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  1. K_theepan

    Queens Beast's Capsules

    @morezone Can you give me the link please i cant find it
  2. K_theepan

    Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    I prefer buying from @arshimo2012 than RM. He always check every coin and i have received always spotless coins. And cheaper as well than RM
  3. K_theepan

    Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    @arshimo2012 Rm is always telling they will improve, they never have done it and i doubt it they will improve in the future. Until everyone stop buying the proof from RM they will not change.
  4. K_theepan

    2017 Bullion Sovereign

    i think you are right, but in short term people will trying to get them and it will bring good return
  5. K_theepan

    2017 Bullion Sovereign

    iam happy, the proof will go up in price
  6. K_theepan

    Today I Received

    Just picked it up from @arshimo2012
  7. K_theepan

    Lunar Rooster

    I always check and put it back how it was. Only thing I never do is open capsule
  8. K_theepan

    Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    Just greed from RM.
  9. K_theepan

    Today I Received

    Half and small set sovereign 2017.
  10. K_theepan

    New Stacker

    Welcome to forum
  11. K_theepan

    Today I Received

    I really love them just beautiful The Destiny Series Coin
  12. K_theepan

    2oz silver Queens beast coins

    I hope they not milk it to much out.
  13. K_theepan

    Today I bought.....

    Just managed to get 3 coin small set 2017 sovereign for a bargain price of £650.25 thanks to @arshimo2012
  14. K_theepan

    2017 Sovereign

    The full sovereign It's now sold out