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  1. New Brexit deal if passed MP can vote for second referendum , if bill rejected Brexit is stopped. Where we getting now?
  2. S1 gold 1/10 oz ox , goat to finish my set and silver 1 oz S1 still two more to complete.
  3. Went back and bought last Lasanta and one Glenfiddich IPA. Not really drink but thinking over year about buying some whiskey , should buy Hibiki 12 when they were for £100 now they cost close to £300. @blackadder nothing wrong but if you drank full bottle alone you got headache in morning)))
  4. Just went to local Morrison's for few eggs and spot these on shelf and put them straight to my basket . They have Glenfiddich IPA and few others as well . I am thinking to go back and take few more.
  5. From @motorbikez and only 6 to go.. @Shinus73 where you bought your dragon? Cheers.
  6. lubi29

    QB 2oz capsule

    @Agpanda How much for 2oz QB Airtites?
  7. Gold £900 delivered Silver £65 plus delivery.
  8. @Fastnick thanks, Hope they will offer Yale of Beaufort for that price.
  9. Can somebody post link for 1/4 Oz QB Falcon , can't find it on their website.
  10. I have 2 x Silver proof and 1x Gold proof from sale. Silver £85 each plus postage. Gold £950 delivered. Thank you
  11. Just called RM customer service as cannot input card details and waited about 10 minutes at the end ordered 3 silver proofs and asked about gold one if they sold out , answer not so I bag one))
  12. It working but again stuck , can input card details
  13. I was on checkout page about half hour but can't input my card number , now they log me out.
  14. 3 Sovereigns plus unwanted email and letter.