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  1. Myblueheaven

    completed Gold Edward sovereigns 1902-1905 & 1909

    Atkinsons have them in if that helps.
  2. Myblueheaven

    Hello From West Cumbira

    Welcome marra.....
  3. Myblueheaven

    Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    @metallica73 St George coin received today, love it thank you for such a quick delivery this time of year. This will be my only gift this year as home renovations have put paid to any pressies for me or the missis. Not been a good year for me, family wise, and Christmas can be quite an upsetting time. Little things like this can really cheer you up..... Thanks @metallica73 And merry Christmas to all forum members and hope 2018 is filled with health, love, happiness and maybe a little wealth wouldn't go amiss too !!! Myblueheaven
  4. Myblueheaven

    Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Congratulations !!! Pm sent @Lr103 earlier this morning.......... just realised your in the states hence no reply Haaaa ...... i'll try but cant see you getting this before Christmas.... Happy Holidays Myblueheaven
  5. Myblueheaven

    Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Yeyyyyyy......i never win owt !!!! Merry Christmas all Myblueheaven
  6. Myblueheaven

    Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Draw number 18 ..... Lunar 2 2018 1oz Dog in capsule....
  7. Myblueheaven

    Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I will put in a 2018 1oz silver Australian lunar Dog...... but I have no idea wtf is happening LOL
  8. Myblueheaven

    Poppy appeal raffle for the final mintage 100g & 1oz silver forum bars

    Congrats to all winners !!! And thank you to the people who take their own time and efforts to organise and donate such things...... big pat on the back to all of you. Myblueheaven
  9. Your welcome I've been to Bloomfield the last two seasons and its very sad to see an empty stadium, but totally understandable....... we too have more stay away fans than attendees,,, sign of the times I'm afraid. Yep hopefully with new investment and new owners we will start to move forward again, especially with Wellens who was a great player at this level for both of us. Good luck again and hopefully well start to meet again in packed stadiums and being promotion rivals.....we can dream. Myblueheaven
  10. Myblueheaven

    Hello from Portugal

    Welcome..... Portugal is on my visit list soon ( Lisbon maybe ) so I may watch with interest. Myblueheaven
  11. Yep good luck to Blackpool fc.......... Many fond memories watching Oldham vs Blackpool ( donkey lashers... sorry ) over the years, at ours and yours.... I'm sure its good news for your club We, . OAFC re in the middle of a buy out so hopefully the fortunes of both our clubs will see better days once again Football is way too top heavy these days, I love it but hate it also.. Good luck ( apart from when you play us ) !! Myblueheaven
  12. Myblueheaven

    Poppy appeal raffle for the final mintage 100g & 1oz silver forum bars

    2x entries pls..... money just sent ppff
  13. Myblueheaven

    Homeless people

    Behind every person lies a story, a reason, an excuse, a badness, a goodness, a failure, an illness and a circumstance. The list is huge and we all have parts of each in us at some part of our lives. The only difference is the outcome and how we deal with it. The world is a sad place for some. Some of us can discuss which gold / silver coin is next in our stack. Some, well they will discuss which piece or cardboard will get them through the night. Some like a man I know in his 40s with 2 teenage children and a nice life, good job, nice house and lovely wife. He has a from of cancer which is going to be his demise unless a miracle drug appears on the NHS. A drug that could give him some hope is available in the states but he needs approx 1 Million pounds to get it. Now that's what I call cruel.
  14. Myblueheaven

    Australian Lunar 2...1oz coin presentation Case

    I think the red ones are about 24 euros at GSBE. Wooden ones do look nice tho...... no rush I suppose..... still the pig to come!!!
  15. Hello All, Has anybody owned or seen one of these red presentation cases from Goldsilver.be,. Just wondering on quality before I buy, I know they are cheap but in my experience there is cheap and there is garbage !!! Any views welcome Myblueheaven