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  1. Rat

    In Focus Friday Series!

    Great IFF video BYB - nice to see one my coins featured and had to chuckle at Mrs BYB having a moment!
  2. Got back late last night to find my wonderfully packaged BYB parcel waiting for me containing all kinds of shiny. Thanks again Mr & Mrs BYB what a great service! @Sliopjbsail I found the Scrooge McDuck fits in to the 41mm lighthouse capsule perfectly. PM me if you need one I have a couple spare.
  3. Rat

    completed Silver for Sale ***Reduced***

    Any chance of pictures?
  4. Rat

    wanted Half sovs

    Doh. My mistake. @mustynewb premium membership is worth it to get early access to the sales on the forum.
  5. Rat

    wanted Half sovs

    @augur has some for sale.
  6. Rat

    Error Message

    It’s been happening to me too. Assumed it was down for maintenance but could be wrong.
  7. Rat

    for sale 1/4 oz Gold Queens beasts boxes

    Mine arrived last week and it’s a beautiful box which compliments The 1oz silver QB box nicely. Cracking job Alun.
  8. As one of the unlucky few who missed out on the globe I am a bit torn about this. Selfishly I really want one and think who cares about mintage. However if I was one of the lucky 25 who managed to order one I think I would be a bit cheesed off if another batch was produced just because of demand. As a supporter or small businesses I always think where there is demand you should always try to match that with supply as Roy says that’s how you make money. But on balance creating something with a clearly stated mintage and then producing more could impact the BYB brand and reputation which will make a difference in the long run. So on balance I guess that I will have to wait until next year and make sure I get my order in early. Next time I intend to be at the front of the queue 😁
  9. Rat

    Gold Sovereign wooden case £60

    Mine arrived today - I am really pleased with the design and finish for this case. Compliments my Silver QB case nicely. Cheers Alun good job!
  10. Rat


    Welcome to the forum Mick.
  11. Halifax Clarity Credit card is the one to go for. I have used it when travelling to US and it beats any other card for the exchange rate.
  12. +1 once again an outstanding job @BackyardBullion thanks to both you and Mrs BYB.
  13. @Bullionbilly did you manage to find that link?
  14. Does anyone have a capsule for a 10oz Silver Queens Beast they want to sell? My recently acquired 10oz Griffin has arrived with the capsule badly scratched and I would like to display this wonderful coin at it's best. I can't seem to find one anywhere (or I'm not looking in the right places). Please point me in the right direction if you know where I can get one. Thanks
  15. Rat

    completed QB 2oz lion - gubbed - cheap

    I will take it