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  1. I have had the opportunity to grab this Tiffany Art coin from a LCS at a screaming low low low price that I could not miss it ! This is the 2011 "Manueline" . An architectural and decorative style which developed in Portugal in the late XVth and early XVIIth centuries. and which associates traditional Gothic structures with Romanesque, Moorish or Oriental inspired ornamental sculptures. The coin is not as impressive as the 2019 Khmer (not the same advanced minting technologie) but still really beautiful. This coin sells around 800£/1000£ on ebay. I got it for the tenth of these prices
  2. Here we go ! https://goldsilver.be/fr/divers/2716-1-oz-silver-chinese-trade-dollar-st-helena-2019.html
  3. I have 3 Krugerrand PU 2017 and they are beautiful. Check for lower prices : GS around 28,6 €
  4. It sounds like you would like to use your physical gold or silver as a speculative instrument for short term profits. But how can you be responsive with that volatility ? Physical is a patrimonial fundation and insurance again the erosion of money. If you want to protect your stack or play in a speculative way, why not hedging by buying or selling futures directly ?
  5. A few years ago, I had that same truncated and distorted vision about these east countries, and I imagined them in "black and white" with spies everywhere Today, I am married with an Ukrainian woman since 8 years and my vision dramaticaly changed. I have visited Russia several times from Saint Petersburg to Siberia, of course, I have been a lot in family in Ukraine and in Crimea, I have seen nazi extremism and Russophobia rising in Ukraine. I was shocked to see no information about these real facts in western mainstream medias... And in Crimea, I can tell you that all people and family I know there are so happy to be in Russia now. Of course, Putin is not a saint. But I believe today that war can be avoided thanks to Putin, rather than US interventionists everywhere. A french friend of mine who lives between France and Moscow share the same vision as mine. He is a commercial pilot and is used to travel woldwide and therefore has some ability to step back by himself
  6. I have found these two technics on youtube
  7. I can't see the date correctly, but it seems to me to be a geniune Large date 1990 Panda from the Shangai mint (mint pouch from the Shangai Mint too, so also ok for me)
  8. It's what we 'd say a wishful thinking ☺️ All is relative : maybe in a few years, gold will be considered as a bargain at these levels and you will be happy to have seized the opportunity to get it even at 1500£ ! Look at Bitcoin in the first years, coming from 0.01$ to more than 1000$ in 2013. When it did hit these "highs" would you have consider to buy it ? Certainly not, if you looked in the past price levels. So let see where we go now, if gold breaks the 1380/1400$ levels and retests successfully these levels with a pullback , it will be a clear and screaming BUY signal for me
  9. Or, it could also be the premise of a breakout of the multi-years resistance for way higher prices.
  10. Good serie but seems pale compared with the "Great Tea Race" 2016. imho.. I don't really understand the hype behind them (though I will take one BU)
  11. Frenchie

    Ebay down?

    Ebay down in France too. It is not local
  12. Thank you, this is not a special secret, but I have PM you
  13. I am really fond of South-East Asia culture and architecture. This year the Tiffany Art Serie has highligted Angkor Wat and the Khmer style. I didn't know this serie before and I decided to order this release. This is a real shock as I have never seen such a beautiful coin, way way way above everything I have seen. Thanks to the the "Smartminting" technologie, we are able to get this incredible level of details and reliefs. I have tried my best to highlight the coin and the details, but it was really chalenging as it was not with a macro lens ; I had to shoot in low light to get what I wanted. With this low light, I need a large aperture (that softened the details, and narrowed the depth of field), and higher iso to get a decent speed but creates noise... I have managed to get some macros with my phone and a special macro lens, the pictures are not good, but you can see the incredible level of details, all in a 5 cm diameter. I am hooked by this piece of art and I am pleased to share it with you. I will definitely not flip it ! Grab it at the "low price" while you can if you are interested ...it really worths it Ok, this is not a forum about photography technics so enjoy ☺️
  14. The gold Kangaroos are a beautiful serie. They are liquid and well recognized. However, I don't see them with any potential appreciation. I prefer to bet on limited series such as Queen's beast at bullion price...Look at the first three coins in the serie. I made good money flipping some and then reinvest in the next ones at bullion price. So my average buying spot price is incredibly lower, and well below the actual gold spot price The only Kangaroo I have flipped is the 2014 25 Y anniversary but with a really pale profit (5%) compared to the first Queen's beast 1oz I have also bet on the Somalia Leopard 2018 (got two at 1185€, so a low risk), and the last remaining coins sell now between 1600/1800€