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  1. This weeks arrivals - A beautiful World of Dragons box by @Alun and an awesome 2oz silver bullet from @Panda6Pack.
  2. That has to be some sort of record - 1st PM received within 30 seconds of posting the Ad - This forum and its members are awesome
  3. Sorry @richatthecroft Got a PM just before you posted..... Sold pending payment
  4. For Sale a 2009 1/10 Gold Britannia Proof Gold Coin I bought this lovely coin from a forum member last month but am moving it on to fund other purchases. Offering it at the same price I bought it for £125 which is now pretty much spot price. Postage will be a further £6.60 via Special Delivery.
  5. Rat


    Welcome to the Forum
  6. Nice would really like to get my hands on one of them.
  7. What an awesome looking bar. Most impressive BYB
  8. Hi I have a spare tube if you want it. No charge for the tube I just ask for you to cover P&P.
  9. Can I take 10. UK - Britannia Proof - 1/10 - Chariot design - COA - 3.103g = £125 If its still available?
  10. Rat

    Newbie here

    Welcome aboard 😁