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  1. That's standard tarnish. It will be thoroughly cleaned by the aluminum foil and baking soda method.
  2. Should be fine, but have you tried the baking soda and aluminum foil method first? It's much cheaper and doesn't damage the coins or leave them with an artificial cleaned look.
  3. Other than ETFs, I think BullionVault is awesome because the premiums are tiny, and they're audited. It's the cheapest way to buy physical.
  4. Me too. I like sharp lines and flat surfaces. Sometimes I see such bars called "minted" while the poured stuff is "cast". Or the minted bars are called "ingots", but I'm not sure if that's a universal usage. It's the minted stuff that's in short supply right now for some reason, especially the government mints. PAMP bars are lovely, but they have eye watering premiums right now, like more than $5.00 over spot, or even $10.00.
  5. Yeah, Silvertowne seems in good supply. They're too ugly though – it's strange how the details on their bars are so blurry/sloppy. It's like they don't have the same sort of equipment that other manufacturers or mints have.
  6. Do you know of a dealer that has Britannia bars?
  7. Hi all -- There's a silver bar shortage in the US going back to May or June, or perhaps earlier, specifically regarding premium bars. By premium I mean mostly government mints. Britannia bars disappeared early in the year. Royal Canadian Mint bars became hard to find at most American dealers, especially 1 oz, and now 10 oz too. Perth bars vanished. Even private Sunshine bars are now hard to find. I assume this is because these mints just didn't make enough bars to last the year, or even half the year. Is that right? Are most of these bars hard to find in your countries? I wonder if bars are less profitable than coins. It seems like they must be since the premiums are smaller, but maybe they cost less to produce. I don't remember this sort of bar shortage in prior years.
  8. Sure, but I don't think the problem is ESL in this case. Spell and grammar check would catch most of the incredible number of typos in this case. The nature of the typos is unusual even for ESL learners. I'm not sure why two words are combined into one or -ed endings are converted to -et. Maybe I'm just seeing too much terrible writing on the web lately – when the writing is this bad I think it's inappropriate, and that calling it out is extremely appropriate.
  9. It's hard to follow your post given the enormous number of typos and poor writing. The quality of your writing does not inspire confidence in your argument. In any case it's extremely difficult for one party to manipulate silver prices.
  10. The Freedom Girl round is probably the most beautiful silver bullion product I've ever seen. It was designed by artist Heidi Wastweet. I don't know anything about Duane or his prognostications on the silver price. There are a lot of kooky theories in the precious metals community.
  11. The Royal Mint errs on the side of overage. I wrote to them about this some time ago. Their website gives an erroneous definition of a troy ounce as 31.2 grams or something. It turned out that the reason for the error was that this was the weight they targeted. I assume other mints err on the same side.
  12. Here are some pictures to hold you for a bit. Sunshine Minting makes blanks for various mints, including the US Mint. The top banner image is scrollable – look for the side arrows. You'll see up close shots of the blanks if you scroll sideways. Here are some discs for sale at Rio Grande, a major American jewelry supplier. Don't know if they ship across the pond. Your best bet will be to find their opposite numbers in the UK – jewelry supply outfits. They sell silver in various pre-production forms, including blanks/discs, shot/grain, wire, rod, sheet, etc.
  13. How much do they cost? Is this a separate appliance from a laundry washing machine?
  14. Question: What's a tumbler? Is it a British term for a kind of cleaner?
  15. https://boldpreciousmetals.com/ (US) https://www.jmbullion.com/ (US; one of the largest in the world) https://www.silver.com/ (US) https://silvergoldbull.com/ (Canada and the US)