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    Argentknight reacted to Fastnick in Sovereigns from the Buckingham Collection   
    I've just had a phone call from a young gentleman at The Buckingham Collection to advise me that my order has been cancelled - it seems that despite the limit of 2 Sovereigns per household and my first order having been for a single coin, they also impose a limit of just 1 "bullion order" per annum per household!
    He was most apologetic, especially when I asked him to change my order to 2 half sovereigns instead
    Strangely enough, he would be more than happy to accommodate me if I wish to avail myself of any of their proof coins...…..
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    Argentknight reacted to HighlandTiger in Michael H   
    If that sentence isn't ringing any alarm bells, then I'm afraid that PT Barnum is proved right yet again. 
    The other alarm bell is a new member, who, instead of coming on the forum to say hi, makes their first post a link to a get rich quick scheme, pretending to ask for advice. It might have worked on a reddit forum, or mumsnet, but the Silver Forum are a savvy bunch, highly intelligent, (well most of us  ), and never trust anyone on anything without doing due dilligence, (ignoring the brain freeze many of us had with the Buckingham Collection, )
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    Argentknight reacted to HighlandTiger in So who has got to Bercow?   
    Today, for the second time in a week, speaker Bercow, has stopped an amendment that would have put a major spanner into the brexit process. This is very surprising, as he has on numerous occasions, broken precedent in favour of remain MPs. What has happened in the last week with Bercow?
    My thoughts, he's had a tap on his shoulder, told in no uncertain terms that the usual peerage that goes to a speaker when he steps down, will not be forthcoming if he continues to play silly buggers. 
    Remember, it'll be the new PM, probably Boris, who will be giving out the peerages when he steps down in the next 6 months, and Boris is highly likely to not give a peerage to Bercow if he becomes a problem with getting brexit over the line
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    Argentknight reacted to Zhorro in Golden asteriod   
    Surely the cost of trying to mine gold on an asteroid would be out of this world.
    The price of a small piece of meteorite rock is astronomical, so imagine the premium on the gold from this asteroid!
    And if the asteroid is so large that it would damage the gold market, its collision with Earth would probably wipe out everything anyway.
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    Argentknight reacted to HighlandTiger in Maduro cashing out his stack   
    I'm lucky, as I'm not a premium member I don't get to see these overpriced slabbed things. Well at least not for 72 hours and by then they are so far down the page i never scroll down to see them. 
    The benefits of being a free loader...  
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    Argentknight reacted to Paul in Maduro cashing out his stack   
    It wasn't overpriced, slabbed, and unsold. so it wasn't on here 😆🤣🙄
  7. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to HighlandTiger in Maduro cashing out his stack   
    Most of it was offered on here a few weeks back......
  8. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to kimchi in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    Their 'package' is one of each modern Proof Sov - complete collection of year dates for 27k. Which they tell you you can split immediately and make 40k. At least that was what I was told in their upsell, before I had to make my excuses and finish the conversation, as I was choking with laughter by that point 🤣
    I am sorry I am not currently available! 
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    Argentknight reacted to Agpanda in funny   
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    Argentknight reacted to goldmember44 in 2019 Sovereign Dealer Prices Comparison   
    I had a look last night at various online dealers to see how they compare in price on the full 2019 sovereign (uncirculated). Here are my findings, from cheapest to most expensive:
    HattonGarden 259.29
    Chards 259.32
    ElmInvestments 260.00
    AtkinsonsBullion 265.44
    BullionByPost 266.80
    ATSBullion 267.30
    Also, I checked this:

