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  1. Yes, it's certainly possible. I don't know any numbers from the mint but I wouldn't be surprised if they do take losses. That's not abnormal for the US gov't.
  2. I'm afraid I don't understand why such a business would buy PMs, especially from some random guy off the street. If the owners wanted to buy PMs, wouldn't they buy them in bulk from a legitimate seller/dealer? They're not going to just buy a few coins here and there. Besides, I would think they'd be trying to sell things, not buy something they'd have to hide away and protect.
  3. And also the Standing Liberty quarter. Specimens in excellent condition are absurdly spendy.
  4. The US Indian Head $5 half Eagle, and the Mexican "Caballito" 1 peso. And my favorite eagle design is on the back of the 20 peso gold coin.
  5. 🤷‍♂️ But there is a quarter-ounce version of this, which is a bit more accessible, in my opinion.
  6. Maybe they like it? Though their own constitution is significantly different, as far as I can tell. But maybe too because its creation and adoption was a pivotal event in human history. Not saying I understand their reasons, just trying to understand.
  7. A chunk of gold to hold your gold. That's perfectly excessive. 🤑 😎
  8. All I know is that I wouldn't mind if there was a little more to be found in my tiny corner of the world.
  9. Never heard of this one before, but yeah, I would if I could. Only about $19,000 right now. And only 250 minted.
  10. I really like the trade dollars! I had one once, and would like to get another again, especially one with chop marks on it. Your collection could be worth a fair bit of cash, especially that one with the chop marks (the Asian characters stamped into the coin), and if you search for "sold" prices on eBay, you can get an idea what they tend to go for if they're in decent condition. These coins were intended primarily for circulation in the far East, and so banks and merchants would often stamp their mark into a coin when they tested it and deemed it legitimate.
  11. I like that one a bunch, too. ⛈️🌊🚤⛅🌈 I certainly like many things that come out of the US Mint, but I also like a lot that comes from the Mexican mint. They, like products from the French, tend to have their own unique feel and style. Plus I come (in part) from Mexican and native American heritage, so that no doubt has influence. 🏜️
  12. Well then, I'll be seeing myself out, and go hang around with the rest of the wanna-bes out on the street. LOL Here I am collecting the puny little quarter-sized coins 😯 😄
  13. I didn't know there is a silver one... 🤔
  14. I'm committed to finishing the series, and I don't mind. They're beautiful coins. I got entire 56 coins of the previous States series, and I'm liking this one, too. Ideally I'd be collecting the 5 ounce versions. But wow that would be sooo much more expensive.
  15. It's probably a lot easier and cheaper to purchase high quality, production-ready blanks than to process everything yourself. On the other hand, as it is, according to the silverdoctors article linked above, the US mint is required to buy whatever blanks they need, regardless of the price: "the US Mint IS REQUIRED to increase their BID for ALL SILVER BLANKS until they bid high enough to obtain enough blanks to meet public demand." That sounds very expensive to me.