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  1. Edit : 1 x 2005 kookaburra 1 oz silver added to the set, price adjusted (lowered). Coin in excellent condition, original capsule. price for the set including 2005 = 375 euro
  2. For sale : set of 5 x 1 oz BU Mexican silver Libertads 2015....all in top condition ! Price = 124,75 euro Payment via PPFF or BT, add shipping costs (happy to combine with other coins I'm offering to save on shipping) Any questions, please ask ! grtz T👍 edit : also have 2015 1 oz proof silver......43,5 euro/pc
  3. For sale some older Mexican gold fractionals, centenarios, .900 gold. Each coin 1 x available 1959 - 10 pesos .... 345 euro 1955 - 5 pesos .... 178 euro 1945 - 2 pesos .... SOLD Payment via PPFF or BT. Shipping costs to be determined 🙂 , depending on the value of buying. Any questions, more pics, feel free to contact me ! Best regards, T
  4. For sale some .999 gold pieces from Mexico - Libertad - BU top condition !! All 2015, low mintages. 1 oz ..... 1515 euro (1 x available) 1/4 oz.....415 euro (1 x available) 1/20 oz....97,5 euro (5 x available) Payment via PPFF or BT. Shipping costs to be determined 🙂 , depending on the value of buying. Any questions, more pics, feel free to contact me ! ps, will be offering some more Mexican gold in different topic Best regards, T
  5. For sale a 1999 North-Korean .999 silver coin, 250 won, 15 grams - Perfect proof condition ! Quite rare with 1.950 pieces minted. Price = 27 euros + shipping costs. Happy to combine shipping with other coins for sale. Payment via PPFF or BT Any questions or need more pics, just let me know.
  6. For sale a Top proof condition of the 1987 WWF coin from Mexico - $100 Mariposa Monarco - butterflies. 32,625 grams .720 silver Mintage 28.500 pcs Price = 65 euros including regular shipping. If you would prefer registered shipping, please add 6 euros. Payment via PPFF or BT If you need more pics, or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ! Grtz T
  7. https://www.silberling.de/Zubehoer/?ldtype=grid&_artperpage=64&listorderby=oxtitle&listorder=desc&pgNr=0&cl=alist&searchparam=&cnid=f6720892c34de230642af4b64070a55b could have been this dealer ?
  8. For sale Australia 2019 emu with error finish on the tree below the right emu. The tree should have a matte finish, but this one has a proof finish (first picture left = normal, right = error). Coin in excellent condition, as from the Perth mint. Price = 58 euros + cost of shipping (payment via PPFF or BT) If more pics are needed, just let me know Grtz T
  9. For sale a complete set of 6 x 1 oz .999 silver. Canada wildlife. Coins in great condition, NO milk spots ! 2011 grizzly 2011 wolf 2012 moose 2012 cougar 2013 bison 2013 antilope Nice gift for someone loving coins with animals as design ! Price for the set = SOLD If more pics are needed, just let me know ! grtz T
  10. For sale is a lot of 8 kookaburras - coins are in great condition ! Selling as a lot (2001-2003-2004-2006-2007-2014-2016-2018) Price = 350 euros, including registered shipping with tracking. Payment via PPFF or BT. If more pics are needed, just let me know. Grtz, T
  11. I also have some spare kooks, .....all 1 oz, excellent condition, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007....pics on request
  12. Ruanda wildlife series is not a Lunar series 😉....I mean....the box is not made for the Ruanda lunar series....but for the wildlife series
  13. very nice ! Is this a limited mintage or not ?
  14. I believe every coin that came as of 2018 is with mint-shielding.