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  1. jacksj1

    Price Spike Dips

    Are you hinting at silver/gold backed cryptos sixgun ? It's surely coming sooner or later. It's interesting to keep track of who is amassing physical silver and gold. We should also remember silver is still the most conductive element known to man. I'll be surprised if it doesn't see use in medium term emerging technologies that affects physical demand. In the meantime until physical demand does change it's going to be a buyers market. Great time to be buying.
  2. jacksj1

    Universal Credit

    Tax avoidance is legal but much of it is through loop holes which the Government does not try to address. The figure cited reflects this. As I said the number of people working in Government chasing tax and working on legislation has been halved. Not to mention the tax policy the Government operates is put together by people seconded from the big four (Deloitte, PWC, KPMG & EY) who go back to their employers with intimate knowledge of how to get around the legislation they have devised. There is a never ending flow of people moving between Government and these companies which is also legal, but morally bankrupt. People leaving Government on huge contracts for these companies. There are more high earners illegally claiming child benefit they are not entitled to than there are people abusing the welfare system (165,000 in 2014). To be precise they are benefit cheats. In this thread people claiming UC are accused of being criminal as fact when the proportion of claimants who are criminal is exactly the same as the proportion of non claimants in work who are criminal. The fact is people on benefits represent the same broad spectrum of people who don't claim benefit. Ordinary UK families who our society has let down. Massively more of the social security budget is used to subsidise low wages of the working poor than that paid to folks out of work. All but a tiny majority of jobless people are out of work because they are disabled. have caring responsibilities or because no work is available. These are all facts from academic research. If you believe they aren't true then you are accepting the propaganda pumped out by the ultra rich through the media and from duplicitous politicians. And I'll close with a final thought. The poor have been screwed as much as they can. The ultra rich from now on will set their sights on the middle classes more and more. That nice pension you've worked 30 years for and the comfortable retirement you are looking forward to ? Your savings and your hoard of precious metals? It's going to be plundered and if you try to keep some back hidden you'll be a benefit cheat. And to cap it off you'll probably be demonised in the eyes of those in society who don't have it to start.
  3. jacksj1

    Universal Credit

    It happens but it is clear folk think it is far more prevalent than it is. It is not the norm. It's also clear most people don't realize the majority of our welfare bill goes to pensioners and the working poor. Universal Credit is causing an immeasurable amount of suffering and misery - to see it dismissed and joked about so casually is shameful. I believe everyone should work for what they have and what they get. You know some lazy toerag who is exploiting the system - they should get nothing. I also believe political and economic choices have forced large swathes of our population into a situation where either there is no work or the work they can get is underpaid so they struggle to afford housing and food. People are committing suicide, being made homeless and living in debt they can't escape from. Ignoring that and demonizing masses of people is narrow minded and ignorant of the truth.
  4. jacksj1

    Universal Credit

    Are people so unaware they actually believe this bollocks or is it a windup ? It's the kind of nonsense spewed out by the Barclays brothers and Viscount Rothermere in the Mail and the Telegraph. As an aside the significant majority of the welfare bill goes to pensioners and the in work poor (tax credits etc). In the near future those in work who receive such benefits are going to be subject to the same sort of ATOS assessments and punishment and sanctions if they are deemed to not spend all their time looking for more hours to work. This is the result of Universal Credit - a man who worked and paid his taxes for over 30 years dieing of hunger : http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2017-10-24/man-died-while-waiting-for-universal-credit-days-after-itv-interview/ Shame on anyone who spews the bilge I quoted at the top of the post. On fraudulent benefit - tax lost to the exchequer comes to £120 billion, benefit fraud is put at £1.2 billion, while £16billion of benefits go unclaimed. Yet the number of people working for the government in reformulating and chasing tax evaders has halved while the number working on benefit fraud has been increased seven fold. Those in power are giving people something to blame and people of small wit lap it up. It's astonishing that the poor can be demonized while there has been no redress whatsoever against/from the bankers that came close to brankrupting the country.
  5. jacksj1

    Homeless people

    I haven't seen folk advocate drug use in this thread. I have seen people, including myself, say that drug use is not a primary cause of homelessness in the majority of cases. JRF study on destitution showed 686,000 families - including 300,000 children affected by this in one year. "common immediate causes of destitution included unsustainable debt repayments (usually to public authorities), high living costs (especially for housing and energy), and benefit delays and sanctions. Disability and ill health were important factors" "destitution is closely linked to broader poverty. Tackling destitution requires action on the fundamental drivers of poverty (e.g. unemployment, low pay and high living costs), as well as better emergency support for those in crisis" Source as requested : https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/destitution-uk
  6. jacksj1

