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  1. Strongy

    Biggest disappointment on buying

    Just bought a few "Silver Shield Pieces of Eight", they look really nice in pictures but the finish of the coin in the flesh is not great. The relief isnt deep enough, so the design become quite hard to distinguish, ok but disappointed as it could have been much nicer.
  2. Strongy

    Rwanda African Ounce 2018 - first time in Gold

    Any idea when the release date is, and who will have stock?
  3. Strongy

    2018 gold dragon and Phoenix BU coin out now

    Yer, I'm currently torn between this the gold Swan or a 2017 anniversary Brit. As I've already brought 2 regular 1 Oz brits this year I'm leaning towards this, but the Swan also looks very nice.
  4. Strongy

    2018 gold dragon and Phoenix BU coin out now

    looks stunning, didnt jump on the 2oz, seriously considering this one tho