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  1. Further to my video on the Celebration Sovereign (https://youtu.be/XuLccmpjkm4) it appears there IS a difference between the February and November coins after all. The spacing of the ribbing on the mulled edge is wider on the November coin and Narrow on the February coin.
  2. Brilliant information thank you very much
  3. A video I made on the whole range of Celebration Sovs
  4. Actually the cost of the cypher is only £140 or thereabouts which is the premium over the non cypher version. At £140 with only 650 of them its a steal
  5. The first 5 orders will include a lock of Alberts hair from an area of the body of your choice... Yes of course its cynical manipulation but hey its only money. My Victoria 200th would never be happy unless Albert was lying there by her side. Growing interest in SOTD and low mintage with specific design unlike the first years) mean this will sell out.
  6. £500 the same.. Reduced premium on this one now any old bullion sovereign is £300
  7. I was told it had sold out and mentioned it on that basis. When I looked it was still there. This issue has had tons of technical problems. I have sent back two of these to the mint and not replacing the second one.
  8. A few too many cleaned coins in this tier for my liking but one of the cc Morgans scored a result
  9. HERITAGE AUCTION CONSIGNMENT Next major selling opportunity is the start of January. PLEASE can you ensure that I get coins by end of September ideally for inclusion in this major sale. Not so important for lower value coins as they can be included in Heritage Weekly sales. Please PM me to consign coins for sale at Heritage.. NGC GRADING SUBMISSION Next pickup and drop off will be Friday for NGC. Please ensure that all coins are sent to me at the usual address to arrive by Wednesday 14th August. If you have not submitted coins for grading before just PM me and I will let you have full details.
  10. It’s going to be raining grading results over the next couple of days. Here are some to get you salivating
  11. Enjoying some new arrivals. Not a billion buyer right now but lots of interesting high quality Numismatic pickups 1788 Droz Pattern Proof Amazing 1827 proof 1/3rd farthing ultra rare 1818-p half Sovereign
  12. Pickup in Japan today two delightful coins 1839 Proof Sovereign 1931 Proof Farthing
  13. My Gothic florins came back today from NGC
  14. Confucius say better to wait till steam run out before running out
  15. KEITH is the magic word for July Added 0 minutes later... Have you tried watching Shark Tank on CNBC i think its better
  16. A throwaway comment by the mint Director at a recent cocktail party
  17. Assuming the coins are not Physically damaged then YES please buy this at melt and I will buy it from you at melt +5% if you do not want to keep it. For more about Libertads do a search for Libertad Lovers on Facebook Groups and you will find quite a few experts
  18. I will be buying the 5SOV BU this year as I gather that it will be highly desirable. The 5SOV size has a lot of interest right now despite cost and if it happens that these sell for 25% less in 12 months time on ebay I will buy a 2nd one and average the cost. There is a discount code for Coin Connection in July KEITH and this gets 2% off. I am pretty sure it can also be used for pre-orders.
  19. Did yo submit this coin via USA or UK? I suspect via USA as the lead time for Express in the UK is 20 working days not 2. These mistakes do happen but rarely and when they do NGC always deal with it properly and at no charge to the customer. Please send this back to NCC on a form marked "Mechanical" free of charge and request that the Mexico label is used and the coin appears in the database correctly If you are in the UK and you need any help just PM me as I am an NGC Authorised Dealer
  20. I bought a maundy coin on a FB group and it graded details. Sometimes coins graded details by NGC can be graded numerically by PCGS i believe some on the forum have had success with that and it works the other way round too. Very few sets of 1911 or 1902 are original and matched and have been unmessed with for 100 years. There is A LOT of messing that goes on with these sets and mostly people have put them together from single coins or a gold bit and a silver bit and added a couple of coins that are a bit sub par and taken out good coins and graded and sold them to make a margin.... BE VERY CAREFUL ALWAYS with sets.
  21. Some nice and dome ouch that hurt Submission #2095843 Status: Returned to Submission Location Line Item Coin Description Grade 001 1831 G.BRITAIN 1/2P MS 65 BN @numistacker Best graded at NGC for this one 002 1821 G.BRITAIN 6P MS 65 @numistacker Only one better at NGC for this one 003 1827 G.BRITAIN 4P MAUNDY UNC DETAILS - REV SCRATCHED @Numistacker not as good as I hoped 004 1787 G.BRITAIN 1S HEARTS MS 62 @stuartk 005 1787 G.BRITAIN 6P AU DETAILS - CLEANED 006 1804 BANK OF ENGLAND 5S UNC DETAILS - CLEANED 007 1813 ESSE & DEM STIVER AU DETAILS - HARSHLY CLEANED 008 YR9(1920) CHINA S$1 L&M-77 NOT GENUINE 009 YR3(1914) CHINA S$1 L&M-63 XF DETAILS - CLEANED 010 1887 G.BRITAIN CROWN UNC DETAILS - OBV CLEANED 011 1887 G.BRITAIN 4S ARABIC 1 IN DATE MS 62 @Marc 012 1887 G.BRITAIN 1/2C JUBILEE HEAD AU DETAILS - CLEANED 013 1887 G.BRITAIN 2S JUBILEE HEAD AU 58 014 1887 G.BRITAIN 1S JUBILEE HEAD AU 53 015 1887 G.BRITAIN 6P JUBILEE HEAD & SHIELD MS 62 016 1887 G.BRITAIN 3P JUBILEE HEAD MS 62 017 1849 G.BRITAIN 2S MS 63 018 1852 G.BRITAIN 2S MS 63
  22. Another perhaps Sorry they put the monarch down not up Submission #4866495 Status: Returned to Submission Location Line Item Coin Description Grade 001 2019 G.Britain 1SOV Queen Victoria 200 Anniv. Struck on the Day MS 70 MATTE @thomas 002 2019 G.Britain 1SOV Queen Victoria 200 Anniv. Struck on the Day MS 70 MATTE @MartinClarky 003 2019 G.Britain 1SOV Queen Victoria 200 Anniv. Struck on the Day MS 70 MATTE @Numistacker 004 2018 G.Britain S50P The Snowman - Colorized Green Hat / Scarf PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO @lewiso 005 2019 G.Britain G50P Sherlock Holmes PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO @thomas 006 1959 25C MS 64 @liam 007 1959 25C MS 64 @liam 008 2019 G.Britain 1SOV MS 69 DPL @Cooper 009 2019 G.Britain 1SOV Queen Victoria 200 Anniv. Struck on the Day MS 70 MATTE @Numistacker 010 2009 G.BRITAIN 50P KEW GARDENS MS 67 DPL 011 2009 G.BRITAIN 50P KEW GARDENS MS 68 DPL 012 2009 G.BRITAIN 50P KEW GARDENS MS 68 DPL 013 2009 G.BRITAIN 50P MS 69 DPL 014 2009 G.BRITAIN 50P KEW GARDENS MS 69 DPL 015 2007 G.BRITAIN G10PND SEATED BRITANNIA PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO @Numistacker 016 2017I INDIA 1SOV MS 69 DPL @arcglide 017 2019 G.Britain 1SOV Queen Victoria 200 Anniv. Struck on the Day MS 70 MATTE @arcglide 018 2019 G.Britain 1SOV MS 70 MATTE @arcglide 019 2016 G.BRITAIN 1SOV PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO @arcglide 020 2018 G.Britain 1/2SOV Sapphire Anniv. Privy PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO @arcglide 021 2017 G.BRITAIN 1SOV MODERN SOV 200TH PRIVY MS 69 DPL @arcglide