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  1. As you know CC are my sponsor for the youtube videos so I get to talk a lot and hear the tales of woe and the purrs of hapiness. It seems a challenging business from what I hear.
  2. What i am saying is that 90% of RM issues are not flippable. The dealers support every issue and invest working capital in ALL those issues that we do not buy and sometimes get left with stocks of coins that are not saleable. What do you think this deserves? When there is an issue that comes along they can make a small profit on that they do not get allocated?
  3. Well done to everyone who scored one of these SOTD Sovereigns. I think this will do very well despite being a little contrived as a collectable (everything is!). Mintage 650 Plain Rim Matte Finish Victoria Privy Its likely that most Sovereign collectors are going to want this one. Just wanted to comment on the comments that have been made here in relation to the Coin Connection pricing for this coin. I spoke to CC at length about this subject last week and I think that the truth is very far from the comments here on this thread. For many issues dealers like CC can get the stock they want. However, some issues are highly restricted to dealers and this was one of them. Discounts/Margins were squeezed and allocations from the mint were cut back by 90%. CC could have taken orders for half the entire mintage of this coin but could not get the stock and the coins they did get they had to pay more for. This being the case the only way to "ration" the available coins and to make a reasonable return is to offer the very very few coins available and unallocated on the web site at a market price. General custom in these situations is to price according to how many and the very last few get charged the highest price. As with all these types of things if you can buy cheaper on ebay or from willing sellers then buy cheaper. Normally when CC raise the price they can still be cheaper than the alternatives at that point in time. Until 31st May code LARRY gets 2% of the price.
  4. Always no VAT on gold so it should have been same price
  5. You will probably find they classified VAT wrong and will change the price or something..
  6. And some more @Panda82 @Spanishsilver @shawy2510
  7. Added 0 minutes later... Time to write the sg86 book
  8. Both gorgeous, love the ELIASBERG pedigree
  9. Variety Grading for British Coins I'm getting a number of requests for variety accreditation from Members here nd I have found that getting variety designations can be a little hit and miss. In 2018 NGC expanded their variety plus service to cover international coins. Essentially, The service provides a more detailed label that seeks to differentiate that coin in a more specialised way. Some coin varieties including a number of Chinese pandas are provided with a free variety service. Most coins are covered by the paid for service called Vriety plus. https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6451/world-varietyplus/ If you need to know which coins are covered by the variety attribution service then please refer to the reference guide that is on this link: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/ Looking at the guide, It is clear this is an embryo service which is emerging. For example the accepted varieties of pre-Edward VII sovereigns cover three coins only right now. https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/great-britain/great-britain-1816-1901/1sov/ My experience is that NGC will seek to accredit varieties beyond these three. However YMMV. NGC charge a review fee of $15 (USA) toTake a look at the coin and see if a variety attribute can be given and when the coin returns it will either have the variety accredited or it will not, and if not, no explanation is given. I have found that the more expensive or more important the easier it is to get Catalogue numbers on the label. They will often be prepared to put generics Spink catalogue numbers but can need more encouragement to use Peck, Bull, IsESC,WR, and others. If you are thinking of sending in a coin for craving that requires a variety attribution, then please do discuss this with me first and I will try to smooth the water with NGC before the coin is actually submitted.
  10. And some more results @RegalStacker @breaktwister @kneehow2018 @silversurf @Sovereign @Gordon
  11. 5oz needs an XXL holder so lets say NGC UK modern for £18 and £18 for the XXL holder so £36 base plus tier fee from £6 to £12 depending on how many other XXL holders are in at the same time plus £1 handling plus about £8 for SD back to you.