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  1. Congratulations on getting one. Its a great choice to have and a tough one. I was also very lucky and got one of these and I made the decision to sell. I repaid the credit card that might have charged me 25% interest although in fairness I would have sold other things to pay that back very quickly. I sold too quickly and did not maximise my profit as I sold to a dealer but I did not have payment issues and i got the money very quickly to repay the original price of the coin. I sold about £10,000 of other coins at the recent Coin Cabinet auction and added the profit on the Una to create a balance that was large enough to buy just one very rare coin an 1853 proof half sovereign. In my view the UNA is a lovely coin but is a risk in the medium/long term and I did not want to have to worry about its value. I may very well have been wrong in this but i took the view that I would buy something amazing and very rare and keep it for the long term or perhaps hand it to the next generation.
  2. Grading Submissions at London Coin Show NGC Grading Submissions at the Show are Welcome! February 1st is the London Coin Show and I will be in the Silver Forum Lounge for most of the day so please come and say hi. NGC will not be taking submissions at this show since the Berlin Worlds Fair of Money is on at the same time but you are welcome to visit the show with your coins and submit to NGC via me. I am fully NGC authorised and if you want to enjoy the show and save the postage why not bring your coins and submit them at the LCS on 1st February.
  3. The reason that the eBay listings do not show the name of the buyer is that it is protected data. If eBay showed this information it would probably be a breach of GDPR. This information was exposed by someone who purposely investigated and exposed this data. Perhaps all publicity is good publicity and some people who want to buy will now know where to go but also the PM market is a place where the players try to have a minimum level of personal security and that is why we have forum ID’s here not names. His security was threatened by this exposure. I note that the news item did show his name and I assume he gave permission for that. Perhaps if asked he would have also given his permission to Dave and to the Forum but he was not asked and he dd not give permission. Dealers buy coins all the time in the market. Sometimes they pay high sometimes they pay low but either way it’s not really news and many of the people here need dealers to give liquidity to their stack or collection.
  4. Please can nobody name the dealer here in the forum. It is absolutely wrong and an invasion of his privacy and it may even place him in danger. Mod please can you remove his name urgently from any posts
  5. i'm sure thats what I said a few pages ago, glad to have been vindicated ))
  6. If anyone would like to book exhibit/sales space on 1st February please let me know as soon as you can.
  7. It looks like there were 4 bidders.. a big big dealer bid £5,000 then a new bidder with 0 feedback went into the ring then two others joined both outbidding each other and going for bids near the previous selling prices. One had 72 feedback and one a dealer probably with 4550 feedback. ebay generated lots of automatic bids as each time 72 feedback bidder bid The winners early bid on 6th Jan was eventually eclipsed by bidder with 72 They both carried on outbidding each other and eventually the dealer made a final bid over and above his previous top bid of presumably a much higher amount to ensure he was not eclipsed at the last. The 0 feedback bidder was only there in the game very early? Does this look like shill bidding? well if it was then the bidder at 72 was the shill and playing a VERY risky game by bidding so high. It looks to me like both parties really wanted to buy this coin.
  8. Apologies as I did not mean to imply that. I agree with you that a first high bid from no feedback looks dodgy though there are plenty of coin people who could have opened an account just to bid on the coin.
  9. When I looked at the first ebay sale I saw a dealer bidding for the coin and he/she didnt win it, the next sale the dealer won the coin in an auction. The sale price of the 2nd was about £3k more and perhaps the dealer bid high becuase he/she had lost the previous auction and really wanted one. I think further up this thread you or someone else said there was a third auction and perhaps ( have not checked) it was the same dealer buying. You said it was suspicious that the bidding went from £6k to £13k or more in a couple of minutes and since the absolute floor price was £13k (based on known sales) i would have thought that a dealer would normally have put the max price as one bid at one time. At least 50% of the time when I sell coins on ebay this is what happens and so naturally other bidders chase up the bidding but the key think with ebay is that the person who WINS actually pays and that it is a genuine sale. Im sure that this does not always happen but it seem to happen most of the time as far as I can see. So knowing what the market price for this coin is - are any sales dummy sales to set a market price or are they real? None of us know for sure but all the ebay sales at the moment are about the same as real world sales I personally know about.
  10. A modern coin overall costs £24 to grade and takes 6-8 weeks on average. Modern gold if fairly low mintage and not damaged is safe to grade and silver can be ok to grade but the judgement is much finer. A 1oz silver proof is say £50 to £80 and so as a percentage the grading cost is significant. Will an £80 coin be £104 after grading? If the coin gets a 70 score and is in demand then possibly but it is 30% chance that it gets a 69 and 80% chance two years after release the £80 coin will be £50 or so though this may not apply with many series. There is also a chance that a modern silver coin can spot or haze and this applies EVEN to a coin graded as a 70.
  11. Many sovereigns are worth grading but equally some are not. Stay clear of very worn coins unless very rare years or varieties, only almost perfect bullion sovereigns should be graded and low pops at NGC/PCGS for these can make grading worth while. Stay clear of XF quality Victoria Young heads generally and look for signs sovereigns have been in Jewellery or cleaned or polished. Its a mine field and good quality ungraded sovereigns are not as plentiful as they were.
  12. The funny thing is i understand to some extent the comments about shill bidding and I have read the comments and seen the videos put out by the scottsman but having just returned from the FUN show in Florida and talked to a number of dealers and a couple of collectors who have bought in the region of 20k the truth is that there are buyers for this coin at £20k and the price could go higher though my view is that it will settle lower over the next couple of years. I am personally aware of one seller on ebay that has sold to a genuine collector, i am aware of three dealers who would buy every one on the market at the moment at about 15k in order to resell or keep. I was very lucky to buy one and I wont say what I sold for but I am now able to go shopping in the January coin auctions as a direct result of buying a coin that i was not going to buy then decided to buy then wanted to keep and ultimately I could not refuse to sell. This is a bit of a wierd situation but it does happen sometimes. The $64 enhanced reverse proof with a 30,000 mintage resold at $6,000 but has now come down a little to what 2k or 3k maybe less. There are lots of people out there with cash and if they want something they can use that cash to persuade sellers to sell as they did with me. We should all remember that lots of modern new releases go down over time so its nice when something happens to prove that there is a GOD! I am eternally grateful but those who are looking for conspiracy theories including my friend on youtube will not find much in my view as fun as it is to search for them.
  13. Its probably now in the post to them and not all have yet been posted by RM. I cant see what is more real about Baldwin or Spink. The have a 20+% BP so the only real thing is at least 20% higher costs to the buyer ))) My guess is that this auction will end at over £20k. This one looks to be a genuine seller who sells coins often on ebay.
  14. i also now use a dremel with a plastic pvc special disc and on the lowest speed setting