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  1. Palladium makes it to the mainstream media https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51171391
  2. A couple of additions to the (slowly) growing collection Welcome stranger and 2017 Kook privy courtesy of @arshimo2012 2001 Sovereign from @goluckystayhappy
  3. Picked this up from ebay after seeing the thread by @MickB. Nice bit of history and a cool presentation box.
  4. @ChrisSIlver I have now encountered the same problem. No notifications from Arshimo2012. These were working a few days ago.
  5. Collected a package from @arshimo2012 today. A lovely 2003 2oz kook and 2017 chariot brit for the collection.
  6. @ChrisSIlver I am still having the same problem. This post was created today and I did not receive a notification
  7. I picked up my Xmas present today from the post office and WOW just WOW. Another wonderful piece from BYB. Unfortunately for me Mrs Rat took it off me to give to Santa so I have to wait another couple of weeks before I can fondle my shiny balls of silver.
  8. The forum already have a ebayish feedback system - you can find a members feedback on their profile page which you can access by clicking on their avatar. You can also see their feedback in numbers of positive / neutral and negative received. Here is my feedback in the profile page. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi @Hennypenny I have purchased from @Spanishsilver previously and I had an excellent experience and found him a man of his word from start to finish. I am sure you will be ok 👌
  10. Thanks mate - On sale from Sunday 15th December
  11. It only seems to be happening on the trade forum - I still get notifications for other members or forums I follow
  12. Yup same for me - checked the settings and they look correct
  13. Is anyone else experiencing issues with notifications? I am no longer receiving notifications for new threads created in the UK & Europe trading section. I do not receive an email and I do not get a notification on the website. This seemed to stop working at the end of last week. I do still receive some notifications (e.g. when members I follow make a post). Any ideas?