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  1. Argentknight

    Silver goblet??

    It could be a goblet for use when you're not thirsty.
  2. Argentknight

    Hello from Swindon, UK!

    Hi Adrian, welcome to TSF.
  3. Argentknight

    New Member - L. Matadar

    Hi Luke, welcome to TSF.
  4. Argentknight


    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  5. Argentknight

    Me Myself and I

    Abergavenny, and you?
  6. Argentknight

    Me Myself and I

    Hi Kev, welcome to TSF, also from Wales.
  7. Argentknight

    Humble beginnings

    Hi Dan, welcome to TSF.
  8. Argentknight

    My Introduction.

    Hi John, welcome to TSF.
  9. Argentknight


    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  10. Argentknight

    Happy New Year Everyone

    As we say in Wales: Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
  11. Argentknight

    taste in music

    Mostly enjoy the music from my youth - 60's, but also partial to the Strauss waltzes, Beethoven's Pastoral, and Mozart.
  12. Income tax and national insurance.
  13. Argentknight

    new to the forum and stacking

    Hi, welcome to TSF.
  14. Argentknight

    Greetings & Happy New Year

    Hi Jack, welcome to TSF.
  15. Argentknight

    Danish retirement stacker..

    Hi, and welcome to TSF from Darkest Wales.