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  1. Argentknight

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Jean, welcome to TSF.
  2. Argentknight

    i just had to laugh

    Hilarious 🎸
  3. Argentknight

    New forum member

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  4. Argentknight

    Want to say hi and thanks

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  5. Argentknight

    New Member

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  6. Argentknight

    How the EU works

    Hmmm... I'm out and more out than ever before, after seeing this.
  7. Argentknight

    A .999 fine hallo

    Hi, welcome to TSF
  8. Argentknight

    Shout out from Mandalay

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  9. Argentknight

    New Stacker from Connecticut!

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  10. Argentknight

    Hello from London

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  11. Argentknight

    New User

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  12. Argentknight

    New Rare Earth coin

    Nah - it's Cthulhu's big brother, Yog-Sothoth.😎
  13. Argentknight

    Hello from Derbyshire

    Hi and welcome to TSF, from wildest Wales, where men are men and the sheep are scared.
  14. Argentknight

    Age of a stacker

    I'm 70, and am still stacking. Not too sure why though .💣
  15. Argentknight

    New to the forum

    Hi, welcome to TSF.