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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Silver Bullion Coins

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  1. boon

    Today I Received

    Ok so I didn’t receive all of them, but I did get a BYB bar today, thought I’d get them all out whilst they were together 🙂 Quite proud of these, thanks Mr BYB 👍
  2. I'll take one, I simply can't resist I'll choose the 0.85oz one, PM incoming. Cheers
  3. boon

    Mint Packaging, or Supplier Packaging?

    Interesting, thanks for the replies all Thats quite definitive- my first St Helena was through your group buy I think, so if they came to you in different packaging I imagine that this is just from distributers as others have suggested. Thanks again people
  4. Hi All, Quick query- I received a couple of st helena trade dollars last month from Atkinsons, it is the first time I have ever had silver from them. Can I ask, is the bag mint packaging, or is it something the big bullion dealers do their end? I'm just intrigued really, I have another in a bare capsule so have that to play with / look at, so will prob leave these in the bags anyway. Cheers!
  5. boon

    Coin Rings

    Looking good indeed sir! Keep up the good work 👍 this thread did prompt me to get one of my own sorted- bought though not built, so not as cool, but very happy 😀
  6. boon

    In Focus Friday Series!

    poor bull / bear, never gonna win i even remembered how to log in to youtube to vote last week! I look forward to watching this weeks episode Mr BYB
  7. boon

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    i quite like this series.................... and will be getting a few of each. that said i do own a tokelau coin also, which speaks volumes
  8. boon

    Coin Rings

    Yes, good advice there- and I agree, you need a drill press ideally. I've had a "cheap" bench drill (clarke, machine mart, about £40) for many years and it is still servicable so you dont need to spend a lot if it's not in constant use. Infact I was in LIDL the other day and i always have a quick look to see what they have in tools wise, and they had one for £29 i'm sure.
  9. boon

    Nazi Silver

    whats that then, "wingist?" The reichsmark fascinates me too. I still enjoy documentaries on that period of history, that said I never studied history even at GCSE level so that is pehaps why I say if the coins interest you and you are willing to pay the premium required to get them, then go for it.
  10. boon

    What was Your First Coin?

    Note- thats since bullion / stacking side of collecting started last year. I did collect weird stuff as a child. It turns out when i checked it all, it's all cupro-nickel
  11. boon

    What was Your First Coin?

    mine was a 2017 canadian maple. It's at the bottom of my first (and only!) full tube
  12. boon

    completed Coins, Singles and Gold

    PM sent ref. Eagles
  13. boon

    for sale Silver

    PM sent ref. Eagles mike
  14. boon

    completed Silver bars for sale

    PM sent for 2x vertical and one horizontal