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  1. Around these parts, I know the Sovereign is the coin of choice for fractional stackers/collectors, and if I lived in the UK, it would be my coin of choice, too. But for someone like me dwelling on the other side of the pond, the US version is the Half Eagle ($5 face). They were minted for circulation from 1795 to 1929, then in commemorative form from 1986 to today. This is the largest gold coin I buy, at about 1/4 ounce of gold (.2419 oz). The pre-1930 circulated versions tend to consistently go for over $400, on up, especially the Indian heads from 1908-1929. They tend to go for more. But the commemoratives tend to go for easily less than $400, even proofs, which makes them the best value for my Federal Reserve monopoly money notes. Which means for a stacker, they're usually the way to go, with the lowest premiums. Enough history lesson. Has anyone managed to get one of each of the commemoratives? What were the most difficult to find? Some time ago I decided to focus on the cheaper commemoratives, since if I'm going to stack anyway, why not go for the least premium, and why not go for an actual collection. So as I stack I want to eventually get one of each year. But I don't want to have almost a complete stack/collection of them, and find out that two or three of them are ridiculously expensive.
  2. I believe it. But in answering the question of how much would I pay for one, I won't pay for much more than spot, unless it's to fill out a collection. But for stacking, nope, spot + a little more.
  3. Pretend-stacking, many years. Much of my life. For-real stacking, about five years. What I mean by "pretend-stacking" is that I've always saved any silver coins I would find, which of course wasn't much at all. And I'd end up cashing in whatever handful of dimes and quarters I had to pay for expenses. That's because I simply couldn't afford much at all, though when I could I'd buy $1 dollar face, here and there. But in the last five years or so my finances have changed for the better so I've been able to stack like I mean it. At first I focused mostly on silver to build a base while silver was cheap. Then when I reached about 200 ounces I started focusing more on gold. Then about a year and a half ago I had a suddenly huge expense and so I had to cash in the entire stack. I've since then rebuilt it bigger and better than it was before.
  4. The gold in it is worth approximately $92, so I'd pay as little above that as possible.
  5. Some coins look nice with the right toning, but if given the choice between a nicely toned coin and one that's exactly the same thing but non-toned, I'd take the non-toned coin. In my choice of women, I'd go for exactly the opposite.
  6. I'll give an example for someone based in the US: Regularly buy a gold coin, and a roll of silver coins. Both, but spend the most on gold, like 75% gold, 25% silver. Something like that. For example, every pay period buy an 1/8 ounce coin (roughly $200), and also buy a roll of dimes (roughly $70). Or a 1/4 ounce coin (a sovereign) and a roll of silver Britannias once a month.
  7. This. If you have the disposable cash, get all 75.
  8. Numi is right, I believe. Further discussion: If you're stacking as both hedge against inflation and for future reset and SHTF, then my own strategy would be to stack a couple hundred ounces of mostly fractional silver (dimes, quarters, and half dollars), then focus most of the rest into fractional gold (eg- half eagles, pesos). At some point after that, when you feel like you have a decent fractional stack, then start piling up the 1 ounce gold and generic silver. Or just keep it all fractional; whichever you prefer. And if you're concerned about SHTF, then be sure to have several hundred in fiat cash, since that might still be important, especially early in any crisis scenario.
  9. RacerCool

    New Acquisition

    This reminds me of various Jackie Chan movies which deal with the issue of culturally important objects being smuggled out of China. One of the best simply for the amazing action is "Legend of Drunken Master". Though of course most of his movies have amazing action scenes, along with the humor. And San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. But I visited there a couple years ago and wow, it's literally a filthy dump now. Oh great. That's a side effect of California going down the toilet: now they all come to Arizona. 😁 You're likely going to Prescott, Tucson, or Phoenix. But Phoenix is growing out of control, in my opinion. Way too big and only getting bigger, with everyone escaping both California, and the midwest and northeast winters.
  10. Since when do we ever have to know or understand what the post is about, in order to post an opinion? It's how the internet works.
  11. As of this date, more of us stack gold than silver (69 vs 66). Concerning copper, I stack copper pennies, which I pull out of circulation. Otherwise, I don't stack any other copper, though I love copper appliances and things in the kitchen.
  12. Coins in the Bullion category are excluded. But if you buy one that isn't in that category then it counts.
  13. Good advice. Just keep an eye out for special deals and then buy. Don't just go for whatever. I don't know if this is available everywhere but if you wait for eBay Bucks offers, then you can really reduce the percentage over spot. You have to sign up to get eBay promotions notices in your email, and then they'll send these eBay Bucks offers about every few weeks or so. Typically the offer is that you get 8-10% rebate to spend on a future eBay purchase. For example, in a recent 10% offer, I bought a gold BU half eagle for $390 (a decent price), with free shipping. I got $39 in eBay Bucks credit, which I can use for my next gold purchase.
  14. Oh that must be the mythical beast known as the Congress that actually produces a balanced budget, reduces debt, abides by the Constitution, and does the work of the people! I've only heard of this thing in faint whispers, and in accounts of dreams long forgotten.
  15. Reminds me of that of video game "Big Rigs Over The Road Racing", with the prize you'd win.