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    *tada* reacted to sovereignsteve in No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see   
    Presumably there should be at least 30 coins the same
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    *tada* reacted to augur in No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see   
    Unless QC spotted them or they were sent back but knowing "QC" at the Royal Mint I rather doubt that. 
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    *tada* got a reaction from augur in No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see   
    This is so much clearer as a comparison, thanks!
    As the number of findings grow hopefully this is more likely to be attributed as a variety
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    *tada* reacted to augur in No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see   
    That's then No.3 of the weak/no J.C
    on the regular one you can see the dot between the initials

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    *tada* reacted to augur in No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see   
    Ok @HyHy, you asked for it
    There are at least two PF70 1/4 oz gold proof dragons where the "J.C" on the reverse is rather a "J C".
    The most likely explanation is that the mask to protect the fields during sandblasting was not cut out in this area and the dye was not etched here. As per general information from the Royal Mint, dyes are polished and etched again after 30 coins so that there could be very few coins of this kind. 
    It would be interesting to get your views on this anomaly. 

    Opposed to the regular one

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    *tada* reacted to KDave in The price of silver   
    If you look purely at the GSR over time the peaks and troughs have been expanding with each cycle, 100 to 1 ratio would not surprise me before it reverses, but either way its a slow process in both directions, decades long. Patience is key as swagger says.
    That said we must be careful taking a metric such as the GSR on its own, silver does not need to fall in price for the GSR to continue is march to 100 to 1. We must also be careful when looking at the historic monetary values of silver in terms of the GSR - the 9 to 1 and 16 to 1 figures - silver is arguably no longer a monetary metal, its industrial use is in excess of investment and jewellery and the demand for that purpose has fallen rather drastically in recent years.
    I have not seen up to date figures but early 2017 also saw the industrial demand for silver fall in every sector bar photovoltaics (e.g. solar panels) - the overall balance was maintained through high growth in that one sector but the rest of the picture is bleak. Especially for investment purposes - stacking silver has become an unpopular sport, physical demand for the range of investment vehicles, including demand from backed ETF products fell by a third last year.
    Its a mixed picture - against other assets, silver is the cheapest it has ever been, against other commodities its one of the cheapest, in the same boat as uranium, the downside looks limited yet no one is interested. No body cares. Sentiment is arguably terrible for the metal - another positive indicator. Yet the silver institute supply/demand (I am out of date by a year here) is not encouraging, the GSR trend is a mixed signal depending on your context - look at the trend at widening peaks and troughs and perhaps we are early, look at the historic monetary GSR's and its a buy.  Look at the environment in terms of what silver represented for many people in the recent past, a speculative, lottery ticket like investment - the same people have sold to buy crypto. Crypto is not doing too well right now, but regardless the speculative crowd have moved on from silver for now. I am buying more silver than I am gold right now, another negative indicator? I was never much good at timing my investments  
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    *tada* reacted to KDave in The price of silver   
    The way I see it Palladium and Rhodium are expensive relative to gold, silver and platinum, platinum is cheap relative to gold, and silver is cheap relative to gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. More importantly, commodities are cheap relative to everything, but I would chose the commodities cheaper relative to each other historically, which is why silver and platinum are attractive even after the premiums. 
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    *tada* reacted to Kman in What's your favourite queen,s beast   
    No idea, it seemed like the proof and bullion weren't particularly linked in the beginning and they might just released differently but they seem to have matched up since  
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    *tada* got a reaction from JohnAnsink in 2017 1/4 Sov or 2007 Brit. Silver Proof Set .. Which to buy?   
    My vote is on the 2017 quarter sovereign. I’m all in for the 2017 special design! But better yet to wait for some sort of deals like eBay bucks and then get the half sov or full sov
    I didn’t spend much time looking for the price history but it seems it’s quite stable at $250 for the quarter sov in PF70?
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    *tada* reacted to MickB in Today I Received   
    My 2002 shield half sovereign arrived today. I won the bidding on eBay for this at £125. Part of me wants to take it out of the envelope and put it in a capsule but I suppose in the long run it would be worth more left as it is.

