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  1. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to sixgun in Largest   
    Then there is the 1000kg gold coin - just under Mr Dead's whole stack in one coin 😄

  2. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to caloundracats in CML 1kg silver bar   
    No idea but happy to hold yours for safe-keeping😁
  3. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to KevinFlynn in Plan B   
    Wear a tinfoil hat...
  4. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to kimchi in I’m about to start pouring my own bars   
    And practice your secret handshake.

  5. Confused
    Argentknight got a reaction from JSILVER in Random Collectable coins   
  6. Like
    Argentknight got a reaction from RandallBedwell in Howdy from Tennessee, USA   
    Hi Randall, welcome to TSF.
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    Argentknight reacted to FrozenMojito in Motivational videos   
    Likes classic metal

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    Argentknight got a reaction from EdNug in Motivational videos   
    Wonder why he is displaying "The sign of the horns"?
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    Argentknight reacted to Tn21 in Motivational videos   
    Yh i was wondering about that when I first saw the video, nowadays everyone's throwing the same sign. Worrying for sure but still a good speech. I started to make my bed daily after watching the vid, unfortunately didn't last. 
  10. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to BackyardBullion in Sometimes nice silver pieces just get chopped up.....   
    Sometimes things just need to be chopped up.....
    Thought you all might enjoy these photos!

  11. Like
    Argentknight reacted to shortstack68 in European Mint orders   
    To answer your questions, No and Yes 😎, up until Brexit at least, then you'll take a high powered boat across the channel where an awaiting car and a man in dark sunglasses will meet you
  12. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to shawy2510 in Half sovs   
    Hes only down the road so he could even see them in the flesh
    Added 0 minutes later... why not? I find myself attractive
  13. Haha
    Argentknight got a reaction from Escence in Silver goblet??   
    It could be a goblet for use when you're not thirsty.
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    Argentknight got a reaction from AWM in Hello from Swindon, UK!   
    Hi Adrian, welcome to TSF.
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    Argentknight reacted to KevinFlynn in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    I would not want to live in a world where gold is worth that much...
    I also think that the US$ would cease to exist before gold reached that level - it would either mean the end of civilication or a new world order...
    Anyway, no one has a crystal ball, so anyone can shape their opinion on a way they want to to reinforce their point of view - or their goal, for that matter.
    I take from projections like these that there are 'interesting' times ahead and I should not get hooked on fiat. That is all. I advise to not buy into any kind of hype.
  16. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to mr-dead in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    Considering they are trying to sell you bullion I would say they are obviously biased and if they truly believed that they would shut up shop and sit on their stock for the next 2 years.

    While technically possible if gold ever did hit that price your bigger concern would be bands of roaming cannibals outside your door due to complete financial and social collapse.

  17. Haha
    Argentknight reacted to EdNug in Trial for theft of giant gold coin   
    Darn those pesky kids.
    Nice to see the dimensions of 100kg of gold though, that'd make a fine pendant for any self respecting rapper
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    Argentknight reacted to SilverTanner in Global supply of silver and other metals from the EuChemS   
    Interesting view of the elements from the European Chemical Society which looks at amount of the element vs global demand:
    This is a PDF file (I hope the link works)
    Silver supply is classed as 'serious threat in the next 100 years' - so my great, great, great, great grandchildren will be rich!
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    Argentknight reacted to motorbikez in Silver, Smart Money and Electric Vehicles   
    This supposed rush towards electric vehicles is just another ill thought out or more likely not thought out at all by western politicians to get people off the road altogether. What will happen if critical mass is ever reached for electric vehicles, the government will suddenly announce that due to severe stress on the electricity infrastructure & problems with recycling millions of huge toxic batteries we are going to increase the taxes year on year for electric vehicles.
    If you think that won't happen I remember John Prescott when he was minister of transport in the 80s I think, encouraged people to switch their cars over to gas because it was better for the environment & cheaper to run, being the cynic where politicians are concerned I thought to myself what is the scam here, surprise surprise  after about a year when hundreds of thousands of people had wasted £1000+ getting their cars converted to run on gas, the labour government increased the tax on gas.
    The same will happen to electric vehicles taxing them off the road. The difference is unlike gas you can't switch back to petrol.
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    Argentknight reacted to Pete in Silver, Smart Money and Electric Vehicles   
    In major towns and cities ( more of them and more densely populated as the population increases out of control ) the issue with cars and vans is not so much their carbon footprint in manufacture but their emissions. Toxic gases and particulates ( diesel ) with backed up roads, more shorter journeys ( i.e. colder engines ) taking snowflake children to school in the 4 x 4 Chelsea tractor etc. is much more serious to health. Add a bit of weather inversion and the population is breathing the contents of a chemistry set.
    All-electric vehicles are clean so air quality will greatly improve in built-up areas.
    As for charging electric vehicles at home, developers of new densely built town houses in most new estates are not providing a driveway or parking bay near property to facilitate charging.
    This is scandalous but driven by profit and greed  and extremely short-sighted.
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    Argentknight got a reaction from kiran in Introduction   
    Hi, welcome to TSF.
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    Argentknight got a reaction from KevinFlynn in Happy New Year Everyone   
    As we say in Wales:
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
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    Argentknight got a reaction from Agpanda in taste in music   
    Mostly enjoy the music from my youth - 60's, but also partial to the Strauss waltzes, Beethoven's Pastoral, and Mozart.
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    Argentknight got a reaction from Agpanda in taste in music   
    Mostly enjoy the music from my youth - 60's, but also partial to the Strauss waltzes, Beethoven's Pastoral, and Mozart.
  25. Haha
    Argentknight got a reaction from Bullionbilly in What did you blow your very first pay cheque on?   
    Income tax and national insurance.