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  1. yes, correct....BU only in 2014.......but there was a 2015 croc, only in proof.
  2. I believe it is related with the start of the Lunar II series....which started in 2008 with the mouse. ...all kilo coins from the Lunar I series, up to the pig 2007.....have no date on the Queens' side....starting from 2008 up to 2010....the date 2007 is minted on the Queens' side...and the 'lunar-year' on the 'animals' side'......So mouse, ox and tiger have 2007 on Queens side and respectively 2008,2009 and 2010 on the front. T👍
  3. Yea, along with the gold.😋 that will take more then a few seconds I believe 😁
  4. I read you can remove those red spots using a fire burner (or how you call such a burner that you use in the kitchen for making créme brulée 🤣).....go over the spot with the burner off and on....during a few seconds => spots should go away and never come back......not done it before...maybe there is a youtube film ? edit : on youtube some with soda/baking powder... edit edit 🙂 : I also read that at NGC they use the burner....if it is true ?? ... if someone from NGC could confirm ? 😀😜
  5. I have for sale a 2008 Lunar I kilo Mouse, .999 silver. coin is in excellent condition, original capsule has some scratches. 800 euro + 15 euro registered shipping = 815 euro all in PP FF or bank transfer Questions, more pics please ask. Grtz T👍
  6. I have a set of 3 coins, 20 grams .925 silver - proof condition including original box and coa. Only 3998 sets are made and issued by the Singapore Mint under the authorisation of the Central Bank of Myanmar. Very nice set, coins and box, coa are in excellent original condition (some very light patina on coins but quite normal for a more then 20 years old set). 195 euro for the set + 15 euro registered shipping = 210 euro all in PP FF or bank transfer. Questions, more pics ? Please let me know. Grtz T👍
  7. All coins are in excellent condition...if you need more pics, let me know. 2001 @ 45 euros 2003 @ 40 euros 2004 @ 85 euros 2006 @ 50 euros + shipping costs : up to 50 grams = 1,5 euros (regular shipping, no tracking) up to 100 grams = 4,20 euros (regular shipping, no tracking) up to 350 grams = 8,40 euros (regular shipping, no tracking) + if needed, registered shipping : add 5,50 euros to the prices above (registered shipping with tracking) Grtz T👍
  8. 1 oz .999 silver bars from Elemetal - Ag47 - excellent condition - 3 available Price = 35 euros PER bar incl regular shipping from Belgium. Registered shipping needed - add 5 euros Buy all 3 incl registered shipping = 110 euros Payment PP FF or bank transfer Any questions please PM