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  1. Copper isn't a precious metal, but it is a beautiful metal. As for stacking it, here in the US I gather up any pre-1982 pennies I can find, and keep them in the stack. Doesn't cost anything but the price of the tubes I bought for that purpose.
  2. Count me in as a pre-'33 US gold fan. The $5 half eagle Indian head is a beautiful coin, and one of my favorites coins ever.
  3. Everything I have is 1800s or newer, so nothing actually ancient historical.
  4. But how do they get the tungsten cores in those bars? 👀
  5. He didn't say to send it to the US government. 👀
  6. I keep the receipts for each purchase, but beyond that I can't be bothered to do anymore book keeping.
  7. This may sound like a silly question, but do they allow you to have the ammo for them? It's not unheard of that politicians will enact laws that at first appear to be in favor of the people, but in fact aren't.
  8. Individual in-person dealers are best, unless you find a special sale online. There's a local dealer here who sells most non-slabbed, non-special mintage, non-Eagle gold coins for spot + $15, including sovereigns. I've yet to find any online dealer who has matched those prices.
  9. Generally I'll try to stack, not collect individual coins, so that means I'll buy coins in rolls or lots. And that means that I'm paying much less per coin for shipping, which is greatly appreciated.
  10. But he kept the quarters! 😫
  11. It really depends on what you're stacking for. If you're stacking for a future radical change in the economy and the nature of common currency, then you certainly want a lot of fractional silver. Not all of your stash in silver, but a significant amount of it. But if you have too much silver to be reasonable handled, then convert some of it to gold. If you're mostly an investor, well, then I can't give you much advice.
  12. Yet another of my fractional favorite, the 5 peso coin:
  13. What, you've never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It's the ship that did the Atlantic Run in less than 12 nautical miles*. I've made a few..."special" modifications myself. I've outrun British warships. Not the local bulk cruisers, mind you; I mean the big ships-of-the-line. She's fast enough for you, old man. ( * makes about as much sense as what Han actually said.)
  14. I'd pay the gold cost for it. But I'm pretty sure the premium on one of those is off the charts.
  15. I wonder if it would be worthwhile for me start a silver smuggling operation. I can somehow pass along the present low silver prices we have here in the USA. Or I can exploit the situation, like any self-respecting organized crime-boss would. 😒