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  1. And some more @Panda82 @Spanishsilver @shawy2510
  2. Added 0 minutes later... Time to write the sg86 book
  3. Both gorgeous, love the ELIASBERG pedigree
  4. Variety Grading for British Coins I'm getting a number of requests for variety accreditation from Members here nd I have found that getting variety designations can be a little hit and miss. In 2018 NGC expanded their variety plus service to cover international coins. Essentially, The service provides a more detailed label that seeks to differentiate that coin in a more specialised way. Some coin varieties including a number of Chinese pandas are provided with a free variety service. Most coins are covered by the paid for service called Vriety plus. https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6451/world-varietyplus/ If you need to know which coins are covered by the variety attribution service then please refer to the reference guide that is on this link: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/ Looking at the guide, It is clear this is an embryo service which is emerging. For example the accepted varieties of pre-Edward VII sovereigns cover three coins only right now. https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/great-britain/great-britain-1816-1901/1sov/ My experience is that NGC will seek to accredit varieties beyond these three. However YMMV. NGC charge a review fee of $15 (USA) toTake a look at the coin and see if a variety attribute can be given and when the coin returns it will either have the variety accredited or it will not, and if not, no explanation is given. I have found that the more expensive or more important the easier it is to get Catalogue numbers on the label. They will often be prepared to put generics Spink catalogue numbers but can need more encouragement to use Peck, Bull, IsESC,WR, and others. If you are thinking of sending in a coin for craving that requires a variety attribution, then please do discuss this with me first and I will try to smooth the water with NGC before the coin is actually submitted.
  5. And some more results @RegalStacker @breaktwister @kneehow2018 @silversurf @Sovereign @Gordon
  6. 5oz needs an XXL holder so lets say NGC UK modern for £18 and £18 for the XXL holder so £36 base plus tier fee from £6 to £12 depending on how many other XXL holders are in at the same time plus £1 handling plus about £8 for SD back to you.
  7. May submissions are complete and final coins will be handed over to NGC UK Monday. The next deadline is 30th June. Some great coins are being submitted to NGC this time which should get good results. Heritage Auction consignment for ANA World’s Fair of Money is due by May 30th so please contact me for the address to send coins you would like to consign.
  8. Some more spectacular grading results. The next grading submission deadline will be 30th June Thanks very much to all those who have submitted to NGC via me over the last few months. We have had some amazing results and look forward to even better results for the rest of 2019.
  9. its a bank holiday weekend how good is that and after 4 months my 1831 half sovereign has now been appraised correctly by NGC and put into a new holder and given a designation of PF64 ULTRA CAMEO. The coin was in an old thick white holder and it was a difficult decision to know if I should have it re-holdered but ultimately I thought that it was important for the holder to say ULTRA CAMEO which is did not do before.
  10. They count First releases as a higher grade I think
  11. Grading deadline is 8th May so get a move on if you want to submit to NGC via the USA or UK The April Heritage Auctions are ending now This link should show the coins consigned this time http://www.ha.com/c/search.zx?saleNo=3073&collection=19&type=friend-consignorlive-notice&FC=0 Already a load of coins have been entered for August in Baltimore even though its early. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE coins with an expected sale price of $200 to $10,000 per coin that you want to place with Heritage Auctions for the Baltimore event in August PLEASE let me know before the end of May. Coins can be any metal, old or modern but more interesting coins will get a higher profile at Heritage. If you have not heard of Heritage www.ha.com they are the largest auctioneer of coins in the world and the third largest auction house in absolute terms. DM to consign to Heritage
  12. The coins have now been sorted and marked up they are ready to get back to owners
  13. Completed all The unboxing and videos and tomorrow will be sorting into piles for each of you (that submitted)
  14. There are hopefully some Lowe priced ones on Monday. I was hoping to pickup the proof 1825 2/6 but that went too high.
  15. Large box back from NGC and I do want to make a comment on NGC delivery timings. When coins are submitted by NGC USA as a direct submission typically there are 10 to 12 different tiers submitted. NGC process these at variable speeds. Some are finished in 10 days some are finished in two months. Please remember that a January submission may not actually reach NGC till mid February and may be an NCS submission which takes a month longer than regular submissions. If you want to ensure that you have a guaranteed 30 day turnaround then please ask me to submit via NGC UK where submissions are prioritized. The cost is slightly more but you will have your coins back much quicker. Today I will be completing the videos of five large boxes of around 40 coins each. Once this is done I will sort the coins out and allocate them to owners and post them back to you. The first unboxing video for this mega grading arrivals is being posted to YouTube today.
  16. Who here was successful bidding in yesterday’s Heritage Platinum night auction? Some amazing coins were Auctioned from the Lake County Collection. I failed at all my target coins but I bought one coin only. 1869 proof Florin. This is a proof of record R3 and the only one graded by either PCGS or NGC..
  17. Modern proofs should be flawless but are often not so. Sovereigns tend to have better QA than some commemorative coins anecdotally. With NGC modern mint coins (last 5 years or so) will get 70 more often but there are lots of 69's given and perhaps 7.5% 68s. Many people force conserve before grading as even a tiny fleck or handling mark can get a 69 or below. Conserving improves the chance of a 70 but does not guarantee a 70 as many coins get sent that are at the outer part of the bell curve and should really have been returned to the mint or re-minted. What actions can maximise the chance of a 70...? a) buy a 70 from mostly a USA modern coin dealer - sometimes RM fo a run of 150 or so first releases coins b) Buy a proof from RM and keep returning till its perfect - risky with a sell out coin. c) Use a dealer like Coin Connection to double the QA of the mint and supply as far as possible a perfect coin d) Conserve with NCS before grading yourself e) Grade normally your regular mint coin and if it gets a 68 or 69 sell and buy another and grade that f) Buy a 68/69 cheaply from a poor sap and resubmit it for conservation and grading. Economical due to the discount on RM price for bad graded coins. Many 68's get cracked out and put back in the original packaging and sold on ebay. Some of those get bought by members here and re-submitted where they can get 68/69 again if unlucky. Grading is subjective and there is no magic way to achieve the top grade. They will never give lots of MS queens beasts or 1989 1 SOV's the magic 70. Early MS Pandas almost never get 70. Lots of Perth Mint coins get 70. A 70 is ONLY good if nobody gets one remember that if everything gets a 70 the 70 is standard. When you see a coin on the forum marked up by £500 over RM price and its a 70 - stop and think... Do they all get 70's? Would i be much better submitting my own?
  18. This one crossed from PCGS to NGC and was previously 58 in PCGS
  19. @ST1986 1886 was CGS 75 and became MS61 1872 was CGS 70 and became MS62