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  1. Ormes21

    New Member From The UK

    @augur This is so creepy, I am literally reading the thread on the 100 Cedis Leopard lol, I am getting a couple of those this month over the Queens Beast Lion! Thanks
  2. Ormes21

    New Member From The UK

    @BackyardBullion Man stop it! Lol. I've been watching Shadow stacks videos, I think that's the gold coin he's been picking up the most isn't it? They look great, definitely one to think about. Maybe I'll do one month silver and one month gold . I think I'll be more of a long term collector than stacking for just weight. There's more fun in variety and no one really knows what's going to happen (do they?) or how long it will take for a big change in the market. I'd rather have variety and fun than buy lot's of the same coin as close to spot as possible. I'm not one for prepping. I need to learn what's good to collect. Atm there's only one coin I am thinking of buying multiples of and that is the anniversary Britannia.
  3. Ormes21

    New Member From The UK

    @BackyardBullion Oh I've watched it twice already . Just got to plan my attack for my order, a 10z Queens beast will blow my whole budget but I'd love to get one. Are the 2oz ones just as nice? I was thinking about getting a 2oz Lion.
  4. Ormes21

    New Member From The UK

    Thanks everyone for your replies! @BackyardBullion I think I will be adding to that order. Currently having a glance over the website for what I will buy. This is a great thing because I was looking at ordering some coins through silver to go and paying £16 in delivery. @augur I've looked at the beasts. What's your recommendation? I see people buying 10oz silver beasts. Are the bullion coins worth it? @Stu Thanks, I got mixture of coins. Annoyingly a few have spotted up and tarnished even though I kept them in capsules. I guess it's something we can't avoid. Off the top of my head I have... 1x Britannia, Australian Koala, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Indian Buffalo, Noah's Ark, Some Eagle Coins, a few 1oz bars, 1/2 oz Great White Shark and Year of the Snake
  5. Ormes21

    New Member From The UK

    Hi, I started buying silver in 2013. I bought 15 1oz coins before I stopped. I wasn't a serious buyer, I just picked what coins I liked the look of. About six months into it my personal business took off and I got distracted. I didn't think about silver anymore. Two weeks ago I was doing an eBay run, selling things around the house that I don't need anymore and decided to sell my coins. I pulled them out of the box, laid them neatly on the table and... I couldn't do it! I realised for a second time how cool silver is. I started watching youtube videos again, subscribed to shadow stack and silver slacker. Getting myself educated for a long term investment. I won't be investing a MASSIVE amount but I think while the price is low it's a good time to buy. I watched LOT's of videos and then Silver Slacker showed the Privateer coins in one of his videos and I really want one / eventually the whole set but at a good price. Which is one of the reasons I joined this forum, to see if anyone knows a good price for Privateer coins in the UK. Getting them to the UK from the USA ends up costing around £70 . I could be heading to the USA in December so I might smuggle them back in my luggage if I don't get a good price before then. Thanks for having me. Andy