimited mintage and their finish has nothing to do with the 2017. Moreover, the 2017 has a "limited" mintage of... 1000000, though I have read that this mintage has been reduced to 630000...I have the 2017 for the pleasure to have it, but unless you get it at a "reasonable price", it will not be a coin to flip for a long time
  7. Hello, I have received (Goldsilver) the first coin (British dollar) from the trade dollar serie . Enjoy ! Silver (mintage 2500) Gold ((mintage 200)
  8. Definitly a beautiful serie. I got the BU and the 2 first proof in silver. I have also received yersterday from GSBE the stunning 1er Gold proof (British Trade Dollar) I bought a few month ago. I imagine that all 5 gold proof would be an amazing set, but the price is a little to deep for my pockets. Anyway, the silver proof is a pure beauty and more afordable
  9. 1st coin of a new serie (from Mint of Poland) called Ancient Chinese Warriors : Zhao Yun 2oz Very high premium as all coins coming from Mint of Poland, but highly desirable with a mintage of 500 and moreover, a coin mainly destined for the Chinese market. According to Powercoin, only 2 european dealer have a total allocation of 20 coins each for all Europe. I have been lucky to get it from Powercoin at the first price Also got last week the 3rd coin from Gods serie : Hephaestus Highly sought after. The coin was at 310€ at the beginning, then 450€ less than one hour later and now at 600€, and 700 euros on ebay
  10. Happy to see that Soeren was responsive and you have got a nice deal with him. It would be interesting to see if this "heart" could be considered as a mint error by NGC !
  11. Thank you for your compliment NikolAnne, yes you guessed it, I am passionate by photography
  12. Received these beauties today from Muenzdachs 😃 The RP gold Libertads are really stunning, got also the Zi Sin Scrofa ghost and normal version (I can't understand hwo these high premium coins can be sold without capsules, and the nice Chad Rhino
  13. Bought the first coin of the new "Warriors" serie from Mint of Poland. I hope it will be a good flipper
  14. @orion , any news about the third Dragon Dollar restrike ? Thank you