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  1. "All who gain power are afraid to lose it. Even the Jedi..." The best scene in the entire prequel trilogy:
  2. I don't believe anything they say. As for any other source, I take it all with a grain of salt. I haven't watched them in years, but even back then the only thing CNN was good for was watching Robin Meade on mute.
  3. Very cool! I've hunted half dollar rolls before, spending a lot of time (while watching Youtube video, which I do anyway) digging for silver. In all my hunting I've only found one 40% silver half. I gave up half hunting, but from time to time I'll buy a box of penny rolls from the bank and dig up the real copper ones. On average I get about 12% coppers out of a lot of rolls. Eh, since I'm just hanging on YT anyway, I figure I'll keep doing that from time to time. But halves, not anymore. Congrats on the big score. 😎
  4. In order for gold and silver money to happen again, they value of money would have to change. For example, that $10 gold Eagle (~half ounce of gold), would have to actually be able to buy what ~$650 would buy. It can't be equivalent to the $10 paper money of today.
  5. I don't have it, it's for sale and those are pics from the seller. I've asked for a pic of the rim, so will post if/when I get that.
  6. Yes, that's a decent deal. These days, $55-$60 per roll of silver dimes is reasonable. If you're paying $70 or more for a roll (five dollar face), then they should be BU condition.
  7. Does this look legit, or fake? Any feedback is welcome, guys. Thanks!
  8. All of this, yes. PMs will likely only become valuable as a stable economy has been established.
  9. Never in my life have I heard a native-born and raised American use "bloke". Not even people from the north east, where, if any American is going to use it, it would be them. Immigrants, yes.
  10. Hey, another forum fan of the 5 peso coin! That's actually the base of my gold stack, and seems to typically be the best bang for the buck. I almost chose either this coin, or the 2 peso coin as my "only one choice" choice.
  11. Same with me. For junk silver Provident is about the cheapest you can find.
  12. Wow, only choosing one silver, and one gold? Is this like choosing a favorite child? For silver, instinctively I'd say US mint dimes, but to have fewer tubes but same amount of silver, I'd go for half dollars. For gold, I'd go for 1/10 ounce gold Eagles. But to have fewer tubes I'd go for pre-1933 $5 Half Eagles.
  13. What is this "stop buying" thing you speak of... 👀
  14. It would be a good law if it was executed against the true offenders. But ironically, they're likely the ones wielding such laws.