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  1. Ooh you tease very nice, thank you. I'll dig out the few I already have soon and check, don't recall which "E's" I already have, will be in touch
  2. hmmm, which types do you have left SSR? i think you sold me my last pair of these!
  3. I think the avatar explains it, but for those younger members, its the silver link from the Jim Diamond (God rest him) song "Hi - Ho Silver" which was used for the theme tune in a popular Michael Elphick (God rest him) / Neil Morrisey (Bob the builder) series "Boon" from the 80's / 90's. It wasn't much watched in my household so I don't recall the program a great deal, but I love the song!
  4. interesting thread i have a few 1/4oz gairsoppa brits, but nothing as interesting as the above.
  5. boon

    Have I lost money on Silver?

    Lovely bar Pan, those are one of my favourites
  6. amen to that brother i've actually "given up" on shares (but keeping my now small amount of positions, "just incase") I think I may have held SXX before but it was prob in my (even more) stupid AIM (read as betting) days. I really didn't know what I was doing back then, and I'm pretty sure I'm not much better now either 💀 Good luck to the holders at SXX, it would be good to see a yorkshire mining firm come up with the goods
  7. this is quite a cool idea. I'm completely tied up financially (except emergencies of course) until end of next year when everything i have gets re-assessed- so this will be a fun thing for me to try and do give me something to look forward to at the end aswell I fancy doing it as in i'll see what I have at the end of the day, and pop that in there and tick off accordingly so i wont be in order. thanks for the heads up everyone! I'll try and get a box / tin and a tick off sheet sorted by the end of the week.
  8. boon

    I'm rich! Maybe not...

    Thanks @StackerNoob I’ve gone and ordered note 👍 I always regret not picking up a Zimbabwe one, so thanks for the heads up on these- I’ve not purchased for a profit, purely for the fascination, but I’m not prepared to spend £50 on a 100 trillion note like they sell for these days! Thanks again.
  9. boon

    9Fine Mint silver bars

    I like the look of these too, think they look great- good choice 👍
  10. boon

    Today I Received

    And it’s also been a great week for me too! Don’t think I’ve ever had this much in the same week before ? Thanks to @silversurf for the private deal on the sov, and @shawy2510 for the heads up on the eBay offer ?
  11. boon

    Today I Received

    A couple of things to show off today, first we have mrs boon’s “alun” marvel box and it’s new contents. I know a few have plugged these already, but I’m equally impressed with the marvel box as I am my own queens beasts one ? thanks @Alun
  12. boon

    2007 Britannia storage

    I'm not sure how pre-2013 brits were supplied, but i know they fit in perth mint tubes ( the ones that kangaroos come in) as that's what I use for the odd ones I have. Mint supplied tubes are available for Maples.
  13. boon

    A proper silver bar

    would a poured "ripple u-boat" be kinda ironic made from this? dust off your mould plans @BackyardBullion