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  1. Atkinson’s / Chards or ATS Bullion are my usual go to dealers
  2. My very first shield-back sov and it's a beauty - Thanks @Elements
  3. I did go a bit crazy on the wrapping 😬 - Hope you like the bar though 😀
  4. Got to love this forum - all sold in a couple of hours. Thanks Guys
  5. Hi All I have 3 Pamp Suisse Bars for sale in capsules with CoA. Your choice and risk of postage via royal mail (small parcel). Pament via Bank Transfer or Paypal F&F. 10oz (SOLD) 5oz (SOLD) 100g (SOLD) All were previously purchased via the forum. No marks on Bars - capsules have a few marks. More photo's available on request.
  6. I bought some 90mm capsules from ebay as a replacement for one of the queens beast 10oz coins. It was a little large but did the job nicely. I think I might still have some left if you want one.
  7. Hi All Looking for a 1/4 ounce Queens Beast Bull coin (bullion ungraded). If anyone has one they are looking to sell please drop me a PM.
  8. Hi can I have numbers 35, 59 and 100 again please.
  9. 2015 Australian 1oz High Relief Proof Kookaburra .999 Silver Coin World Fair COA Coin and internal box in excellent condition very minor marks on the corners of the outer cardboard box. Purchased this from the forum a while ago and selling to fund other purchases. Price £41 and your choice and risk of postage. Paypal F&F or bank transfer