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  1. You mean an American silver dime and quarter? The answer is almost certainly that they buy nothing. Hardly anyone in America knows about old junk silver coins, so I'd expect near zero knowledge in other countries. For silver in general to be worth anything in a crisis lots of people would have to have some, and lots of people would have to know how to value it. Neither is true right now – hardly anyone has silver or knows much about silver. We're a small minority, unfortunately. In recent crises, cash has been king. See Puerto Rico and Iraq. Cash meets the criteria above. People have it, and know how to value it. Economist George Selgin has an interesting paper on "synthetic commodity money" that you might be interested in. In it he talks about the Iraqi Swiss Dinar, an obsolete currency that was widely used during the war, in part because no more was being printed so its supply was fixed, it couldn't be inflated, etc. If you want metal for a crisis, gold is much more widely valued than silver. But cash will be king.
  2. The Royal Canadian Mint recently developed a method to prevent milk spots in their silver coins. It's called MintShield and is in production now. They're the only mint I know of to develop a manufacturing technology to prevent spotting. It started with either the 2018 or 2019 Maples.
  3. You might be confusing RCM with RMC. There are no 1 oz RCM bars at the dealers you claimed. RCM is the Royal Canadian Mint. RMC is Republic Metals Corporation, a now failed company. I don't want RMC bars.
  4. JM Bullion looks good. There's definitely a bar shortage market wide, though JMB looks like they've got lots of 10 oz bars. They don't have the 1 oz, and no one else has the 10 oz stock they have, not even their subsidiary Silver.com.
  5. It means 100% over spot. You linked to a 100 oz bar. I explicitly referred to 1 and 10 oz bars. https://www.jmbullion.com/1-oz-pamp-suisse-lunar-dragon-silver-bar/
  6. APMEX's free shipping is the same as SD Bullion -- free over $99. But APMEX charges far too much to be competitive -- they're about the most expensive option in North America. If you buy from APMEX, you're losing money. Neither APMEX or Silver Gold Bull has the items I mentioned in stock, except for Perth bars, so again I don't know what you're talking about. I'm looking at 1 oz bars. APMEX's inventory is mostly their own house bars and the off-brands I mentioned. Silver Gold Bull has almost nothing in 1 oz silver bars.
  7. Hello all — Last summer I noticed that there were very few silver bars available in North America, especially the ones I wanted. Britannia bars were gone, as were Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and even Sunshine Minting in most cases. I was looking mostly at 1 and 10 ounce sizes. I figured the new year would bring new stock, but I'm still not seeing any of the above. Silver bar inventory is nearly bone dry at the major North American dealers, reduced to some off-brand private mints (and PAMP bars selling for 100% over spot...) Does anyone know why this is? Are Britannia, RCM, and Perth bars still in production? If you know where they're on sale at normal prices, that would be awesome too. I've mostly looked at Silver.com, SD Bullion, and Gainesville Coins, where prices tend to be lowest. Thanks.
  8. Hi all – The Kitco forum is getting creepier, and well, annoying. I posted on their silver forum, asking if there were any cheaper-than-US places to buy silver. The US seems to be the cheapest country given the size of the market, the lack of VAT, and most states exempt bullion from sales tax. But I was curious if silver was cheaper anywhere else – good to know for one's travels. Someone replied with "Kitco". I wasn't sure if they were joking or what, but I responded with ”Not competitive." Kitco's side business as a bullion dealer charges overly high prices, and their $15 - $35 shipping charge kills them. Kitco deleted the entire thread. They didn't just censor me by deleting my reply – they deleted the whole thread. They didn't send an email or anything. They've also banned lots of users lately. They have a habit of banning people left and right. It's a strange forum in that respect – regular posters just vanish because they've been silently banned. Then yesterday they deleted my reply to someone asking where to buy silver. I gave all the lowest priced dealers in North America, and of course Kitco felt threatened or something and deleted the post. So this person is instead getting a bunch of replies with bad advice, mostly to buy from local shops, which typically charge more. Kitco has created a bizarre bubble world where you can't give the real answers to certain basic questions because the truth might possibly impact Kitco's side business as a bullion dealer. I've had enough of Kitco at this point. Their forum is almost useless because of all their censorship, silent deletions, silent bans, etc. They're a good example of how not to run a forum. I'm pretty sure their business is worse off for the climate they've created. They don't have nearly as vibrant a forum as they could have if they weren't so creepy, and their creepiness makes me and others less interested in ever buying anything from them. In their shoes I'd never waste money paying employees to censor a forum to such a degree. I'd want a vibrant community. There are businesses that do this very well. Reddit is a good platform where I see lots of businesses foster communities without the censorship. e.g. technology companies like Roku or even cable companies (!). Are any bullion dealers with vibrant communities? Maybe the Silver Forum is a better approach, without the conflict of interest of a dealer...
  9. The best places in Canada are SilverGoldBull and online American dealers. The cheapest are Silver.com and SD Bullion. Kitco is a rip-off, and you won't get the best prices from the RCM directly. Rather, SilverGoldBull, Silver.com and SD Bullion will have the best prices.
  10. I wouldn't get too excited. What matters is whether their prices are lower than other dealers, not whether they're lower than their usual prices. Provident isn't usually the lowest, so I'd expect Silver.com and SD Bullion to still be lowest.
  11. SD Bullion is one of the lowest priced options in North America, so you're doing alright buying from them. Another good option is Silver.com. They're usually the cheapest before shipping. Whether they're the cheapest with shipping included will depend on the size of the order. JM Bullion is often cheapest for small orders, since they only charge $3.99 for shipping for orders under $99 (over $99 gets free shipping). BOLD Precious Metals is worth a look, as is Gainesville Coins. They'll occasionally have the lowest price on some item, but usually the lowest price will be Silver.com or SD Bullion. Where BOLD and Gainesville shine is with the unique bars and rounds they carry. I wrote an article on getting the best prices: https://link.medium.com/XXKO6FdQR1 eBay will sometimes have a good deal from a reputable dealer (many major dealers sell on eBay in addition to their own websites). It may take some time to find good deals though.
  12. Very little is known about them, so there's no basis for thinking of them as particularly trustworthy. For example, who owns them? Who comprises their leadership team? No idea. All the mints are like this – not very open or transparent. Example, I have no idea who is behind the Scottsdale Mint either. Silver is simple. It weighs what it weighs. There isn't anything Sunshine or anyone else could do to stand out as more trustworthy in terms of the product, since all major mints are reliable and produce bullion that meets the requisite standards. Sunshine has their MintMark SI, but it's underexposed because it requires you to buy a special decoder lens. That was a big mistake on their part. If they had come up with something that didn't require the purchase of a separate device they might have gained a lot more traction. Also, there's been a pervasive silver bar shortage for many months, at least in North America. This includes Sunshine but also a lot of others like Scottsdale, the Royal Canadian Mint, Britannias, Perth, just about everyone except for Silvertowne.
  13. That's standard tarnish. It will be thoroughly cleaned by the aluminum foil and baking soda method.
  14. Should be fine, but have you tried the baking soda and aluminum foil method first? It's much cheaper and doesn't damage the coins or leave them with an artificial cleaned look.