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  1. *tada*

    No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see

    This is so much clearer as a comparison, thanks! As the number of findings grow hopefully this is more likely to be attributed as a variety
  2. *tada*

    No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see

    I just got hold of one (PF70 UC by NGC) but not sure if it’s coming from the same die- the JC on reverse is particularly weak (last image is a 10x zoom you can clearly see the JC there) It looks to be slightly stronger strike than augur’s image but then direction of lighting also can strength or weaken the impression so I’m not sure
  3. My vote is on the 2017 quarter sovereign. I’m all in for the 2017 special design! But better yet to wait for some sort of deals like eBay bucks and then get the half sov or full sov I didn’t spend much time looking for the price history but it seems it’s quite stable at $250 for the quarter sov in PF70?
  4. *tada*

    Missing JC on the obverse

    Looks to be error coin - do you mind sharing how much did you pay for it HyHy?
  5. *tada*

    What's your favourite queen,s beast

    Does anyone know why the proof series skipped griffin?
  6. *tada*

    What's your favourite queen,s beast

    Proof lion - it also have the highest relief among the series. Dragon and unicorn are very nice and magical, but doesn’t look as fierce as the lion. You can almost hear the lion roar!
  7. *tada*

    Queens Beast Bull - First look

    I got the 1oz gold proof and must say it looked much better in person than Mint generated photos. A little bird told me that for the initial batch submissions 70 grades are a bit lower than usual this time (compared to amazingly high 70 percentages on previous 3 QB 1oz gold proof issues), so if you’re buying the proof coins def cherry pick them. Oops I just realized this is for silver, apologize but I’m really too lazy to open another post under gold...
  8. *tada*

    Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    One thing to understand is generally collectors buys proof coins and store them with care. This is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because you generally can find earlier proof coins with very high grades as they are preserved well. Curse is more interesting. Historically there are many examples where US proof coins are much rarer on paper in terms of mintage, but are readily available decades later. On the other hand, sometimes people ignore seemingly high mintage non proof issues and years later most got either circulated or destroyed/melted and gem examples become very rare and much more expensive than proof counterparts. It sounds counterintuitive but it happens. As for modern bullion coins, if they are not rare and are not in high demand, then yes most chances their proof counterpart will be worth more down the line.
  9. *tada*

    Queens Beast Bull - First look

    This is probably the weakest in QB design so far, but to balance heraldic design with Jody Clark’s modern design language is no easy task especially he is not given much time to research and iterate At this pace there may be two more by year end...
  10. *tada*

    1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set

    I just checked NGC census today and it seems in the past couple of months or so we have a (relatively) large increase in the population of 1989 full sovereign graded as 70. 2017: Population 15 3/5/2018: Population 21
  11. *tada*

    1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set

    That’s beautiful, damn now I have to find that case...
  12. *tada*

    1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set

    Yes nowadays PCGS and NGC can’t tell a MS from Proof.
  13. *tada*

    1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set

    The plain edge sovereign, though I think the sapphire jubilee has very low mintage, if not for the platinum wedding added later (well played by the RM...)
  14. *tada*

    1989 Tudor Rose graded vs. raw set

    Yep one needs a big budget, or simply choose whatever he likes. There is no need to collect all of them. What do you think about Piedfort sovereign? MCM is still trying to sell the perfectly graded ones. That’s actually one of the main reasons i ask the questions before - it seems recent sovereigns are very easy to grade perfect due to technology improvements from the RM