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  1. very nice ! Is this a limited mintage or not ?
  2. I believe every coin that came as of 2018 is with mint-shielding.
  3. I have a 2018 👍...and a 2019.....just wondering how many of the 2018 have been minted. I believe it is a bit like the QB series meaning they were minted to order.... ? So when the 2019 started, the 2018 was ended. Maybe someone knows the mintage ?
  4. Is the mintage on these 2018 Valiant 10 oz coins known ?
  5. 🤣 at £95 that is a bit above my bid price.....but it is a great price for someone looking for a perfect 1/2 oz mouse. 👍
  6. It is an Apmex exclusive....first of the Indian wildlife series....low mintage, good design.....looking forward to the other coins !
  7. I believe you will not get that coin below £100 in good/excellent condition...even in 'bad' condition it will be about £50-60....and those who are talking about £14-20.....be my guest. I will buy ALL coins you will offer at that price....please PM me !!....or leave a message in this thread.
  8. aha, some more Korean tiger lovers !! ....I have the 2019 Korean tigers about 3 weeks in hand.....lovely medals, love them.....but very much different from the 2018 tigers which I bought last year.....but very understandable...because.....A LOT, if not MOST of the 2018 tigers have issues....a lot of marks, spots, haze, scratches on the proof-like finish. I have returned 1/2 of what I bought last year to my dealer ! So the more matt, bu, condition/mint of the 2019 is no surprise to me.....less issues (at least to the eye) 🙂 So, in short...love the design, love the series, love the mintage.....and happy with the finish of the 2019 tiger. The 2018 tigers, I believe, will increase in price, especially for the 'good' quality medals.
  9. That is also my motto....every ounce you can get your hand on....is a blessing...in my eyes 🤣 .... I bought, if I could afford it, some gold each year...and I bought a lot more silver. Now I still buy silver, if the funds allow me....and I just recently started buying platinum instead of gold... ...but....with one thing in my mind......whatever I buy...it will be in the best interest of my children......every coin/oz of precious metals will be better then fiat money ! ...So in short....I will buy whenever I can afford it, all kind of precious metals 👍
  10. yes, correct....BU only in 2014.......but there was a 2015 croc, only in proof.
  11. I believe it is related with the start of the Lunar II series....which started in 2008 with the mouse. ...all kilo coins from the Lunar I series, up to the pig 2007.....have no date on the Queens' side....starting from 2008 up to 2010....the date 2007 is minted on the Queens' side...and the 'lunar-year' on the 'animals' side'......So mouse, ox and tiger have 2007 on Queens side and respectively 2008,2009 and 2010 on the front. T👍