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  1. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I appreciate the encouragement, mellon!
  2. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    Now that I think more about it, I should just focus on finding a good Standing Liberty, since the Walkers are very well represented in the silver Eagles.
  3. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I haven't paid much attention to the Walking Liberties, though I actually really like the design. I guess I assumed they'd either be slicks or too numismatic. But now I'll have to take another look at them. Maybe if nothing else I'll pick up one or two really nice ones, just to have that lovely design in my stack. As for the logical inconsistency, eh, I say don't worry about it. I think it's fine to have some nicer coins, that aren't there for bullion stacking purposes. Makes it more fun and interesting.
  4. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    Hmm. Maybe I just have bad luck or timing with regard to Mercuries. I think I've had all of maybe two rolls of them, and that's because I found them to be around the same price as the Rosies when I was looking. The Kennedys are usually easy to find in BU condition at decent prices. The Franklins are more hit and miss, though those are usually pretty easy to find in decent circulated condition, so I try to mix it up with the halves.
  5. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    You mentioned the reasons why I generally avoid Mercuries and Barbers: they're either slicked out, or they're in the numismatic territory and they're way more expensive than I want to pay for a roll of coins. Hence I stick with Washingtons and Roosevelts. And the only reason I do both dimes and quarters is for the sake of fractional variation.
  6. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I'm in the US, but I do appreciate the offer. I will certainly be adding quarters to the stack before too long.
  7. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    LowLow and HelpingHands, you guys are right. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Added 0 minutes later... Oh boy...I've been exactly there, and done exactly that. Those were some dark times. Thankfully I'm out of that situation!
  8. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I think I got hit the hardest with the gold. Looking back, I should've kept my favorite gold half eagle, since I might've come out of it with the same amount if I didn't include that. Woulda shoulda coulda.
  9. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I believe I got $1.20 per dime, and I had a lot of dimes. SIlver was going for about $14.50 per ounce at the time.
  10. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    Nope, that's one of the reasons it hurt so much: it was the worst time to sell, with the market being so low for silver and gold. So I actually ended up losing some of my investment. But I knew that that's part of the risk. On the one hand, if the economy goes off the rails, and silver and gold shoot up in value, then I'd be doing very well. But on the other hand, if the exact situation happens that happened, then I'd lose some of my investment. The upside is that I still have everything else, including my health. It's just "stuff", at the end of the day. As Tolkien said by way of Gandalf: "If a man cannot let go of a treasure in time of need, then he is in fetters." And I still have the means to rebuild, if not as quickly as I'd like.
  11. RacerCool

    Selling the Stack

    I had accumulated what to me was a decent stack, with a variety of silver and a decent amount of gold. I had been putting a pretty good amount of my cash savings into it. Well, recently I had a large, unexpected expense that came up, and it required a lot more than the cash I had on hand. So...I had to sell the stack. All of it, except for five Morgans, one small gold coin, and my 1853 half crown. I wanted to have SOMETHING remaining, so I kept those. That hurt. But I knew that if I really needed to, I could sell part or all of the stack, so...yeah. So now I've started slowing rebuilding. So far I have added three rolls of silver dimes, and one five peso gold coin. *sigh* Good times...
  12. RacerCool

    Lighthouse or Air-Tites?

    I use both Lighthouse and Air-Tites, and I like how the AT's are very smooth. But I actually prefer Lighthouse, since they seem to have more sizes that better fit what I need, and they're easier to open if I need to open them.
  13. RacerCool

    Today I bought.....

    I went into the LCS to see if they had any sovereigns. They didn't, but they had a special deal on a 1907 half Eagle ($20 over spot), so I bought her instead. Still about 1/4 ounce of gold.
  14. Don't ask me why, but I'm kind of disappointed that that's not you, lol. (But at the same time, I'm glad it's not.) It was funny when you had suddenly changed that to be your icon.
  15. RacerCool

    Ford Escort made from silver, gold and jewels

    The talent and passion some people have is just amazing. I wonder how much that little car would be worth.