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  1. Just got the 1911 double sovereign today (PCGS PR67DCAM), amazing coin! Here’s the TrueView image from PCGS:
  2. There is also corner lettering which is more interesting than the privy
  3. The elusive snowman, in my view one of the most beautiful 50p designs.
  4. Some new amazing results back from PCGS.
  5. I can answer this question as I’ve went through countless of these. Short answer: PCGS will NOT honor NGC early release, first release, or FDOI. If you got one back with same label, consider yourself lucky. If you submit a coin with these label, PCGS will give you a call or send an email asking if you still want to proceed if losing the special label. Numistacker may know if the reverse holds true, but I think NGC probably wouldn’t honor PCGS first strike label as well?
  6. Mine looked fine when I got it and is now in the hands of PCGS gods. Will share the trueview image once graded - I think some of the original flaws on the coin probably doesn’t impact grading unless apparent. I see these from non proof versions of the platinum coins issued by US mint all the time.
  7. I believe 250 sets only. Also it comes with a letter from the Royal Mint saying there is mistake on the COA card.
  8. Finally got a chance to buy this set from the bay... sending to PCGS for grading shortly. So excited!
  9. Anyone has one in hand? How does it look?
  10. Can’t resist...😅 Anyone knows where to find mintage history on 5 sov BU? Is 500 among the lowest?
  11. Just got my military set back by PCGS, very happy every coin got a 70 grade. This set may not be as popular as the culture set which has Kew Gardens but it is equally stunning. For both sets, I've made a showcase here (one of the coin is yet to be photographed): https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/collectors-showcase/world-coins/50-years-50p/imagegallery/3809
  12. For whoever is interested, PCGS (US at least) recently is having a grading special where the True View photos are for free with regular Reholder service - basically saves you $5 per coin. I really like their new lighting template for gold proof coins- just got the new photos for my 1989 sovereign coins and I’m impressed at the improvements vs previous almost dark proof coin photos.
  13. Finally decided to buy the 2017 Britannia 6-coin set (aka the most hated Britannia design). It certainly is growing on me though and I think it is one of the most memorable Britannia. The smallest coin is really tiny, NGC has to use a capsule to secure it in regular holders.
  14. Yes, the darker ones are earlier and lighter ones are new templates launched last month which I liked more, awesome lighting for proof coins.
  15. At long last I’ve completed the collection and successfully convinced PCGS to create a set registry to acknowledge this more and more popular collecting trend. I had a lot of fun finding each of these coins and enjoy the beauty they are. My personal favorite are all the five pound coins. My completed set with TrueView can be seen here: https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/alltimeset/186655 Gallery with comments here: https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/british-gold/british-gold-specialty-sets/great-britain-elizabeth-ii-sovereign-reverse-design-set-proof-1989-2017/imagegallery/186655 This gold proof set contains 1989, 2002, 2005, 2012 and 2017 and includes the five sovereign, double sovereign, sovereign, half sovereign and from 2012 the quarter sovereign. I hope you like the set and also I hope this registry helps you locate the coins in PCGS census! Here’s a quick description from the Royal Mint: