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  1. LOL, I haven't heard that one exactly, but it's a good concise way to say it.
  2. I verify size and weight. Never found anything unexpected.
  3. That's where I've been buying almost all of my gold and silver for quite a while now. The best deals can be found there if you look around and are patient.
  4. I buy them either at a local store or on eBay. Typically on eBay, though, since I build up ebay bucks while buying there. And also "special buy" deals can sometimes be found there which can give even better bargains.
  5. if I can suggest looking south of the border, you can find some good deals on fractional Mexican gold. The 5 pesos coin has been my go-to when looking for a budget-friendly gold purchase, since it's approximately equivalent to a half sovereign. And they can often be had for close to spot.
  6. I added another modern half eagle to the stack, a 1997 Jackie Robinson memorial. And managed to pay under spot by about $12. Pretty happy about it.
  7. Ok that makes sense. You're more experienced than I am since I've never panned for gold. Good luck! I hope most of that dust turns out to be gold!
  8. I'm not being a jerk, I'm just curious: why would you need any other ways of telling them apart? Aren't those two ways sufficient?
  9. No, I wouldn't because my goal is to exchange paper dollars for gold. Will the graded coin get a higher return when I go to sell it? I don't know; maybe. But as it is now, if for example you pay attention to modern half eagles (aka, $5 commemorative coins from the US mint), there's no noticeable pattern to their difference in selling price. Not that I've charted things, but when I go to buy, I'll get what's cheapest. Sometimes it's a BU version, sometimes it's a proof. Sometimes graded, or ungraded. Maybe the bullion eagles (unrelated to the actual "eagles", including half eagles) are a distinctly different market.
  10. That's roughly a 50% premium, which isn't outrageous these days. Almost anything silver has a huge premium, especially if you're looking on eBay.
  11. If it's actually copper then it makes sense that it would be just as effective.
  12. I agree, and there should be the word "gold" after "Though" where I said, "Though is the way to go if you actually want to invest".
  13. I'm glad most of the gold and silver I buy is in 90% purity. * goes and buys tens of thousands of ounces, no triggering * 😏
  14. True, and thanks for pointing that out. 👍 Point is that silver will hold its value better than cash, and will likely even gain in value. Though gold is the way to go if you actually want to invest.
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