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  1. They are often out around the last quarter, so I don't expect to have any information about that for a few months. Moreover, the Covid-19 does not help and could probably create some issues for the mints
  2. The last Gold Una from LCC (COA 225) seems to be sold now at 28860 £ (offer accepted) - (also not available anymore in their shop so it could be a real sale). Waiting for the feedback to confirm that.
  3. Yes, but you have the RM QC sticker, so everything is fine
  4. Thank you Paul, we will see how it performs in the present environment. It seems that LCC has sold one of their 2 gold Unas (no sold listing on ebay, probably from their shop) - "COA 225" remaining. I previously noticed that 2 Gold Unas were on sale in Japan, but it was in fact the "005" and this"225" (I don't see them anymore for sale) "COA 223" from APMEX still on sale
  5. This is the question I was asking to myself. Except the 2 Unas from the LCC and one from Apmex on ebay, not even one gold Una for sale on the horizon. Interesting... The Silver Una's sales seem to slow down , but the prices stay high (two sold a few days ago one BIN 699€ and one graded PF68 sold around 500€)
  6. And sponsored by 3M partner ! 😄
  7. Gloves here, but will come back as "cleaned" now 😁
  8. Where is the access to the shop ?? I can only access to a quizz
  9. Beautiful and massive Queen's Beast Kilo Red Dragon. I have received this beast two days ago but did flip it already, so I thought it was nice to share a few pictures before it goes away
  10. Beautiful set of Libertads ! Interesting to see the shades of frosted fields between the RP 2018 & 2019. I only have the RP, but now that I see your proofs, I am tempted and would like to complete my collection but with my previous fantastic purchases (gold Una,.and Britania 2014 6 coins set) my pockets are a little bit, say...empty 😉 Unless I sell my Gold Una !....noooo, vade retro satanas bad thought
  11. Hello Paul, Here is my take and my observations : It would be good to have a second "empiric" and not official board in order to gather the proportion of coins sold at inflated prices : It seems that Govmint sold 3 Unas, around £21000, LPM sold at least 3 Unas (I remember the starting prices around $10000, then $15000 and $20000, same for the Coin Connection : 1 Una sold for £12000, and 1 for £20000 (sold on customers behalf). Auctions The Coin Cabinet : one graded at £27000 and the one to come at £23000+... no other sales with other offices A recensement of coins for sale would be useful too : - APMEX : one for sale COA 223, around 40000€ - LCC : 2 on ebay : 1 at 38400€ or Best offer COA... & one "sold" (?) COA 225 at 36880€ on the 26th of dec, but still for sale now at 44800€ (and £27000 on their site) Sold coins history on Ebay or similar : I did notice that the Una COA 005 has been sold on ebay (£20200 11th/2), but is now for sale again in Japan ?? The others are *£21500 (12/30/19) *£26995 (or BO) COA 10 *£22995 COA ? same seller as above but is it the same coin or another one (the seller did not mention the COA for this one) *£30539 (or BO) COA "in the first 20%" 01/22/20 *$30000 (if I remember correctly from ShaolinStacker) So we could have around 19 Unas sold or for sale at inflated prices in strong hands. + yours and mine ....almost 10% of the market
  12. I have missed this auction ended on feb 3rd...Maybe the seller did end selling it outside ebay... Only three offers remaining from LCC and Apmex around £30/£33000 A PF70 silver Una sold in Japan for 277000Yen/ 2300€ ! Edit : 2 raw Gold Unas for sale in Japan Starting bid around £35000 BIN £42000 and BIN : £32000 for the second coin
  13. Hello Paul, this is a good question....The demand is still very strong, it seems even reinforced. I don't know if the future will give me regrets or remorses, but I'd tend to keep it as I see a lot of money involved for this coin. For the moment I am part of this adventure, and probably like you, I am wondering where these prices will lead us and this is part of the excitement.
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