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  1. Tritoon01

    New Vera Silver Gibraltar one ounce

    I bought the Vera silve Zanzibar coin....in 2015....with the promise of a yearly new design.....I asked in 2016 and 2017 about a new design/country....no answers.....and now, 2018, again the promise of a yearly (or should I read 3-yearly) design ? ....
  2. Tritoon01


    Well.....I ordered 4 x the same semi-numismatic coin, with box and coa......upon delivery, all coins were there, all boxes ok, BUT NO COA'S. So I asked if they could send me the coa's.....first someone answered that the coins allways come without coa......when I replied with multiple links on ebay where the coins were sold with coa.....the person changed his mind and would ask the distributor. After a couple days, on my second request, GS answered that the coa's were ordered at the distributor.....And if I would like to get them, I should pay 2 euros for shipping......wtf.....so I replied that it was not my mistake that the coins did not have the coa's....reply from GS....'they had to order the coa's especially for me at their dealer, and I should pay for shipping cost to get them'.....I have ordered more then 100 times with them.....and to get such an answer.....my pants dropped to my knees I have refused to pay the shipping fees....did not receive the coa's untill I had my last order (pre sale) shipped....so the coa's came with my last shipment to date. Now...their fault.....and customer should pay.....sucks !!
  3. Tritoon01


    Can you, or someone else tell me what 'Premium membership points system' is ? thx ! grtz T
  4. Tritoon01

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    it is very reasonable with Munzdachs, ask him in a PM
  5. Tritoon01

    St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    at lmp you can see some pics.....last time i checked
  6. Tritoon01

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    those who collect the Somalia elephants coins...should have at least 1 of the 15y jubi coin ....no doubt about that ! where you buy it from...it doesn't matter...give it one more week and no more coins will be available....imo grtz T
  7. Tritoon01

    Ooo...So shiny!

    Is this the same bar as I saw on the vid with your son ? ...if so...what a great result.....
  8. Tritoon01

    Any news on Canadian Predator Series?

    This pic is nearly 8 or 9 months old and was portreted on a lot of websites from dealers.....but I read that the coin was withdrawn from release (?).....I believe I read it had something to do with the 'ugly' claws/legs......does it mean it has been cancelled ? I do not know....
  9. Tritoon01

    Tokelau Yellowfin Tuna Coin

    As a follow up on my own conversation ....I received a confirmation letter of Treasures of Oz (who got confirmation of Highland MInt) that there has been a batch minted with the wrong date...namely 2015 on the Yellowfin Tuna coin. Only 1 batch was send out to dealers but almost immediately recalled.....only a very small amount of coins where not returned to the Mint and accordingly distributed to "the public". Treasures of Oz confirmed that no more then 100 coins of the error date where not returned.... If someone is interested in the letter, let me know by PM and I will forward it. greetings T
  10. Tritoon01

    Tokelau Yellowfin Tuna Coin

    As of today....I received no info from the Highland Mint regarding this "error" in the tokelau yellowfin tuna with 2015 as date instead of 2014....Treasures of Oz is quite helpful, but they also do not get info on the wrongly minted coins (ToOz has stated that a (ONE) batch ( mostly a batch contains between 250 and 500 coins) was wronly minted in 2015....allmost all wronly minted coins have been returned to the mint, only a "handfull" were distributed. Any help from this forum ? How should I get it stated as an "error" coin ? thx T
  11. Tritoon01

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    ....and....is the Ruanda Lunar serie produced by the same mint as the Ruanda Wildlife serie ?.......you know ?
  12. Tritoon01

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    maybe I missed something, but I can't read what is not written .....and "I have certain info, holding out until.....'....doesn't prohibit me from trying to get the info I'm looking for. But.....on a forum, we all try to help each other, not ? So if you could lift a tip of the sleeve.... ?
  13. Tritoon01

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    @Muenzdachs : Can you tell the community who makes the Ruanda wildlife series coins ? I emailed BH Mayer, Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt , Geiger Edelmetalle....no luck yet (but as of now, not a reply from Geiger).....how come no one knows/is willing to tell who is the manufacturor. It can't be a state secret, can it ? thanks for your help ! ps, on your website, it states, that you do not ship outside Germany....but you do, via ebay.....can I just drop an email if and when I would like to buy some coins and have them send to Belgium ? grtz T
  14. Tritoon01

    Tokelau Yellowfin Tuna Coin

    ...and NO, it is not a fake .... I emailed "Treasures of Oz" who developed the coin and arranged the minting at Highland Mint in the USA.....a very small number of coins got a wrong date...almost all of them were recalled by the mint ...but apparantly some have made it to the public. I'm trying to figer out how many 'wrongly dated' coins have been distributed, but Treasures of Oz is talking about a handfull...
  15. Tritoon01

    Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    hey savoyard, I live in Belgium, have used goldsilver.be quite a lot (mixed results....above average, but customer service is very bad, had some issues with them). I ordered some Falkland Britannias with Auragentum 2-3 weeks ago...coins came and ALL coins had black/brown spots (residu from ????)....in a tube, coins mixed up-side-down....so very bad coins....I mailed the company and could return the coins for full refund or they offered a reduction in price..... Now, the fact that they delivered those coins really pissed me off....how can a dealer deliver such coins in such a bad condition ??....in the end, after a couple of emails I got a nice reduction and decided to keep the coins.....cleaned them with a silver bath and almost all coins are now in great shape....but the fact remains that those coins should not have been delivered....but of course....the Falkland Britannias were selling out fast after the decision to stop production....and I believe the dealer decided to deliver the coins anyway...greed....and if the customer does not complain....money in the pocket. silvertogo (is STG short for silvertogo ?) I do not know. greetings T