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  1. Hello Issey welcome to the forum from Liverpool U.K..the majority of the forum members on here have the gold fever also, so be warned..highly contagious!!😷
  2. Got my coins delivered a few hours ago. Very pleased with them, very well packaged and fast delivery 👍
  3. Hello welcome to the forum!
  4. I tried to buy three more gold sovereigns a couple of days ago. Got an email yesterday saying that i wasn't allowed more than 3 of them and that i will be getting a refund. The first time i bought these was about 3 weeks ago.
  5. Will you be my financial adviser please..? free of charge of course for being a silver forum member!!😁
  6. A lot cheaper than getting the Royal Mint set! Worth ordering a few do you reckon?
  7. It says 10% on the second order with them, so it looks like you would need to buy something else first, and then you would qualify for a 10% discount on the second order, which i suppose could be used for tomorrow's midnight release of the Peter Rabbit coin!
  8. Looks like a beautiful coin, are they still available at the mint?
  9. Welcome back everyone!!..That was horrible!!..I thought it was just me but obviously it was a technical problem with the site?? It's nice to be back anyway?
  10. Well done for doing this@ChardLizzie ! Just donated 20 quid plus gift aid..stay warm luv! x
  11. Wow..great collection @Hyunchul ..lovely coins! I don't have any of the new Libertads yet but i will definitely be getting some. Where do you get your capsules with the gasket inside? I need some for my sovereigns.