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    boon reacted to ChrisSIlver in Does premium membership renew automatically?   
    @boon I have reissued the invoice, and charged it to your current card on file. So your premium membership is active again. 
    If you need anything else please just send me a PM and I will be happy to help. 
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    boon reacted to Sliopjbsail in Brand new and boxed!! Marshall As50 acoustic guitar amplifier for sale/trade for sovereign   
    Hi, I have for sale a gorgeous Marshall As50 acoustic guitar amp in limited edition racing green. It is brand new and unopened complete with 3 years warranty. I bought 2 at the same time but decided to just use the one. They retail at around £249 and having used mine over this last few days I can tell you they sound fantastic and pack a punch. 
    I would be happy to either sell for £249 inc postage (UK only) or trade for a 2018 sovereign. 
    Many thanks,

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    boon reacted to STONE in Republic metals Corp. Files for banktruptcy   
    It was bound to happen sooner or later. That's the way it goes when prices are artificially suppressed. First majestic and others are laying off hundreds of employees over the next six months...
    These company's cant stay afloat when the price of silver drops below the cost to mine it...
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    boon got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    just seen this thread (man i need to get more time on here!) two tickets bought via banks trans, many thanks for the chance  
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    boon got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    just seen this thread (man i need to get more time on here!) two tickets bought via banks trans, many thanks for the chance  
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    boon reacted to BackyardBullion in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    In 2017 Silver Forum members raised £500 for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal by having a Charity Raffle. This year it is back and I hope we can blow that £500 out the water! 
    Here is more about the British Legion and what they do.
    And their 2018 launch video. 
    Last year the final mintage numbers of the 1 oz & 100g Silver forum bars (and many more member donated prizes) were up for grabs.
    So, this year I am going to donate the full cost of the serial number #200 (1 oz Forum Bars), #150 (100g Forum Bars) and #50 (3 oz Rounds) to get us started. 
    In addition to those three prizes we also have #1 of 25 of the 250g Silver Forum Bars, which has been sponsored by a forum member - who I have not asked if they want to be named, but if that person reads this feel free to give yourself a very well deserved shoutout and pat on the back!
    Feel free to donate a prize to the pot too - donating a prize does not get you an entry though - you will still need to buy a ticket! But the more prizes there are the more chance there is of winning and the more appealing it gets for people to chip in £5 to win some awesome prizes. 
    Please note that if you donate a prize then you will be required to send it to the winner of that prize and be responsibly for all postage costs (this might include sending items internationally). 
    Entries are £5 per ticket with no limit on the number of entries per person. 
    Please send your entries via PayPal F&F to info@backyardbullion.com
    or via Banks Transfer to:
    Account No: 76626253
    Sort Code: 51-70-06
    Closing date will be Saturday 10th November @ 12pm UK time. The draw will happen shortly after and I will upload a video of the results on Sunday 11th November at 1pm. 
    The draw will be made using https://www.random.org/ 
    Maximum of 1 prize per person, if your number and name are drawn more than once you win the first prize only and we re-draw subsequent duplication's.
    For prizes donated by forum members I will tag you both in the announcement and you can link up to arrange delivery of the prizes. 
    Otherwise I will send out the prizes in the week commencing 12th November with the exception of the 3 oz round which will have to wait until wk commencing 10th December (as they are not yet made!)
    So, dig deep guys, donate prizes, let's make this HUGE!!!
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here or via PM.
    Prize Photos:

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    boon reacted to Bullionaire in **NOVEMBER** Group order   
    A link that's had too many sweeties
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    boon reacted to Greg in **NOVEMBER** Group order   
    No dogs, only chickens here.
    Anyway, I know I am new here but wanted to thank Mr BYB. I can see how hard you are working at this. I feel a bit like I am taking advantage but really do appreciate all you are doing

