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  1. *tada*

    Britannia vs. Libertad (gold proof coins)

    Maybe you don't need to wait that long now that RM is warming itself up to Asian markets. Yet collecting cultures are vastly different there
  2. *tada*

    Britannia vs. Libertad (gold proof coins)

    I was happily collecting Australia wedge tailed eagle series (one design every one year or two) until 2018 version came out..Urgh.. I have a lot of respect for John Mercanti (well known in US for his Silver eagle design) but sometimes even he churns our bad designs. You can tell how confident RM is with Jody Clark that they give him the job to design all QBs.
  3. Let me start by saying I am a US based collector so perhaps unbiased? on Sovereign vs Britannia as they're all world coins to me. I understand sovereigns have a broader world appeal due to its historical significance and I collect some special year sovereigns myself. Recently I was looking at Britannia gold proof sets and was shocked at how low the mintages are in the past several years, even compared to famously low mintage libertad gold proof coins. In 2018 the mintage is only 250 on the 1oz coin (did I got this right? I thought the 1oz is exclusive in the 6-coins set). 2016 also has extremely low mintages. To put that into perspective, libertad gold proof set key date is 2014, when there are only 250 sets. And the price of these libertad sets, graded or not, has skyrocketed and still have much room to grow. Comparing to libertad gold proof sets on the secondary market that have similar mintages, the Britannia proof sets seem to be relatively cheap and may have some potentials? BUT for Britannias, The designs are inconsistent year over year... (Libertads have a proven NSFW design that's beautiful) The mint premium is way too high... (to RM's credit, changing design every year is costly, but...) There is no mysterious final mintage numbers that shock people... I'm curious to hear what do you think? Particularly is there a difference in perspective for UK collectors vs non-UK collectors on Britannia vs Libertad? Finally, has there ever been a high relief britannia coin? I would love to have one. There are several US high relief gold coins that are absolutely beautiful.
  4. *tada*

    Gold Closely Tracking Chinese Yuan Recently

    Trump saves the day!
  5. *tada*

    Gold Closely Tracking Chinese Yuan Recently

    I'm very worried about a potential crash in CNY, and the impact it would have on gold - it will not be a good day worldwide as there will be huge deleveraging/selloffs everywhere.
  6. *tada*

    Gold Closely Tracking Chinese Yuan Recently

    Another huge drop in CNY/CNH last night -> another sell off in gold
  7. Here's a 30 day intraday chart - and I include Euro for comparison Orange line: gold Yellow: Chinese Yuan Blue: Euro Really puzzling
  8. *tada*

    Gold Libertad release???

    Updates from Pat (Don Bailey Numismatics) "Banco de Mexico has released a note giving notice of the release of the 2018 gold BU coins. (It appears that they are still gathering the proof gold coin). " Seems like Gold Proof set is still pending pricing and release. Final BU gold pricing will not be before the 24th of July Well, probably the schedule is delayed due to weak gold price and they maybe waiting for some quick rebound in gold. The mintage very likely higher than last year due to lower spot and higher demand.
  9. *tada*

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    Dollar and depreciating Chinese Yuan
  10. *tada*

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    APMEX has been releasing a bunch of these every day - "exclusive" labels and such
  11. *tada*

    Hedging gold and silver downside risk

    If you are asking for a normal hedge for the metals it will be extremely expensive (in the market certainty is always expensive). You could of course do a put spread (on futures options which are very efficient) to reduce the cost and increase leverage. If you believe gold is at/close to its bottom (I don't think so) you probably can do a riskier three way and finance your put spread with option writing. Unlike silver, gold crash is very very rare and a $30-$40 move in one day is considered huge. When you get close to $1000 range it will be much closer to the mining cost so there will be upward convexity. If you are asking for a crash hedge for the metal with low probability of making a killing if the underlying crashes and high probability of losing a little (still much less than straight puts of course), one exists for gold based on the different option skews of multiple instruments. But then it's a totally different story and I believe you want absolute certainty. Many people sell options to gain a bit income on gold. Personally I don't like it because you don't want to be picking peanuts in a landmine, for lack of a better analogy.
  12. What do you guys think of this gold proof set? This year still have low mintage (220+30) but it doesn't seem to sell out fast. I haven't got hold of a set yet but the design looks great on paper, hopefully it looks great translating to the coins (screenshot below from RM's youtube video) Also, I was just told the initial 70 grade through rate is only 40% so it may pay off for those who send in and get a good grade out of it.
  13. *tada*

    Some Musings on Gold

    BTW sixgun, IAU has a different structure, and allows for double-ownership for lack of a better word, this is what actually concerns people who worried about worst scenarios. That's why, despite being cheaper in management fees, IAU is a much smaller fund than GLD
  14. *tada*

    Some Musings on Gold

    Agree - gold is the hardest thing to predict really
  15. *tada*

    Some Musings on Gold

    India/China consume a lot of gold in jewelry, which is a large proportion of gold demand. Others demands come from dentistry/electronics, these gets recycled all the time