    ElmInvestments 545.00
    Chards 546.24
    Atkinsons 554.28
    HattonGarden 577.20
    BullionByPost 580.70
    So clearly, at least with these product lines one can do a lot better by avoiding outlets like BBP and Atkinsons.. 
    I didn't include H&B specials in this survey
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    Argentknight reacted to sixgun in Jo Brand   
    i remember a long long time ago i went to see Jo Brand in the theatre doing stand-up. i was younger and somewhat naive - or perhaps as the cancer of Leftism has infiltrated society people like Brand have become emboldened. She is an anti-White piece of filth. We must remember the Left believes (that includes the BBC) they are justified - indeed they are obligated to attack traditional values and the indigenous people of these islands.
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    Argentknight reacted to Kookaburracollector in Jo Brand   
    Let me tell you something about the BBC..and this is FACT.
    In 1989 I was on an industrial placement as part of my degree course, and I worked for Central Television In Portman Square. Six of my fellow students went to work for the BBC. On Day 1, the girls were all warned NOT to get into a lift, or be in a situation where they are on there own with JIMMY SAVILLE!!..The feckers at the BEEB all knew what he was up to and did nothing about it...they absolutely disgust me ...make your own mind up, and I’m sure the culture has changed etc etc..but for me their failure to act on what they knew is unforgivable...I would do away with the license fee and make them enter the real world..
    Another little story from the past and the BBC...they liked to look after their favourites...apparently when filming outside London, to ensure they all got home on time, they used to get the taxis to wait from drop off in the morning to when filming ended, to ensure they got home on time..with the meter running all day..they just charged it to the BBC’s taxis account..which we all paid for..NICE!
    As I said..a long time ago and I hope those idiots from the past have long since departed...
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    Argentknight reacted to Fathallazf in GOLD BULLION & GOLD REFINERY WANTED   
    Email spams are on the forum now...
    later we will start getting these inheritance emails too on here but on gold form.   
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    Argentknight reacted to DarkChameleon in Sometimes even lead is a precious metal.   
    It seems lead would be last when it comes to value but these shot lead bullets are valuable...to us interested in history..they come from the battle fields of Gettesburg...they were not just shot but hit things...perhaps trees or perhaps soldiers...american civil war at its best and worst.

  15. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to Agpanda in Trump   
    The Pope and Trump were on stage in front of a huge crowd.
    The Pope leaned towards Trump and said, “Do you know that with one little wave of my hand, I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, like that of your followers, but go deep into their hearts and for the rest of their lives whenever they speak of this day, they will rejoice!”
    Trump replied,
    “I seriously doubt that. With one little wave of your hand?
    Show me!”
    So the Pope slapped him!
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    Argentknight reacted to sixgun in Gold high spot price   
    i hear more and more talk that gold is coming into the mix for trade payments in Asia - all the US sanctions shenanigans is forcing nations to look at alternatives. They value gold so gold demand goes up.  
    i've bought a few sovereigns in the last few days - i think that must be driving up the gold price. 🥂
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    Argentknight got a reaction from Ldsaunders87 in 1once silver coin supplier wanted   
    Hi Lee, welcome to TSF.
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    Argentknight reacted to Seasider in Free security upgrade from the council!   
    It is probably MI5 monitoring some chap who gets suspiciously large boxes delivered from Eastern Europe on a regular basis. 
  19. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to RichRock in Brexit status ...   
    Socialism and communisim is wrong in every way possible, to think that it is good in any way is total ignorance of the facts and history.
    Back to Theresa May's resignation, she was actually good at ONE thing:

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    Argentknight reacted to StackSellRepeat in Silver Fantasy   
    Who was the chap who was looking after a new toy ?
    You can thank me later 😉

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    Argentknight reacted to motorbikez in 45 million Germans owning gold?   
    Just found these in an old stamp album, note the 500 million mark stamp, insane. Not just African & South American banana republics fiat going tits up. Should be food for thought for everyone. The Germans are wise to all this we should be too.

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    Argentknight reacted to sixgun in Interesting   
    Then we see the dump of paper gold and silver today to send price down. Completely disconnected from the physical reality. The world is on a potential war footing in the Middle East, the US economy is floundering - if it wasn't there would not be calls for a 1% drop in rates and more QE coming from Trump, real inflation is roaring away - it has to be, look at all the fiat the banks have been pushing into the bond and stock markets - look at the prices in the shops. A long list of woes and yet gold and silver sent down. Central banks buying up all the gold - the supply of silver declining. For me the obvious thing is to be a steady buyer - just buy when funds allow and keep buying. 
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    Argentknight reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Warning: Gold Coin Offers in Newspapers   
    There has been an uptick in newspaper adverts for gold coins. Though some cos like H&B are genuine with history in the industry - a few new companies seem dubious to me. Please research the company directors and their history. For example one that I have seen recently - the directors only had cleaning companies before, its been set up only a few months ago - etc etc. Just be smart about where you spend your money: Remember - these guys get your financial and home details. 

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    Argentknight reacted to StackerNoob in Free speech   
    I personally draw the line at inciting damage to person or property. Anything else should be completely legal. That way, if you are a racist nutjob everyone around you will know you are exactly that. You will be able to tell anyone you want what you think of group X or person Y, but don't expect them to be you friend afterwards.
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    Argentknight reacted to mr-dead in Free speech   
    People seem to think they have the right to never be offended these days which cripples free speech.
    My view is if you don't respect a person why do care what they say or think.