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  1. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2019 ENHANCED REVERSE PROOF - Sold out at US Mint Special NGC Grading Options Enhanced Reverse Proof is the newest finish for American Silver Eagles; the others are Uncirculated, Enhanced Uncirculated, Proof and Reverse Proof. The US Mint has struck only one other Silver Eagle in Enhanced Reverse Proof format: the 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle included in the Pride of Two Nations set that was produced in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint. The 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle’s mintage of 30,000 is just a fraction of the 110,000 coins produced of the 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. The extremely low mintage, along with the special finish and “S” mintmark, are likely to make this coin one of the most desirable Silver Eagles in recent memory, if not the entire series. Adding to the anticipation, each 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle will be accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from the US Mint. This is an unusual move for the US Mint—COAs normally do not have individual numbers. NGC will add the COA number to the NGC label by request for an additional fee. NGC also can encapsulate the COA in a special, tamper-evident holder, also by request and for an additional fee. The coins will debut November 14-17 at the Baltimore Winter Expo, where the US Mint is expected to release a limited number of the coins. NGC will offer its special Baltimore Show Releases designation for coins purchased from the US Mint at the Baltimore Expo and submitted to NGC at the show. Submission instructions If you would like Mint packaging returned ask me to do this. The fee is £5 plus additional weight cost on return shipping. If you would like the COA number included on the NGC label, write “Add COA Number” let me know. The coin must be submitted in the sealed US Mint shipping box to have the COA number added to the label. The fee is £5 per coin. To have the COA encapsulated, write “Holder COA” on your instruction to me. The fee for this is £8 per certificate. The following designations are available for this coin: Designation options Fee Directions Early Releases +£8 First Releases +£8 Baltimore Show Releases n/a (No Designation) Free By default. The following labels are available for this coin: Label options Fee Directions NGC Standard Brown #377 Free By default (except for the Early Releases and First Releases designations) Early Releases #378 Included with fee for Early Releases designation (+£8) Select Early Releases on your submission form. First Releases #379 Included with fee for First Releases designation (+£8) Select First Releases on your submission form. San Francisco Cable Car #854 +£4 Request San Francisco Cable Car Label #854 on your Submission Form. (Early Releases, First Releases and Baltimore Show Releases are available on this label for an additional $10 designation fee, if applicable.) Certificate of Authenticity options for this coin (Prices subject to confirmation with NGC UK): Add the COA Number to the NGC label +£5 On the NGC Submission Form, enter Add COA Number. The coin must be submitted in the sealed original US Mint shipping box. Encapsulate the COA +£8 On the NGC Submission Form, enter Holder COA. So lets say modern £18 plus Early Releases £8 plus encapsulate COA £8 plus San Fran Label is £4 gives £38 plus tier fee of £4 and service fee of £1 so £43 per coin...
  2. Big thanks to those of you who submitted coins via Numistacker to NGC. It’s going to be interesting to see how they do and show the world our successes and our mistakes.
  3. All the hard work that takes hours is done and coins are allocated to owners ready to return
  4. All those who decided to give me coins early and prior to the deadline are in luck as those coins were dropped off at NGC today and will hopefully also be back home a couple of weeks early too.
  5. Just picked up from London NGC So a large number of coins will now be processed for return. Probably 200 coins or so to come back... wish me luck...
  6. Over 90% sold and probably will sell out later today on the gold one. A good deal? I bought one to have graded and to show on the youtube channel. Its a nice design but perhaps not as perfect as the first one and yes the mintage was higher this year at 600. Add up W&G, Gruffalo and Snowman and thats 1800 premium sales of gold 50p's which does show the market is there. What the RM are doing is in response to the profit they see made by others on their own coins on ebay. Its a fine line between taking the profit and leaving skin in the game for others. In my view they have taken it a little too much towards RM profit and a little too little skin in the game for others.... maybe if it does not work for them they will revert but right now they are judging it right for the RM.
  7. Silver Forum Lounge is now open IMG_8029.MOV IMG_8035.MOV
  8. Gold 50p is coming up to a sellout Mintage is slightly higher than I would like but we are talking about maybe 100 coins over what would have been a home run which is pretty small really and will be absorbed by the market of those who just like W&G everything. Its a first and thats a positive thing too. Price has been creeping up on these at the mint and is potentially too high for the current Sterling Gold price but I bought two of these and will of course have them graded. My expectation is that with an NGC 70 grade these will trade at about £1100 to £1300 possibly mostly in the middle to account for dealing costs. May not be the best business transaction in the world - but i do like the design.
  9. Silver Forum Lounge Lineup At the moment the lounge will feature items from the Silver Forum Silver Vault, a Silver Forum T Shirt that is too small for me and great interesting historical items from me and these worthy fellow forum members that may or may not be for sale at a price if you grease our palms with enough of your credits. @Numistacker @terakris @5huggy @Goldmick @SovTracker
  10. Only a few sleeps to the Silver Forum Launch Party at the London coin fair. A great time to visit London and see what LCF dealers have to offer, pickup a free sample slab at the Silver Forum Lounge. There will be an opportunity to see some of my collection, silver forum bars by Backyard Bullion, and silver forum premier members will be showing and selling some great coins too.
  11. It’s in the list with your name I think