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  1. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Some coins left to send back to owners. Some may be waiting for others before being sent back..
  2. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That is also my understanding. NGC have opened a UK office and coins can be submitted there if you are an NGC member. Collector members and Authorized Dealers may submit coins directly to our offices in the United States or to NGC UK. You can submit coins and track your order 24/7 if you are a paid member of NGC UK. Submissions are in-person ONLY not by post and appointments need to be pre-arranged. NGC Advise - Submit through an NGC UK Authorized Dealer such as Numistacker "You can submit coins through one of the many NGC UK Authorized Dealers that accept submissions from the public. No membership is required". I am a UK authorised dealer authorised by NGC to accept submissions on behalf of NGC from the public. Mostly I choose to direct submit to NGC in Florida however if you have a consignment that you specifically wish to submit via NGC UK I am happy to submit via NGC UK rather than NGC USA. There is a published price list for NGC UK services https://www.ngccoin.uk/submit/services-fees/ and these fees and services are liable to VAT at 20% on top for most members of the Silver Forum. https://www.ngccoin.uk/legal/vat-collection/ If you wish to make a submission and want to take advantage of the full insurance UK to USA that NGC UK offer please mention this to me when you consign and I will submit your coins via NGC UK. Please note however that costs WILL be higher particularly for add-on services, tier fees, NCS services etc should you decide to submit this way. To summarise: I offer FULL submission and conservation services provided via NGC UK and NGC USA.
  3. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    You mean any news on my coin at NGC rather than a Heritage consignment...Your coin is with NCS at the moment and then it will be graded. NCS processing seems to take quite a few weeks longer than plain old grading. COIN LIST FOR INVOICE 4711976 LINE ITEM YEAR MINT MARK VARIETY DENOM. GRADE COMMENTS NCS LINE ITEM 001 2005 G.BRITAIN 1/2SOV n/a n/a 4711976001 002 2005 G.BRITAIN SEATED BRITANNIA G10PND n/a n/a 4711976002 003 1983 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976003 004 2018 G.Britain 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976004 005 2004 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976005 006 2010 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976006 007 1988 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976007 008 2007 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976008 009 2011 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976009 010 2002 G.BRITAIN GOLDEN JUBILEE 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976010 011 2009 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976011 012 2005 EAGLE G$5 n/a n/a 4711976012 013 2017Mo Mexico Gold 1/4O n/a n/a 4711976013 014 1989 G.BRITAIN SOVEREIGN ANNIVERSARY 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976014 015 1989 G.BRITAIN SOVEREIGN ANNIVERSARY 2SOV n/a n/a 4711976015 016 2002 G.BRITAIN GOLDEN JUBILEE 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976016 017 2005 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976017 018 1982 G.BRITAIN 5SOV n/a n/a 4711976018 019 2004 G.BRITAIN 1SOV n/a n/a 4711976019 020 1998 G.BRITAIN E.E.C. ANNIVERSARY G50P n/a n/a 4711976020
  4. Numistacker

    American Gold 1$ 1873

    It’s a details coin so grading will only prove it’s authentic. There are scratches on the obverse and the reverse.
  5. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    India Sovereigns Pre-order All sovereigns are being sent to NGC for grading. The NGC invoice numbers are allocated as follows: Goldmick 001 Auger 002 terakris 003 Zeuss4 004 MartinClarky 005 AndrewMcmann 006 MarcSimmons 007 MarcSimmons 008 MarcSimmons 009 MarcSimmons 010 Numistacker 011 RegalStacker 012 RegalStacker 013 Shinus73 014 Roy 015 Seasider 016 Hozefa 017 Richattacroft 018 CadmiumGreen 019 Arcglide 020
  6. Numistacker

    Today I Received.....

    Amazing pickup and a very valuable coin now in the secondary market
  7. Sure thing https://coins.ha.com/itm/rhodesia-and-nyasaland/world-coins-rhodesia/british-colony-elizabeth-ii-7-piece-certified-proof-set-1955-ngc-total-7-/p/3072-42003.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515
  8. Yes over the three they achieved estimate. Small fractional was double my estimate, 1861 was on the money and the 1911-D was lower as 5 were on sale for some reason in the same auction.
  9. I have not seen any affordable ones for sale in the UK recently anyway )) actually its part of a plan to consolidate so all the ones i have sold at Heritage will go to fund a GB gold proof in January depending on whats around.
  10. I haven’t updated this thread for a while but I thought you guys would like to know that there are quite a number of auctions coming up that I have Numistacker consignments in them. These were the results of last nights heritage auction sales for my consignment. If you have any items that you would like to consign to Heritage, please PM me so that we can make the arrangements.
  11. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    after restoration pics. The coin was 61 going into conservation and came out a 61 as well. When I thought saw it I thought there was a amight lack of reverse detail so compared it against a PCGS 62 top of the helmet is identical. it is a great and rare coin. Should get it back from NGC in the next week.
  12. Numistacker

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    And the winner is 17 17 - richatthecroft Congratulations to the winner Added 0 minutes later... too late
  13. Numistacker

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    How on earth did you get this done )) I added the remaining entrants and will now do the draw
  14. Numistacker

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    Giveaway Closed I dont even know how I am gonna choose the winner ))
  15. Numistacker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    SOVEREIGN PRE_ORDER Please can anyone who pre-ordered an India Sovereign and who has not paid please do so by the end of tomorrow so I can get the order in. Many thanks Russell