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  1. Hello, griffin & dragon = 137,5 euro + shipping (15 euro registered)....both capsuled grtz T
  2. Had the same problem, mailed them, and they adjusted the last invoice and removed shipping costs (which were paid on the first order of storage) ....but no communication from them....just saw that they adjusted invoice after a couple of hours....and paid
  3. Hi all, for sale : 8 x 2 oz QB's, ALL coins in TOP condition, no marks or spots visible, including high quality capsules (without rim). Fixed price of 450 435 euros + shipping (tracked 15 euros) Payment via BT or PPFF (in euros, reputable members) Any questions, please ask grtz T👍 extra info : I have some extra 2 x griffin, 1 x lion and 2 x red dragon
  4. if you could check prices for 2 x 1/4 oz 2019 tiger, that would be great !!
  5. 2004 & 2006 are sold, others available, pm for prices, shipping from Belgium (more pictures available) T
  6. thanks for your answer !!....so aiming for 100K => means there is no limit on the production side, but 'hoping' to reach 100K coins sold....is that how I should read your answer ?
  7. Very nice looking !! ...... @coininvest : "limited mintage".....how many are that ?
  8. Tritoon01


    as long as you receive the ordered coins, in good condition, there is no problem.......but if, for whatever reason, there is a problem......their service is next to zero.
  9. For sale is a Tokelau yellowfin tuna coin, which should have as date 2014......but this one has 2015 (Date error). I have contacted 'Treasures of Oz Pty Ltd', the exclusive agent for all Tokelau legal tender coins and they have attested that 'NO MORE THAN 100 COINS' are in the market. One batch or wrong dated coins was released but quite quickly recalled......probably there are less than 100 coins still floating. The letter from Treasures of Oz will of course be added to the coins. I have send 2 coins to NGC for grading (via Numistacker) and one got an MS68, the other got an MS69. To my knowledge, no other coins have been graded by NGC or any other grading company, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know. I also have a raw coin of these error dated tuna coins. The raw coin and the MS69 coin are up for sale. (I have allready sold a couple raw coins and also the MS68). These coins are in my opinion a very nice add to someone collecting the Tokelau series....and uniquely for sale now. Price for the raw coin = 175 euro Price for the MS69 coin = 245 euro If a 'regular' dated 2014 is needed to complement, it is available for 32,5 euro Any questions please ask. grtz T
  10. Hi all, For sale : 2 x 2 oz 2017 UK QB griffin .999 silver, excellent condition in capsules......75 euro/pc 2 x 1987 Oman 2,5 rials, 28,28 grams .925 silver, minted by the British Royal MInt in celebrating 25th anniversary of WWF (mintage 25K). TOP proof condition including coa and WWF folder....37,5 euro/pc 1 x 2015 Australia 50 cents kookaburra, 1/2 oz .999 silver, 25th anniversary China Peking coin show, very low mintage of 1.934 pcs, TOP proof condition, no box nor coa.....SOLD 1 x 2002 Zambia 5000 kwacha elephant, 1 oz .999 silver.....with scratches, bullion condition. I believe mintage is 5K......nice price 45 euro Shipping costs to be added, depending on the weight, regular, registered etc.....quote upon request. Grtz T
  11. check goldsilver.be => less then 40 euros....of course...shipping costs can be expensive if ordering just 1 coin.......but if you are looking for more coins, it might be an option
  12. @Thesilverman500 I believe you can buy them cheaper from some dealers
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