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  1. 5g of 999.9 fine gold from the Royal Mint. Still in the assay card. I purchased this direct from the Royal Mint Bullion website. £200 £195 delivered in the UK (Royal Mail Special Delivery - fully insured). Payment by bank transfer please.
  2. Looks like I have got lucky as well - ordered two last night and shipped today 😀 - Thanks for the heads up @Tn21
  3. Welcome to the forum. It's nice to see you here.
  4. Welcome aboard mate 👍
  5. 😁 Yup that was me. Copper is not really a precious metal and you pay ridiculous premiums for these coins. Despite that I have a soft spot for them and pick them up now and again 👍
  6. Hi @ossie111 and welcome to the forum - It's a nice place to be part of 😁
  7. The postman delivered these beauties to me this morning courtesy of Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion. A wonderful hand poured earth globe which is just awesome in the hand - the pics do not do it justice. My EU mint group order items including the lovely 2019 valiant and of course the 1oz silver forum bars.
  8. Atkinson’s / Chards or ATS Bullion are my usual go to dealers
  9. My very first shield-back sov and it's a beauty - Thanks @Elements
  10. I did go a bit crazy on the wrapping 😬 - Hope you like the bar though 😀
  11. Got to love this forum - all sold in a couple of hours. Thanks Guys