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  1. *tada*

    Oriental Britannia launching soon

    Aha you’re right! Probably targeting only Asia markets then Added 0 minutes later... Yes MCM/GovMint just got the graded ones, or “special presentation”
  2. *tada*

    Oriental Britannia launching soon

    Say hello to the special border Britannia: Mintage talk: 2500 1oz silver proof, 500 1oz gold proof
  3. Quite an abrupt termination and not sure what happened. Hall cofounded PCGS and has been its public face, so sad to see him go. https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/2018/09/david-hall-dumped-from-companies-he-co-founded.html
  4. Many dealers are still buying (on eBay and by phone calls etc.). They need to rush to get it for grading.
  5. APMEX black label selling at $3500 now. That's 25% increase overnight. Demand outstripping supply and dealers are buying on the bay like crazy.🤯 I was reading the legislation which approved this coin issue and it seems the mint has to vary the surface finish every year? So next year we could see a special burnished finish?
  6. Completely insane the 2017 BU one is still keeping its insane premium after a year ...
  7. You're absolutely right. But there is strong demand in these special labels because the US modern issue mintage is generally high. And people buy it, sellers make $$, so it still stays for now...
  8. No worries everyone start as newb. To get first strike/first release/early release labels PCGS/NGC has to receive it within 30 days since issuance. To submit you need to be a member (they charge annual fees and often give you several grading coupons with membership. Of course there are well-known forum members here that can submit on your behalf ( @Numistacker for NGC submission, for example). No need to be original package but it's easier to put it in a coin flip (non PVC, archival material) and attached a label to it as instructed by PCGS/NGC. If you don't submit within 30 days and still wants to get first strike, then you need unopened original package that shows the time of receipt.
  9. For retail it's about $90 to grade PCGS with first strike label if you only submit one coin. PCGS is more expensive than NGC in grading but generally fetches a premium in US on these modern issues. And I recon PF69 FS would at least bring $150 premium to whatever raw coin is traded at that time (probably can get at least $2000), where PR70 FS would sell for >=$3000. 70 grade through rate should be pretty high unless the mint screws up.
  10. Some 1/4 dragon coin has weak JC mark, i guess the RM didn't really check the quarter proof die carefully...
  11. @fehk2001 I just checked it seems this one doesn't have the mark
  12. I strongly suggest those who obtained the raw one to check the coin and if in good quality, submit for grading. Good profits to be made in a short time! The US collectors are simply devoid of nice issues for a while and got way too excited for a beautiful coin like this lol Also, please be mindful of dealer offers, right now it's easy to sell the raw coin for more even if they pay a $300+ premium. But if someone established is willing to pay you $600+ for raw and covers shipping, I'd say it's a great deal. Long term wise the price may go down as this clearly is a lot of hype. But really it depends on demand and what the mint is gonna do next.
  13. OK, presale from APMEX on their exclusive black label PCGS PR70 First Strike has started. Again they used step-up pricing to gauge monopoly prices (and one doesn't even get alerts because the stocks went poof so fast). Initial batch: 3 coins @ $2795, gone in 2 minutes Second batch: 5 coins @2995, gone in 5 minutes I can't believe how popular this coin is, it is certainly very exciting. I'm guessing actual sale of PCGS PR70 FS special labels could go up to $3500 range. Incredible!
  14. 1oz proof gold gone as well.