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  1. Starting to get excited now to see what my 1989 Double Sov makes. Hoping for a 70 judging by the previous ones I've seen go through here. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  2. I'm going to send you my 1989 Double Sovereign if that's ok. Thanks.
  3. Many thanks Numistacker. My graded coins arrived safely today
  4. Great thanks. Looking forward to getting the Guinea and Morgan back. Great work you do for us.
  5. Wow. My Morgan got an AU 53 and no mention of Cleaned. I am a happy bunny. Thanks very much. Think I may have to send you my 1989 Double Proof Sov. next.
  6. wow. 55 AU for my Guinea. I'm guessing that's a pretty good grade for that.
  7. Just a quick question for you Re. payment for the Coins going to be Graded. Off to Portugal on Saturday for 10 days. If payment is required within this time, I can do Paypal from over there but not Banking. Is that going to be ok? Thanks.
  8. Great Video. Looking forward to seeing the Guinea Graded. Thanks for all you do.
  9. Hi there. I have a Coin that I would like to get graded. It's an 1878 Morgan cc that I bought last year. What is the procedure for sending it to you. Thanks in advance.
  10. As above. I would use Transferwise or REVOLUT as you will get a better exchange rate than they are offering on the site.
  11. I'm 1 of 10 people who have the Enammelled set. I have the box for those. I will post a pic later as well.Silver G. Beat me to it. Great rounds and great boxes
  12. Hi. One of the group makes wooden boxes. These were pre paid by a lot of people. Some have had them, some have not. The maker has had a few problems but is now back on track and making more now. A lot of us said no rush till the series is finished. Others are not so patient. Everyone is different. This is the main problem a few have. Nothing to do with the rounds, just the boxes
  13. Thanks for any comments. I am calm again now. I do think he expected more response and I'm sorry to have caused any grief. I just over reacted when I read his post.
  14. My apologies If I offended anyone. I read it all for the first time last night and was incensed at what OBS had written. I'm usually very mild mannered but to read that I had been called a scammer was all too much. I'm calm now ?
  15. Was it not toxic everytime he made a slanderous post then. We just think it's about time he was brought to book. Sadly the Admin here are either with him or scared of a confrontation as they just say to me that he might be telling the truth that we are all Scammers. Can we prove otherwise? I supplied my name, my ebay name with 3000 Pos feedback at 100%. That was still not enough for them to believe me. They are siding with an anonymous little Scroat who thinks it's ok to Slander people on a public forum. It needs to be stopped.