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  2. Haha
    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in We are sorry....Group Orders are no more blame VAT registration!!!   
    Is that really any way to be talking about Mrs Backyard Bullion?
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    Rat reacted to Pipers in We are sorry....Group Orders are no more blame VAT registration!!!   
    When this forum was set up members who were making a larger order would ask if any other members would like to order at the same time.  I think it would be a good idea if forum members went back to doing that again.  I know i ordered quite a lot for other members for free and it is a pain in the ass if you order for to many people.  
    Remember BYB did the group orders off his own back.  He should not be pressured into doing it,  members had it good for quite a long time.   
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in We are sorry....Group Orders are no more blame VAT registration!!!   
    Have you looked at using transferwise to do your money transfer? Would be much better than paypal or direct IBAN
    Also, we are going to have a solution in the form of a new code or having a group order where you pay EU mint and I distribute - savings would be about the same as a regular group order. 
    Hopefully will have an outcome on this in the next few days. 
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    Rat got a reaction from gazer in Platinum Wedding Silver Proof Coin   
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    Rat reacted to gazer in Platinum Wedding Silver Proof Coin   
    For auction is a Platinum Wedding Anniversary Silver proof Coin between the Queen 👑 and Prince Philip.
    It was minted in 2017 by the Royal Mint. It will come with the certificate of authenticity and box and a booklet 📖.
    I have taken the photos with a new phone, and the coin is a lot nicer and better than the photos. I accept Returns without any explanation if not happy for any reason, return postage paid by me.
    The winner pays for delivery of there choice.
    It is a £5 Silver Proof Coin.
    Please check the photos it will give the information you may require.
    It will end on Saturday April the 20th at 7pm.
    [Starting bid is £18] increments of £1 there after thank you.
    No reserve
    If a winner payment by PayPal F/F or bank transfer please.
    Any questions please contact me.

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    Rat reacted to Johnnyp in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    If you waited for the perfect time to buy you’d never buy at all 
    my plan is : buy when I can afford to , at the best price available  😊
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    Rat reacted to Nick1368 in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    Sorry to hear this went wrong, when I saw the pouring video a few weeks ago I looked at this bar with envy and I still look at it with envy knowing that there is some silver in it as well as gold.
    Thanks for sharing this experience with us anyways, that's why I love this forum, unlike the outside world this forum is filled with honest members.
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    Rat reacted to jonrms in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    BYB is in my view a GREAT and Honest guy. I know him and his family... (not just his wife) work hard on ensuring quality. He decided to put this video out to my relief and gratefulness, to show and highlight that 1) the Assay office does a heck of a job. 2) that simple mistakes are easy ( we see videos of people using other metals in the same molds for example ) 3) despite ALL his HARD work and efforts, a combination or a single act can cause a failure.
    As someone who has Just passed my first batch of 22 items sent into the Edinburgh Assay Office (  Thank you BYB ) I can honestly say its a stressful wait. Although I have done everything in my power to ensure the Silver was .999+  And after sterilizing the work area for Silver pouring. I still had concerns. It was only when I received a text, then email and followed by a phone call within minutes of each other to pay the assay office that I was happy.
    I take my hat off to BYB and to Lr103 whom both worked together on a NEW and exciting venture. I know and have learned ALOT by another's mistake. I have ZERO plans to pour anything but Silver for the foreseeable future. And I am again Grateful that BYB decided to share a mistake. This was painful, A lot of time and effort went into this. Forget costs which are nearly impossible to forget, but think of how deflated you would be. I know if I ever fail a assay test I will be very concerned. BYB is a TOP tier customer of the Edinburgh assay office (EAO)   I am at the bottom, and trust is earned. But make a mistake and you will know about it.
    To @BackyardBullion you know your a inspiration to me, a humble hobbyist who pours silver to try to focus my mind from the my physical pain, as well as making the occasional pens. I would never have dreamed of doing anything without the help of you and others on this forum. I honestly could name loads of people including Chris the site owner. But you and your family have really helped me through tough times. And got me off my back side to either make a pen or to create a website etc. You provided a lot of motivation when I was really down. It doesn't show in my videos a lot, but I am always a supporter and fan of your dedication and assistance. I joked about you being the one to blame... the real message in this was you're the reason I was and am able to be motivated. Thank you.
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    Rat reacted to Lr103 in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    I'm just now seeing this thread, but I can verify that the buyer is indeed very happy with this gold bar!! 😊
    @BackyardBullion kept me well informed the whole time, and did give me several options including rework and resale.  But I told him I'm still happy to have it.  Think of what we're (some of us anyway) willing to pay in premium over spot for proof coins.  I paid spot plus his labor, and I still I think it's a great looking bar.  It really is a one of kind piece given the ripple pattern, and now YouTube videos.
    I understood the risks and I could have ended up with much worse than a nice looking bar that cannot be hallmarked.  In my mind @BackyardBullion went above and beyond, and while the end result could have been better, I'm still a happy customer.
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    Rat reacted to Abyss in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    Lr103 has just got himself bargain some very high valued premium gold . I don't think you are going to be pouring gold anytime soon (until work out all the logistics) and this is the only gold bar in the world with your signature leaf. First ripple Gold bar with COA 001# with not one but two dedicated BYB videos.
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    What are you insinuating? 
    Customer paid for the gold and my time, nothing else. I covered all the costs of the failed assay test. Exactly why this is an issue for you to comment on I don't exactly know.
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    Rat reacted to jonrms in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    If I was the buyer, I wouldn't be worried.  In time and after some rubbing with my hands over time it would pass. 
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in We are sorry....Group Orders are no more blame VAT registration!!!   
    One thing we are looking at doing is organising it so that you can place an order and pay directly with the EU mint. This keeps the capital off our books.  Then the orders are sent to us to distribute out.
    Same savings on international shipping.
    Does mean a few negatives, a) you have to place and pay for the order yourself and b) I would have to charge VAT on the postage costs from me to you.
    It still saves a decent bit of cash for people compared to a direct order. 
    What would people's thoughts be on this?
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in We are sorry....Group Orders are no more blame VAT registration!!!   
    The biggest issue is that I am a sole trader, so it is me, my person, not the entity and business that is VAT registered. So in theory anything I do could be part of the business - especially as we are buying coins which is similar to my business. 
    I always viewed it as a collective buying group before, separate to the business. But when the VAT man has his eye on you and you need to do compliance checks and inspections it is not worth the risk. 
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    Rat reacted to motorbikez in 2013 10oz Koala   
    2013 10oz Koala £150 plus postage of your choice, payment by pay pal FF thanks, will post worldwide.

