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  1. Argentknight

    Greetings from South Coast UK

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  2. Argentknight

    First silver buy damn you guys are a bad influence!

    And I bet this will be the first of many...😉
  3. Argentknight

    Hello from Cardiff

    Welcome from Abergavenny.
  4. Argentknight


    Hi Adam, welcome to TSF.
  5. Argentknight

    Hello from a UK based gold bug

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  6. Argentknight

    Hello from the UK

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  7. Argentknight

    Hello from Denmark

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  8. Argentknight

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi Billy, welcome to TSF.
  9. Argentknight

    New guy

    Hi JM, welcome to TSF.
  10. Argentknight


    Hi Chris, welcome to TSF.
  11. Argentknight


    Hi Nathan, welcome to TSF.
  12. Argentknight


    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  13. Argentknight

    Hello to you all

    Prynhawn Da Dean, croeso i TSF
  14. Argentknight


    Hi, welcome to TSF. Good place Essex - I'm from Sarfend.