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  1. Hi Mr BYB they're looking good- same number again this year please kind sir
  2. Infact, add me to the serial number wanted list for an extra one this year, if that's allowed. Wouldn't mind a specific number extra this year. Cheers
  3. Hi BYB, I’ll take my usual ones please. Can check my numbers if required. Many thanks 👍
  4. Hmm, never owned a 10oz- maybe that’s something to put right this year 👍 Some nice ones on here keep them coming 😎
  5. Hi BYB, I'd be interested in two as last year- i'd also like to express my interest in the same serials as last year if that's possible. Same for 1oz if they are happening again in 2019 😎 Cheers Dan.
  6. Many thanks @ChrisSIlver much appreciated- great service as always
  7. Hi BYB, these look lovely- I shall take a bag please- PM incoming
  8. Just a note to people- keep an eye on the expiry date of your chosen card! I logged on today for the first time in several weeks and my premium membership had been removed- after a little blind panic and reading this thread, i'd realise the payment card i used had expired- and i was stripped of premium membership. I've now deleted my old card which allowed me to add the new one, @ChrisSIlver sorry to nag but can you let me know if there is anything else i need to do for it to kick in again. Cheers!
  9. 💀 47 please, in a vain attempt at helping to clean up the mess. Thanks for the opportunity numi
  10. ahhh that's sad- i too like the look of their bars, never got around to buying any! says a lot. When funds allow i'm going to try and get a bar in most popular sizes (less than a kilo!) so I suppose I'll have to comission @BackyardBullion to make me a 5oz now, the RMC was top of my list for that size and atkinsons are now out of stock.
  11. just seen this thread (man i need to get more time on here!) two tickets bought via banks trans, many thanks for the chance