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  1. Hello John..welcome to our silver forum world.
  2. If i am not mistaken, i think Elton John is next on the list!
  3. It shows that it's no longer available for me..maybe it was only back on for a short while by mistake?
  4. It stands for Paypal friends and family and i think it is a lower charge on their transaction fees.
  5. Hello Marc welcome to the silver forum.
  6. Yes the design does look really nice! Will anyone from the forum be getting any of these?
  7. Goldfinga

    Group buying

    Yia sou Christo..welcome!
  8. That's awesome are a true gent still being involved and doing this..and a big thank you to the European mint too of course 👍
  9. Got mine yesterday morning too..thanks again Mr and Mrs BYB!!
  10. Hello..welcome to the forum! You can't go far wrong buying from the sellers mentioned above, very trustworthy indeed. Some great deals and invaluable knowledge to be had also.
  11. Hello Kosmas welcome to the forum..yia sou fille...kalosorises.
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