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  1. I was lucky enough to spend a day in Rome the other day and happened upon the Italian National numismatic collection that houses thousands of amazing gold coins from pre-roman right the way through to relatively recent. The collection is housed in the Palazzo Massimo which also houses an amazing collection of Roman and Greek artefacts, and you will find it on level two in the basement of this building. Here is a short preview showing the type of coins you can expect in the Static exhibition
  2. There are tons of coins coming through from grading over the next two weeks so please watch out for grading results and notifications if you are expecting coins to come from grading. Meanwhile,Here are two videos that I thought you guys would find interesting.Essentially a pt part one and pt two of a very large on boxing of modern gold coins from London coins.
  3. A fair few coins coming back over the next few days from NGC, Lots of results due and all the coins that were sent for the 7th September deadline will arrive at NGC today. Submission #4866567 001 2019 G.Britain S2PND Britannia-Oriental Border MS 65 @KennyJones 002 1992 W WHITE HOUSE S$1 PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO 003 1973 P SWO-52IIIa 38mm COMMITTEES OF CORRESPOND. REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO 004 1994 AUSTRALIA 10C MS 63 005 1969 S 5C MS 64 PL 006 1991 S USO S$1 PF 67 ULTRA CAMEO 007 1971 CANADA S$1 BRITISH COLUMBIA SP 67 008 1991 S USO S$1 PF 67 ULTRA CAMEO 009 1776-1976 S T-2 CLAD $1 PF 65 CAMEO 010 2004 Gibraltar S50P Christmas PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO 011 2006 GIBRALTAR S50P CHRISTMAS PF 66 CAMEO 012 2001 Australia S$1 Year of the Snake MS 69 013 2015P AUSTRALIA S$1 FUNNEL-WEB SPIDER MS 69 014 1991 S USO S$1 PF 67 ULTRA CAMEO 015 1992 BAHAMAS S$5 FIRST MANNED MOONLANDING PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO 016 2008P AUSTRALIA G$15 YEAR OF THE MOUSE MS 69 @coolector 017 2010P AUSTRALIA G$15 YEAR OF THE TIGER MS 70 @coolector 018 2019 G.Britain G5PND Queen Victoria Birth 200th Anniversary PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 019 2019 G.Britain G5PND Queen Victoria Birth 200th Anniversary PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 020 2019 G.Britain G50P Sherlock Holmes PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 021 2019 G.Britain G50P Sherlock Holmes PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 022 2019 G.Britain G50P Peter Rabbit PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO
  4. Thanks to everyone of the wonderful people in this group. Only a few stragglers now for the 7th September submission deadline (still time just about) and next deadline is 5th October so get your coins in a row and prepped for grading. May the best coins win...
  5. I dont think many were able to get 2 from the mint but i know people who bought from mint plus dealer or used relatives to order other coins.
  6. I think the Mint should leave a few more for general sale. The issue is that if there were more for sale we would be less interested. We have got used to micro mintages of many things. If this was a special gold BU coin from the US Mint 25,000 would be tiny mintage and 100,000 would be a success. We are very spoiled here by extreme low mintage releases from the RM.
  7. Yes i did get one from the coin connection but i was going to buy one from the mint too.
  8. Kind of you to call me a vip but clearly my status lapsed and i was rejected like countless others. I will have to learn to deal with the pain )). On the bright side I saved £500
  9. My guess is 75% or more were pre-allocated to dealers or to the mintmark customers or those with good buying history at the mint. I imagine only a handful were available at 7am.
  10. Me too i added to the basked and then the basket cleared by 7:03.
  11. Alas already married but then again all these beautiful coins belong to others )) https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9w1hvqgnj747it/NGC%20UK%20%20-%20Numistcker%20Price%20List.pdf?dl=0 Current U.K. submissions pricelist (all grading is done In the USA) At the moment I am doing all submissions with NGC in the UK since they include insurance both ways to and from the United States and also they are offering expedited service of 20 days from the time the coins get to the USA to the time they are back in the UK. At some stage this might change but for now it is working well. I provide submissions of coins and paper money but if you have any comics you want to grade then that is also fine. The process is this: P.m. me for the address to send coins to Every two or three weeks there is a submission deadline. All the submissions are consolidated into the appropriate NGC grading tier. I take the coins by hand to NGC They carry out the grading and between us we deal with any problems we encounter. A few weeks later I pick up the coins and video them for my YouTube channel. ( this way we can all learn if there are any mistakes and avoid those mistakes in the future) I then send the coins back special delivery to you. Simples
  12. It’s mega results time again. Those of you who are waiting for their coins back should get them by mid week. Next deadline for submissions is seventh of September.
  13. Further to my video on the Celebration Sovereign (https://youtu.be/XuLccmpjkm4) it appears there IS a difference between the February and November coins after all. The spacing of the ribbing on the mulled edge is wider on the November coin and Narrow on the February coin.
  14. Brilliant information thank you very much
  15. A video I made on the whole range of Celebration Sovs