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  1. Goldfinga

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

    Welcome back everyone!!..That was horrible!!..I thought it was just me but obviously it was a technical problem with the site?? It's nice to be back anyway😊
  2. Well done for doing this@ChardLizzie ! Just donated 20 quid plus gift aid..stay warm luv! x
  3. Goldfinga

    My 2017 Mexican coin collection

    Wow..great collection @Hyunchul ..lovely coins! I don't have any of the new Libertads yet but i will definitely be getting some. Where do you get your capsules with the gasket inside? I need some for my sovereigns.
  4. Yes i am definitely in for some of these!
  5. Goldfinga

    **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!

    Yes many thanks to the BYBs indeed..well done guys!!..i can see a couple of my pandas from here..that gold fleck looks a bit lost on it's own there though
  6. Goldfinga

    Today I Received

    I'v just ordered a few of the Star Wars stamp and coin sets, after seeing your post. Quite a low mintage of 750 so should be a good buy!
  7. Goldfinga

    First Sovereign

    Wow, a great price for a lovely sovereign! Am i right in saying at 215.00 it is gold spot price, or even below spot?? In that case can we organise a group order please lol
  8. Goldfinga

    completed 1oz silver coins

    Thank you for that@sixgun
  9. Goldfinga

    completed 1oz silver coins

    Hello i have Pm'd you
  10. Goldfinga

    Today I Received

    Thanks again @shortstack68 i'll do that!
  11. Goldfinga

    Today I Received

    That's great..thanks for the info!! Does it look as good in the hand as it does in the pictures? I haven't bought any 1 oz gold coins yet but i'm looking to do so..maybe this is the one to go for?
  12. Goldfinga

    Today I Received

    Oh@shortstack68 that is really nice!! Could you say were you bought it from please? Or the best place to buy it from??
  13. Goldfinga

    Hello to all!

    oops..i think he beat me to it lol