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  1. Get her to her GP as soon as, mate. Not just to avoid jury service, but in her own health interest.
  2. reidpj

    Help saving on Ebay PM Purchases

    Yes, I still use it - but haven’t for a month or so (I tend not to bid on auctions nowadays as I’ve giving up on buying coins on eBay). You get 4 free ‘Snipes’ per week, with the option to purchase more - if you notice that the auction in question gains subsequent bids above the maximum you place on your snipe; you are able to cancel your bid on Bidmate, thereby saving your free snipe to use in the future. The free snipes do not accumulate week to week - it’s use ‘em or lose ‘em.
  3. Are you sure that you live in London, and not Warminster? 😀
  4. Morning, mate. Don’t panic over the National Debt, it doesn’t have to be repaid (unless, of course, if it’s denominated in a different currency). In fact, trying to repay it (except in times of genuine surplus) is a BIG mistake - one that can only end in tears. See http://positivemoney.org/how-money-works/advanced/what-about-the-national-debt Also remember that a lot of that ‘debt’ went to build the infrastructure (defence, hospitals, schools, universities, training, roads, airports, etc. etc.) that we all take advantage of today.
  5. reidpj


    Plenty under the Northwest , mate. Mind you, we’ve probably got the wrong type of snow of snow at the moment to allow drilling to begin😉. Frack On!!!!
  6. reidpj

    Wales earthquake

    Felt it here in Wiltshire - wondered what it was....
  7. reidpj

    for auction 1923 M gold sovereign

  8. reidpj

    for auction 1923 M gold sovereign

    1p (£0.01)
  9. Didn’t get my SA off until the end of April. Normally get it in a day or so after 6th April but decided to live dangerously 🙃
  10. reidpj

    Tarnished Rims - Bullion Coins

    Tin foil in a dish. Some bicarb of soda (cooking soda) on top, with a sprinkle of table salt. Coin on top, then cover with boiling water. Bit more bicarb and salt on top. Give it a minute, then turn over. Bye Bye tarnish....😉
  11. reidpj

    Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    If in doubt.....leave it out 😉
  12. Don’t have much of a problem with that.....excepting that UK taxes can never be spent (see previous posts), and that there is absolutely no reason why the Debt has to be paid off (see previous posts). One of the uses of UK taxation is to give £Sterling worth (see previous posts), but it is not the only reason for taxation (see previous posts). The currency can exist without the need for taxation or borrowing (see previous posts), therefore it must be ‘something’ (but I know what you’re getting at 👍).
  13. Little confused 🤷‍♂️ Are you asking whether there would be any reason to create (as in ‘invent’) a currency and then call it £Sterling (as the ‘the’ in ‘the £Sterling currency’ suggests - well, to me anyway 🤔), or whether there would be much point in the continuing creation of £Sterling, via spending, if the Government didn’t require us to use it when settling our tax obligations? If the former, then in order that the UK Government could take control of the economy ( say we had joined the €, and now wished to leave it) it would have to create a currency which it controlled, and with which it could tax. If the latter (e.g. if we joined the €, and we were obliged to pay our taxes using €; then I agree, there wouldn’t be any need to continually spend £Sterling into creation as there wouldn’t be, as you say, a £Sterling economy to control).
  14. If £Sterling didn’t exist (as you suggested), the UK Government couldn’t oblige us to pay our taxes with it, and, therefore, wouldn’t have much control over the economy; surely the need for control would be reason enough for them to create £Sterling (or a currency with a different name), and then oblige us to pay our taxes using it. Or did you mean; would there be any reason for the continual creation of £Sterling (via Spending, etc) if the Government stop accepting it in payment of taxes, and not, as I originally read it, would there be any reason to ‘invent’ £Sterling in the first place. If so, please forgive my confusion - it was the ‘the’ in front of £Sterling currency that threw me 🙃.