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  1. RacerCool

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    I have a Russian coin with milk spotting I'd like to get rid of. But I've never heard of any non-damaging method for doing it.
  2. I appreciate your response, but since this isn't the thread for it, I won't continue with this particular topic. But since I don't buy into what they've told us concerning all of this, I get sick of seeing it celebrated. Which is why I don't want to see it on coins.
  3. These aren't long videos, so it won't take a ton of time to watch. Come to your own conclusions:
  4. I'm not anti-space (haven't heard that phrase before, actually), but I think the moon landings were phony, at least as they were shown to us. If they went to the moon, it wasn't that way.
  5. Please no on the moon landings. Just please, no. Please yes on new coin designs from the U.S. mint. I'm all for recycling, but no more reusing old designs, like St. Gaudens, etc. The high relief Liberty gold coins, for example, are beautiful coins, and aren't recycled designs.
  6. RacerCool

    WTF, ISIS to bring out gold and silver coins

    Which means they might be stamped on the same presses that make American gold and silver Eagles, even from the same batch of planchets. I think I'll just stick to stacking the USA branded version, instead, thanks.
  7. Send me your money and I'll be happy to buy your silver and gold, then send you a fancy looking piece of paper which says that I have your holdings stored safely and securely. But for sure, you own it! Trust me. And I'll be sure not to sell that same gold and silver to someone else, sending them a similar fancy looking piece of paper. Trust me.
  8. So that why my 100 billion pounds in 1/25th ounce coins hasn't arrived yet...
  9. RacerCool

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    Yep, fake news is fake. The lower the prices of silver and gold drop, the more we can stack.
  10. RacerCool


    She is quite charming! As for the coin itself, I wonder how much further we're going to see the definition of "coin" stretched? Also, forget using the magnet test on that one, ha ha. On their channel, they are showing another series of 2 ounce coins called "Eternal Sculptures" , and they do look impressive.
  11. RacerCool

    Next queens beast?

    And for some reason, I was thinking it's either the Greyhound or Yale.
  12. RacerCool

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    I honestly don't really know what to believe concerning the future value of silver. I've heard all the arguments, but the only one that really has any sticking power in my thinking is the fact (is it, really, or is it more fake news?) that JP Morgan is hoarding it. If true, that's significant. Nothing else really matters to me, argument-wise, since you'll hear opinions (backed by data and common sense) all over the spectrum. Regardless, for the near future I'll continue to keep the bulk of my cash out of the system, and instead, into PMs.
  13. RacerCool

    Brexit means Brexit

    That just means a few more months' worth of you paying for their misspending, and their cooking up of more shenanigans.
  14. RacerCool

    Brexit means Brexit

    Exactly! I'm not British, but I have been thinking this since you voted for Brexit. Just leave. Tell the EU they don't have permission to decide if they want to give permission. Do your own thing, encourage the other nations to do their thing, and move forward. And lock up all the bureaucratic crooks!
  15. RacerCool


    It seems like most of them were meant for cigarettes. On a side note, I've come across many of them that are 3+ ounces of silver, some more than 5 ounces. So the expense could be further justified as it's adding to the stack.