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  1. I am guessing a hand poured silver mechanical Orrery. Meh I would settle for the Earth and moon 😀 whatever consider me sold 👍
  2. I ended up buying some off ebay - they are a few mm bigger than the QB 10oz coin but they do the job. I think I still have some left. If you want one let me know (no charge just cover the P&P - assuming your in the UK).
  3. These will be going on eBay shortly. I would consider offers 😃.
  4. Pre 1947 Junk Silver for sale - P&P at your choice and risk. Payment by BT or Paypal F&F. 12 Half Crowns 167g - (sold) 35 x Florin 390g - (sold) 32 x Shilling 176g - (sold) 62 x Sixpence 169g - (Sold) Prices reduced to 10% below spot and offers welcome All sold as Junk in very circulated condition (a couple of the sixpence are grotty and green).
  5. This thread should help you out. I have a number of Alun boxes and would highly recommend them.
  6. All sold Thanks everyone for your interest.
  7. A few extra photos for those that requested them.
  8. Up for sale is my 1kg Perth Mint silver bar. Asking £510 + postage (£11 special delivery to UK - fully insured). Payment by bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal F&F I will be putting onto ebay on Sunday if there are no takers. More pics are available on request.
  9. Received my group order today which prompted me to share my purchases from this month. 2014 Kook courtesy of a trade with @SilverLoaf 1996 Kook from @arshimo2012 1/4 oz White Lion of Mortimer from Atkinsons The rest comes from the group order from the EU Mint and @BackyardBullion