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    Rat reacted to Madstacks in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    A new home on wheels:)

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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in Brexit lol   
    Quite possibly 😉😉
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in Selling Silver & Gold as a hobby or a trade - it really matters so take heed!   
    @sixgun Flipping over to different entities for trading allowances, parents, in-laws, the wife etc. sounds like blatant tax evasion (the illegal one) rather than tax avoidance. 
    Lets be honest here, your parents, in-laws, the wife etc. are they going to do the sales listings, the shipping and record keeping? 
    Yes we could set up a Ltd company and this is easy. But we don't want to set up a Ltd company. That comes with significant privacy issues and a hell of a lot more administrative burden. 
    I would just like to re-iterate the point here that if you are selling something (even CGT exempt coinage) AS A TRADE as determined by HMRC then you will need to a) register for self assessment if you are a sole trader and/or b) if you hit £85,000 turnover register for VAT. 
    The setting up of multiple entities and using of other peoples allowances or even getting your partner to "act" as a sole trader is just asking for trouble. We could very easily have set up "Mrs BYB" as a sole trader selling hand poured silver my business "sold" her. But lets be honest here, HMRC would simply look at this as evasion and rightly so. 
    There is a fine line between avoidance (legal) and evasion (Illegal) and there are a lot of suggestions coming on this and the other thread I started that fall very much into the evasion category. 
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    Rat reacted to FrozenMojito in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received some silver building blocks from forum member @OlliesSilverBars.
    Recently I posted that I had bought some blocks made by Monarch, but was a bit disappointed that they don't interconnect with real Lego bricks. In another thread someone mentioned that Ollie's bricks do, so I bought some to test that out for myself.
    As the pictures below show, the bricks arrived nicely packed in little black bags, and are the same size as standard 2x4 Lego bricks. They even have the tubes underneath that give Lego bricks their "clutch power" but on the silver bricks they aren't full size. But they do indeed stack with real Lego bricks so it's possible to make a structure mixing up the silver and actual Lego. Being hollow, the bricks are lighter than the solid 1oz Monarch blocks. 
    Of course, the presence of such treasure inevitably draws attention from the criminal fraternity, although small-time criminals are likely to make blunders when in pursuit of their nefarious activities that are likely to bring them to the attention of the law. Better hope the king is feeling merciful...

  21. Haha
    Rat reacted to ZatStackz in Any decent car related coins, bars etc   
    There is a whole set of Cars coins  
  22. Haha
    Rat reacted to Nemo86 in 1/10 Krugerrands   
    Christ these disappeared faster than my babysitters boyfriend when the car pulls up...
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    Rat reacted to MHoppy in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion, All present and correct as always.
    A fantastic video and something family and friends will be having a good cry over no doubt. This piece truly is something I will treasure and pass on to my children. 

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    Rat reacted to RoughDog in 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (2019)   
    I have paid for 2 x 1 oz silver bars for 2019.
    I would like to donate them to the silver forum as a competition give away or charity please.
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    Rat reacted to BackyardBullion in Good & Bad news from Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion   
    It will not affect the group orders. 
    These are a disbursements and are not part of my business anyway - just someone grouping together with some mates to buy in bulk.