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  1. Congrats on that Centenario! It's on my bucket list to get one of those.
  2. Today I got one of these. I was going to buy another half Eagle, but found this one for a really good deal, so got it instead. It's a gold replica released by the US mint of the Standing Liberty quarter, first released in 1916:
  3. RacerCool

    Gold Yuan

    Very nice. That's almost at spot price. I recently got a 2 peso gold coin (same size as those Chinese coins) for $79, which at the time was a couple of dollars over spot. We can't pass up deals like that!
  4. This is good, but I was hoping we'd get a new obverse design, too. The present design is great but a change would be nice, too.
  5. If I am reading the notice correctly, the £5,000 version weighs 5,010 g. That's 161 toz. That's about £190,000 just for the gold. I'm pretty sure it won't fit in my tube of fractional gold coins, which is too bad, otherwise who knows, I might have picked one up. 🤔
  6. RacerCool


    It helps the buyer to stay focused on accomplishing their goals. For example, if your goal is to stack silver, every pay period you buy a Britannia and a Maple Leaf, and after one year you've filled two tubes of silver coins. Goal accomplished! Then move on to the next goal.
  7. I basically stack, while I also buy coins that are interesting to me. But I don't buy numismatic coins, especially slabbed and graded coins; only coins that I personally like, and rarely ever pay a big premium. I look to pay around 5% or less, preferably, but sometimes a little more if a coin I want is impossible to find for any less. The only time you ever pay big premiums is when you're collecting, because then you're locking yourself in to completing a collection. If you're stacking then you only buy low premium.
  8. Agreed. Rogue One is excellent. The others are astonishingly bad, and it made it worse that they destroyed our favorite characters from the original trilogy.
  9. My mind is permanently frozen in 1983, back when the gold bikini rocked our world. But sadly, she's gone now. She passed a year or so ago. Barely 60, I believe.
  10. Yep, and those are just one more thing for me to NOT pay attention to. 😎
  11. I'll have a rum and cola, but only with Sailor Jerry spiced rum. And only from a solid gold goblet. And only whilst perched atop my dragon's horde mountain of coins. And only whilst served by Princess Leia in her solid gold bikini. After all, I'm a simple man.
  12. When I say salt is valuable, I mean it's very useful, and for the same reasons it has always been useful. As for conspiracies, I said many, not most. They're not the same. If someone gets caught lying about things more than once or twice, there's a good chance they're lying about many things. But if you don't KNOW about absolutely everything, then you can reasonably say "many". Let's not lose the ability to understand and distinguish the nuance of things. Not everything can or should be summarized in a black-and-white 30 second sound bite, or bumper sticker.
  13. RacerCool


    Yep that makes perfect sense. You buy what *you* can afford, not what someone else can afford. If that means buying a 1 ounce gold coin a month, or a 2 peso (1/20 ounce) gold coin every six months, then buy what you can afford.
  14. That's a fair way to understand it.