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  1. *tada*

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Preorder link? Make it limited at 5 sets and we have a new modern key bum date!
  2. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    If a coin is graded 69 you can generally tell why. However there are rare cases when 69 should be graded higher at 70, and also the "crack out - resubmit" game by many people to try to upgrade the coin is prevalent. This is called "gradflation" and motivates PCGS to fingerprint each coin they have already graded. A coin graded at 69 without visible flaws can offer attractive value. If a coin is graded 70 no flaws should be visible to naked eye without 5x magnifier and even at zoom you can almost always argue why the minute imperfection doesn't matter for grade. If a coin is graded 70 and you find a significant issue (say actual hairline scratch instead of planchet error), then it's graded wrong and PCGS/NGC should compensate you for the difference. I have filed two claims with success with PCGS, but failed one claim vs NGC and opt to return the coin instead. A 70, a technical grade, can have non-intrusive carbon/red/milk spots as well as slight rim issue or planchet issue that are not from post production. That's why one should buy the coin and not the holder. Looking forward to @Sal's blind test.
  3. I think for Great Britain coins and Mexican coins this forum is perhaps the best and fastest in distribution information and facilitating knowledge sharing. The topic is vast and if you narrow down a bit of your interest, I can def point to resources. For example, Don Bailey's Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money Vol I and II (III is incoming hopefully), which I like as reference books.
  4. *tada*

    2017 Gold Maple 150th

    There are matte proof and reverse-proof versions of this coin, I think they are the best looking gold 1oz maple leaf coins ever minted. Each with low mintage of 500, 99999 purity so quite soft. 70 graded expected to cost $3000-$4000 on secondary market and puzzlingly hard to find despite high population (200+ 70 graded).
  5. I assume we're talking about investment across bullion and coins with numismatic values. I would say typically 5-10% on bullion. Higher allocation towards cash (especially if you're in US where short term rate is high) and numismatic items. - Coins of numismatic values in general are cheap relatively speaking at this time. I think it's a good entry point over the long run, especially for world coins. - Gold and silver are not very expensive, considering how many bubbles out there and how much debt this entire world has. My framework of thinking when to do what: Negative growth surprise + High inflation shock (i.e. stagflation) => Stackers win big, stocks lose big Negative growth surprise + Low inflation shock => Difficult for PM. Positive growth surprise + High inflation shock => Just buy stocks, and a bit PM Positive growth surprise + Low inflation shock => Just buy stocks, and a bit PM Hope it helps!
  6. *tada*

    A part of my collection: to grade or not?

    I'd say slab them as a way to protect the coins from potential damage and providing liquidity when you sell. Crack them out if in another 20 years future collectors don't like slabbing coins anymore. Keep the box and COA. Slabbing can be undone with hammers or professional machines. If grades are great (btw: close to zero chance to grade an original set with full 70s so the expectations need to be realistic), value increased, you win. If not (lower than 69), leave it be or crack it out. Think of it as paying a small grading premium for a potential handsome gain in valuation. You probably could already tell how well they will grade. If the coins aren't of great quality in the first place, staying ungraded doesn't increase the value to any knowledgeable buyers.
  7. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    That’s because APMEX special label is 59. The other 3 are from personal submissions, like mine
  8. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Hey we are talking under the same assumption. Please take it easy. What I am asking is giving how much inventory they have, why only 59 got graded 70 and presumably the rest got returned. One explanation is the grade through rate is low, the other is that the bank releases in batches so APMEX doesn’t get everything ready for submission for first strike. I submitted mine personally and got grade results after APMEX’s sale.
  9. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    59 from APMEX is low given how much inventory they have as the only major distributor of the 1000 coins. But then they might not have submitted all of them.
  10. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Thanks - I almost always use secure shield service, but do hope they become more consistent in coin imaging. I think 69 is fine unless something is apparent and distracting. On smaller coins (1/4, 1/10 and 1/20 onza) 69 is quite hard to tell from 70. I still think the 70 grade through rate for the reverse proof coins should be high given the large matte surface, but so far the results are puzzling and I'm not sure why APMEX doesn't get more of these in 70.
  11. *tada*

    2019 Gold Britannia 2oz Proof

    I like David's 2018 version better. For some reason I feel like the proportion of Britannia's head is not right?
  12. *tada*

    Today I Received.....

    Here's a very cool 1kg silver medal, one of my favorite, the 1980 golden monkey stamp is very well loved in China.
  13. *tada*

    Today I Received.....

    Finally got this! SOOO hard to find one as mintage is only 100...
  14. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Libertad porn for the night. Reverse proof vs proof Ouch is there a way to make the photos smaller?
  15. *tada*

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Behold the PCGS premium and the magical power of APMEX special label