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  1. Some birds from sunny California, big thanks to @ShaolinStacker and rusty little mouse. Who said that Americans can't offer good trade deal?)))
  2. 1 oz silver proofs were around 75 euros , now maybe cheaper buy direct from mint.
  3. Will they do the same with Great engravers series as well? As they now creating precedent. Who wouldn't want another 2 Oz gold and make quick £20000.
  4. I looked on that set 2 days and can't decide. Enjoy it and give us update if coins are flawless.
  5. Perhaps somebody here saw link a bought it.
  6. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/dated-sovereigns/elizabeth-ii-fourth-portrait-1998-present/pre-owned-2005-uk-proof-sovereign-4-gold-coin-set
  7. Perfect service from @SilverStan plus 10 oz Kookaburra from Germany.
  8. Few bulk orders from last year and first coloured coins in my collection.
  9. Hello everyone Looking for 1/4 oz gold Lunar S1 pig 2007 if anyone have it for sale. Thank you.
  10. Let's can this Wednesday Kookaburra day). All 1 Oz from @DavePanda . Bought Lunar S2 for colleague from work to help him finish set.