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  1. can someone please tell me why the 50p Peter Rabbit half whisker is rare ? I tried to search for the rare variant of this Peter Rabbit...but every picture I see....has Peter Rabbit with half whisker.....I do not see it.....can someone please explain ? Thx !!
  2. ....I saw on the website...4 capsules available.....I need 5 😀....any idea when new ones arrive ? ...and I can also see that the bars are out of stock, now, also 🙂
  3. Thank you !!! will take a look at them.
  4. @Abyss wow....what a nice set of Britannia bars !! Can you tell me where I can find those 10 oz capsules ? thx !
  5. I've asked The Germania Mint.....ONLY the medals on their website are official issues.....so the Iron Cross and those above are not.
  6. Hi all, for sale : complete (3) series of South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwang, come in capsules 1 x 2016 1 x 2017 1 x 2018 159 euros including registered shipping from Belgium, PP FF or via bank transfer Grtz T👍
  7. @SilverStan any update on the status of the proof Germania ? Second, Is this Iron Cross officially issued by the Germania Mint ? Thx !
  8. I see via the link (top of page) that the price is £31,64 .....what price drop ? First post says £24,40..... I missed something 🙂
  9. very nice collection !!...I'm only missing the two on top 😀
  10. this is the one and only 'incuse' version 😉....(incused on both sides)
  11. yes correct....probably a 3-D picture....like the feature with the Qvision app....that is rather cool.....this image of the cross seems to be a 3D image...
  12. it is not an official release of the Germania Mint I believe....