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    boon reacted to Roy in Boycotting GS.be   
    Ah, we've met? 🙄
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    boon reacted to Tingles in Radiation hotspots on the Ferris wheel ...   
    Just returned from a great short break to Kiev, Ukraine - interesting tour of a little town called Chernobyl.  Not too many current inhabitants.
    Ive seen a number of YT videos but just being there after hearing so much about the place made it a very memorable experience.
    i also hired a dolcimeter(?) for the day just to see the changes in the ionising radiation in and around the site.
    We also visit the large radio array which was an early warning missle launch detection site.  
    The exclusion zone had fairly high security, passport checks, ensuring everyone had trousers / no shorts etc.
    Quite a few stray dogs, very docile.
    The site itself is about 140km from Kiev and takes about two hours? It’s a pain.
    An austere Soviet type lunch was provided!
    We stopped outside the reactor (4) - near the newish protective arch.  The radiation was fairly low, so it’s working!
    Pripyat itself where the workers came from reminded me of Milton Keynes- no joke!  Built roughly at the same time... supermarket, theatre, cinema, blocks of flats, a football stadium, even a cafe / boat station on the river... with a community arts and cultural centre.  Granted not much culture in M K but you get the picture!!
    The guide took us round the run down derelict buildings where nature had retaken areas, it reminded me of the film ‘I am legend’... no zombies.
    The highest radioactive levels were near some buildings following rainfall off the roof, a part of a manhole cover and on one of the Ferris wheel baskets... the level in Kiev in the morning was 0.12 microsieverts ... 19.5 just outside the town near the ground next to a building after rainfall, at a manhole cover in Pripyat itself 45.5 and the Ferris wheel the Reading was 29.15.  Most of the day the level varied between 0.12 and 2.0.  I was surprised how quickly the levels changed, very localised within a few centimetres.
    a good trip but really long, perhaps in hindsight better to do over two days and see more?
    About 18 other people on our large minibus.  No one was too annoying!
    Sidenote... Kiev, very cheap but architecture a bit too Stalinist.  Good beer, bloody good food, friendly people... cheap, cheap, cheap...
    Flights from Luton...
    ADDITIONAL: I think the day tour was about £120 each but we booked it 48 hours before - earlier the cheaper!!  
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    boon reacted to NRSovereign in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    Congrats ! I remember your stack pictures from last time and it’s growing nicely well done mate👍
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    boon reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    We missed the post for the weekend, just too many parcels to process. But the post office (my local one is incredible) took them and processed them such that they are then ready to go Monday morning and are safely locked away in their vault. Makes me sleep a lot better at night!
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    boon got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in VINTAGE 70-80s AMERICAN ENGELHARD 1 OZ SILVER BARS   
    Ooh you tease  very nice, thank you. I'll dig out the few I already have soon and check, don't recall which "E's" I already have, will be in touch 
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    boon reacted to Pritchard in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    I see where you’re going with this...
    so we need to buy an iceberg?
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    boon reacted to Thelonerangershorse in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    The kitchen table seems to be holding, clearly we need to try harder next time people. 
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    boon got a reaction from MickD in Explain your Handle/Member Name   
    I think the avatar explains it, but for those younger members, its the silver link from the Jim Diamond (God rest him) song "Hi - Ho Silver" which was used for the theme tune in a popular Michael Elphick (God rest him) / Neil Morrisey (Bob the builder) series "Boon" from the 80's / 90's.
    It wasn't much watched in my household so I don't recall the program a great deal, but I love the song! 
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    boon reacted to Reichpapers in Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?   
    Well, I ended up removing the label on my Gairsoppa 1/4 oz coins.  I wanted to check them out, and the label was filthy.  At some point in the process, the tube slipped out of my hands.  I went to grab it, but instead swatted it across the room.  Regretfully, the cap came off and sprayed the coins across the living room like a shotgun.  I found 13 of them so far.  Ugh, still searching.
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    boon reacted to Pete in Silver one ounce coins for sale.   
    I wish I hadn't checked my spreadsheet to see if I already had these coins as I was interested due to the price.
    On June 12 2011   I bought a roll of Koalas from Coininvest ( best price anywhere in Europe ) and they cost me £30.78 each ......ouch !!
    In September 2011  I went all-in ( experts were advising buy - buy - price will climb further etc ) on Kooks and bought over 100 at around £34 each   ...... further ouch !!!!
    New stackers - how lucky you are 😭
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    boon reacted to Reichpapers in Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?   
    Gairsoppa 1/4oz tube of 15.

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    boon reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Agree with all the above comments that there are no worries on the timing as the work is very much appreciated and the delays are very much understandable. Also couldn't agree more with @silverdocket
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    boon reacted to AgD in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    There is no bad news there. We know it's on the way if people wanted orders quicker then they should have put there own orders in 😁🤣. And we all know how much of a work up it is for you two and it's much appreciated. So no arguments here my friend 👍. Thank you
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    boon reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Good news and bad news update for you all......
    Good news
    The eagle has flown the nest and will be landing imminently. 
    Bad news
    This eagle is so heavy that it has had to take a more leisurely route by road than air, meaning a couple more days delay. 
    So the new schedule and plan is as follows:
    Parcels will be in the post on FRIDAY and SATURDAY this week. I do not expect to be able to get all of these parcels out on Friday so it will be pot luck for those of you who get your parcels on Saturday morning instead of Monday next week. 
    Guys, I am sorry for the delays on this order. It came at a bad time for the EU mint having had some vacation time. Combine that with the cheap as chips prices at the moment and they are choker block busy. But, the end is in sight. 
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    boon reacted to sixgun in Recognising a top member   
    Strange but true - here is the photographic proof - the sovereign finally turned up. Ike (Quicksand005) had refunded me - so i sent his money back. He would have been out of pocket.
    No stealing or cheating on the silver forum.

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    boon got a reaction from Micky9776 in Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?