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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver rounds/coins/ bars 1oz to keep things Even

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  1. I got so desperate I almost bought from bullion by post lol but thanks for the heads up, metalor have to be the nicest bars Imo clean, frosty purest all round haha great pick up
  2. Always wanted one, where did you get it, if you dont mind?
  3. Added to my shillings collection, some cool dates and bought an 1881 Morgan $1
  4. Just a few pre-47 silver shillings from 1927-42, nothing special, been a while since I posted but here you go
  5. Jordie

    stacking goals 2018

    Where in London is it? Never been always heard of it never read into it seems like a great place to pick up some coins
  6. Didnt enter any bank details, no handling fee, nothing, am I missing something here? as the grand total came to €0.00 with coupon no shipping nada? Glitch maybe?
  7. 250? that makes me smile, alot! As always keep up the great work mate and HNY Mr & Mrs
  8. Jordie

    stacking goals 2018

    A grand or 2 is a big amount even still, many people don't save anything. If my partner found out I was spending that much again this year she would flip. Even though it will benefit her down the line I just don't think she understands. They'll never understand..
  9. Jordie

    stacking goals 2018

    A Kilo bar, and a tube of silver brits hopefully, the way 2017 went was no where near possible with house repairs so had to buy small bits hear and there but with it all done let's see what happens
  10. Haha let me know when you use it and ill try the same see what happens, I think I'm gonna buy gold but in January
  11. +1 and only withdraw £9999 it doesn't flag up as "suspicious" just saying
  12. Mk barz & bullion Coupon code 15% off Go and sub this guy, always full of great videos on of course the shiny stuff
  13. While I have 5 minutes from feeding the zoo animals (family and In laws) merry Christmas you crazy bunch and thanks @Bullionbilly for running the prize draw I hope everyone has a brilliant evening and a great boxing day
  14. Anyone know where there are any austrian ducats can't find anything anywhere, or I might just wait until Jan