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    *tada* reacted to HyHy in Missing JC on the obverse   
    Erm it's around $1000 excluding taxes and shipping so get it from @Skelator88 he priced his item really reasonably and I have dealt with him before with no problems if that's your concern 
    I do think so as well! I mean I wouldn't mind at all and not too bothered whether it will add on any value as long as it is authentic!
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    *tada* reacted to augur in Missing JC on the obverse   
    It will be a rare error coin. Normally the engravers that prepare the dye have a little film to protect the fields from the sandblasting that creates the frosted effect. In this case the letters weren't properly cut out and that is why J C wasn't frosted. NGC and PGCS look mainly at the fields, so this was overlooked by at least two graders. 
    This coin slipped QC at the Royal Mint and at NGC. I believe there was an instance with US coins, where on a handful the frosting wasn't applied and they became for some reason quite desirable. 
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    *tada* reacted to Kman in Missing JC on the obverse   
    I would be pleased, as errors go it's pretty cool, doesn't distract from the overall aesthetic
    Not sure if it will end up adding any value but still cool   
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    *tada* reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
  15. Haha
    *tada* got a reaction from Goldmick in What's your favourite queen,s beast   
    Proof lion - it also have the highest relief among the series. Dragon and unicorn are very nice and magical, but doesn’t look as fierce as the lion. You can almost hear the lion roar!
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    *tada* got a reaction from Goldmick in What's your favourite queen,s beast   
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    *tada* reacted to Goldmick in What's your favourite queen,s beast   
    Quite a variety of answer.s good to see that. Cant wait to see them all 
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    *tada* got a reaction from Goldmick in What's your favourite queen,s beast   
    Proof lion - it also have the highest relief among the series. Dragon and unicorn are very nice and magical, but doesn’t look as fierce as the lion. You can almost hear the lion roar!
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    *tada* got a reaction from fehk2001 in Queens Beast Bull - First look   
    I got the 1oz gold proof and must say it looked much better in person than Mint generated photos. A little bird told me that for the initial batch submissions 70 grades are a bit lower than usual this time (compared to amazingly high 70 percentages on previous 3 QB 1oz gold proof issues), so if you’re buying the proof coins def cherry pick them.
    Oops I just realized this is for silver, apologize but I’m really too lazy to open another post under gold...
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    *tada* reacted to Lowlow in Proof coins for investment - worth it?   
    The thing I don't like about collectibles, and proofs specifically, and someone else had a similar thought above, is that you're basically becoming a dealer when you get into that.  You may not own a shop and have to cover a spread with your customers, but you're still out there marketing your wares when you get ready to sell, you still have to find and/or create a market for your "product".  Now for most people that means going to the local coin shop with hat in hand begging for a good price, but for the more savvy that means you're on ebay and other platforms, beating the street, looking for someone to give you the price that you want so you make some coin on the transaction.  Even when you do that, unless you've found a way to do that in volume and keep shipping costs low, it's hard to turn a profit on that kind of endeavor.  Even shops have a hard time, and they make money on the spread .. paying as little as possible for coins they buy from collectors, and charging as much as they can selling to those same collectors.
    Me, I'm just too &^%$ing lazy to do that.  It's not that I don't like the coins, I think a lot of them are beautiful, but I don't have the patience to sit around dusting cases of proofs, keeping up with what's hot and what's not, and generally being a coin collecting geek.  I understand people who like to do that, and there is money to be made doing it if you know what you're doing, but it just doesn't jive with my own personality.
    I think a lot of collectors get into collecting without a thought of how they'd get out of that "investment".  They imagine they can sell it, but it's like Warren Buffet said, the way to know what something is worth is to buy a little bit of it, then try to sell it.  I think most collectors are buying at what they believe are reasonable prices, enjoying their collection, have no idea how they would sell it, ... and I think all that is perfectly fine if they're getting value out of it and it's making their life better and they are happy doing it.  I appreciate other people's collections because without individual collectors we wouldn't have a history, collectors are the ones who store this collective material history that we have together, I just think it's important to be honest with yourself about what your role in the game is before you put on the uniform.  Are you a collector ?  A historian ?  A dealer ?  An "investor" ?  These aren't all the same thing.
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    *tada* reacted to tbone in Proof coins for investment - worth it?   
    This is a huge topic, but I'd say the biggest problem with proofs is that there are so many of them.  Some mints like Canada are notorious for pumping out limited mintage proofs of whatever.  Don't fall for the idea that because something is limited (or "Sold out at the Mint!") that collectors will be desperate to get a hold of them in the future.  I'd say most modern proofs are duds from that standpoint. 
    That said, there are some modern proofs that are part of popular series that do very well in aftermarket.  Numistacker, Shadowstack, and Backyard Bullion all did excellent Youtube videos on the subject. 
    Good luck!
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    *tada* reacted to Fivepoundfred in Proof coins for investment - worth it?   
    I generally only collect proof coins and have been doing so for many years. I guess first of all it depends how much you pay for them in the first place. Some of the five pound coins that i collect can be seen for sale on Ebay for extremely silly prices but with a little patience and knowing  when and where to buy from you can get them for much more reasonable prices and then stand a fair chance of an increase in value from your original purchase price if you look after them well. Of course condition is very important with proof coins in particular when you think about selling, it can take some time to find specific coins for the right price in top condition. I was looking for a particular dated £5 in top condition for about two years and found one by chance at the recent London coin fair for a very good price.
    The main problem that you can get buying silver proof coins is that even with the most careful storage they can often develop spots and haze which of course will reduce the value in most cases. Generally you do not get such problems with gold proof coins.
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    *tada* reacted to STONE in silver krugerrand   
    Private seller on Ebay. The ones he had are all gone. These are hard to find, when they pop up I jump on it. They are from a monster box of 250. Its the only way I know of to get them direct from the mint so to speak. The vast majority that made it to the USA were basically graded rejects from MCM. Not all but a lot of them.
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    *tada* reacted to AlphaBeast in Queens Beast Bull - First look   
    At least they have made this edition more feminine, here's to equality!
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    *tada* reacted to westminstrel in 1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set   
    Just the Bullion Half Sovereign. The poor coin seems to be the most insignificant of them all, and usually always forgotten 😬