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  1. Hi can I have numbers 35, 59 and 100 again please.
  2. 2015 Australian 1oz High Relief Proof Kookaburra .999 Silver Coin World Fair COA Coin and internal box in excellent condition very minor marks on the corners of the outer cardboard box. Purchased this from the forum a while ago and selling to fund other purchases. Price £41 and your choice and risk of postage. Paypal F&F or bank transfer
  3. PAMP 10oz Silver Bar cased with COA - purchased a couple from the forum a month or so ago and decided to sell one to fund other purchases. Price £160 plus your choice of postage and risk (Special Delivery recommended). Paypal F&F or bank transfer. Please forgive the poor quality of the pictures - I took the pics in my conservatory and managed to get a reflection from the roof
  4. Still showing for me https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3012.html
  5. Rat

    wanted Deadpool

    Have you considered using the February Group Order from European mint - BackyardBullion has a thread on this in General Precious Metals
  6. Daft question time. What are you using to cut the coin up? I have some milky coins that I want to melt but the tools I have won’t cut them.
  7. @BackyardBullion @cravethatcoin I don't normally get involved in these sorts of debate on t'internet however I feel compelled to share my experience of the group orders and dealing with BYB in general. Group Orders I have been using these group orders for over a year now and as I consider myself a collector first and a stacker second these orders are a great way to ensure I can complete collections in the cheapest way possible. Before I found this forum I was buying silver direct from UK dealers and easily paying 20 - 25% more for coins (including the delivery). I am nervous about buying from overseas dealers. I have had one bad experience (although it was down to the UK courier company that failed to deliver) buying from a well known Belgian dealer that puts me off buying direct. Using the group order means that BYB deals with all of that hassle for me. The process put in place by BYB makes it nice and simple for me to place an order. 1 - I choose what I want and PM it (securely) to BYB. 2 - BYB comes back confirming the price and I send him the money. 3 - At the end of the order BYB provides UK shipping costs and I send him the money. 4 - My silver arrives. Now while I acknowledge the turnaround on this is longer than if I ordered direct I don't get any of the stress of ordering from a dealer direct for what is normally a few hundred pounds worth of silver. Patience is after all a virtue 😉. I like to participate in the group order as the promotion the forum receives from the BYB unboxing videos drives traffic to this forum and brings more like minded people into our world. Also I get a real kick out of seeing that volume and diversity of silver in one place. Dealing with BYB I have been participating in the Group orders managed by BYB for over a year now and I have also purchased a number of hand poured silver items direct from him. I find BYB's communication and support second to none when it comes to these group orders. I had a number of questions when I first participated in a group order and BYB patiently answered each one. I see him continuing to do that on all subsequent orders as new forum members consider joining the order. I have had one occasion where a coin I ordered did not arrive on time and BYB was excellent at chasing the European mint and keeping me informed while I waited for restocking and then getting it shipped over to me. I commissioned a hand poured silver piece for a family members birthday and despite the fact I left it too late to order for the date I needed it BYB bent over backwards to expedite the pouring, stamping and hallmarking to get it to me on time. I really could not have asked for better service. In my opinion BYB is not just a wonderful craftsman but also an excellent businessman. He understands customer service and the concerns of new participants to these group orders and makes very little personally from running these orders other than using them to promote his business. The amount of effort put in to run these on our behalf for a £1 (optional) tip is not very much when you think of all the hassle and stress for Mr & Mrs BYB to operate and deliver these orders. All of the above are just my honest thoughts and while I appreciate everyone's experiences and opinions may differ from mine I have no hesitation in joining these orders because I save on shipping costs, don't have to deal with dealers direct and based on my previous dealings trust BYB implicitly (well at least with a couple of hundred quid of my silver budget) 😀 . Cravethecoin - I am not sure if your post is a genuine concern or your just having a pop at BYB. My suggestion would be that you check your facts and figures before posting and just spend some time reading the content of this forum. You will see a large number of people who deal with BYB on a regular or one off basis and in all of these interactions I have not seen anything that would cause me to question either his integrity or honesty. Right time for me to go back into my trance like state and watch more of BYB's videos......zzzzzz....must buy more shiny...zzzz...group orders...zzzzz...European mint....zzzzzzzzz.
  8. My first PAMP silver bar - 10oz of beautiful shiny courtesy of @StackSellRepeat
  9. Griffin please. PM on its way