    Homeless people

    The biggest benefactors of socialism are the rich. The bail out of the banks was the biggest socialist act in history - the population are still paying for it, while the banks have given many billions in bonuses alone. We give many billions of public money to companies like Virgin even while they make huge profits. Socialism pays for research and innovation in science, medicines, electronics and many others. Private enterprise snaps that up and makes trillions from it. Socialism provides a somewhat educated population and provides a market, transportation infrastructure, policing, security and an environment for the rich to prosper in. The problem is socialism in the UK and the US has been made a dirty word by Thatcher/Blair and Reagan/Clinton. We are led to the believe socialism was to blame for our problems in the 70s/80s when actually it was about the fuel crisis and inefficient manufacturing processes and poor management at all levels. France and Germany faced exactly the same problems the UK did. Unlike the UK they didn't go to war with its own citizens, deploying the military in police uniforms to brutalise striking workers. They didn't make the strategic economic decision to destroy the economy and industries of vast swathes of their country. They haven't spent the last 30 years letting their banks dictate that regional economic policy, where the banking industry wants vastly different decisions than manufacturing industry. They didn't make socialism a dirty word so that we are now signing contracts worth hundreds of billions of pounds with German/French/Chinese nationally owned, socialist industries to supply things like power for us. The problem rather than socialism is neoliberalism. The erroneous belief that wealth would trickle down. The problem is rich people don't like their wealth trickling down so they keep it, don't pay tax and squirrel it. Many trillions of pounds have been milked out of society across the world and secreted into offshore bank accounts, instead of circulating through the economy. London is now the richest city in Europe. To pay for that nine of the ten poorest regions in Northern Europe are in other parts of the UK. Homelessness is often a direct result. To dismiss homelessness as something caused by drug taking is misguided at best.
  7. jacksj1

    Homeless people

    I'm an ex forces person with severe PTSD. I'm affected to the extent that I rarely go out of the house and I've lost touch with all my friends local and national. I've worked hard all my life, I have a first class honors degree in IT and multiple HNDs. I worked for IBM and the big merchant banks. With PTSD you can operate at a high level for years after finishing military service until it all comes crashing down. We lost everything - the house, cars the kids education. We were homeless. You can't get recompense from the Army/Government if its 3 years after you leave and often its years until you realize your issues are related. I eventually got a war pension - £85 a week. They just offset it against the social benefits I was receiving so it makes/made no difference. There is no help from the Government, the NHS or any social services. Mental health services have been stripped to the bone. You can wait 6 months plus for an appointment then spend a half hour with an incompetent doctor who does nothing to help you and just throws drugs at you. If there is no help for an ex forces person earning well into six figures for major institutions, who has given his mental and physical health for his country, what chance have the working poor and the unemployed got ? Some of you need to think carefully before judging others. The number of children homeless now for example runs into the hundreds of thousands. We've become a selfish society. The people who run our society have become those who are prepared to screw over other people the most. Sociopaths own our media and buy our politics. They shape and frame the debate. They control society by giving the masses someone to blame. For years it was the unemployed ("lazy, workshy, they're all like benefit street") now it's immigrants ("stretching our schools and NHS, taking all our jobs") and the homeless ("drug addicts, bring it on themselves"). The fact is an enormous number of people in this country are close to homelessness and don't know it.
  8. jacksj1


    US wars are mostly driven by economics. Iran is moving away from trading their oil in dollars. (Gaddafi did the same as did Saddam Hussein). Iran also has one of the last central banks not controlled by the US. It's one of the founding members of an alternative to the IMF along with China and Russia. I'm pretty sure Trump will start a war with Iran but there will be no reason outside of upholding the $$$ to do so. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/06/01/russia-wants-to-convince-bric-partners-to-create-alternative-banking-system/#1a21dc1359af https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/01/01/how-united-iran-russia-china-changing-world-better.html As an interesting aside here's a graphic showing US military bases blocking China :
  9. jacksj1

    2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    GS.be went from pre-order tomorrow to sold out. Guess they are cashing in.
  10. jacksj1

    Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    I don't like the look of the Dog. There seems to be mixed views on this so I suspect this will do well due only to the low mintage and hype. That's probably enough to maintain it's price going forward. As someone new to the hobby I;d appreciate hearing from anyone on what the Rwanda Mints reputation had been prior to the hype around the Rooster. Where they popular and how is their quality ?
  11. http://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/Platinum-wedding Interesting that they are doing a quarter oz platinum coin but not a quarter oz gold coin (if this is the complete range). Only 1,275 of the quarter oz being made : http://www.royalmint.com/shop/u/uk17pwqp The obverse portrait is interesting :
  12. jacksj1

    Silver Deals.....

    Appears he is selling a second using the same photograph and description, that or he has listed it separately with a buy it now and an auction : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1878-Queen-Victoria-Silver-Gothic-Florin-PCGS-MS65-Finest-Known/172712667109?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D47510%26meid%3D80f5531eb7584ad0982cd4db35482aca%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D152725567933&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  13. jacksj1

    market manipulation true or false

    Most of our present economic and banking systems are the antithesis of the "notions of intrinsic value". The population of our countries are the slaves of this fallacy, milked like cattle day in and day out by central banks.
  14. jacksj1

    Gold distorting UK trade figures

    1. There is zero chance any political party will allow immigration to fall consistently - our economic system depends on it. The politicians who say they will are lieing. 2. Most people are deceived - immigration contributes in a small way to our schools and health care systems struggling, but the real problem is Government policy. There are half as many hospital beds as there has been in the past. Huge sums of money are being siphoned away from front line health care into establishing privatisation agreements. Until 2012 every single health authority was running at a surplus.
  15. jacksj1

    market manipulation true or false

    This is unbalanced in a couple of ways. Firstly I'm not aware of anyone who has said silver will become extinct. What I believe has been put forward is that at some time in the future demand will outstrip supply with regard to affordable silver. That silver production will become increasingly more expensive and produce a significant rise in the value of silver. This video actually backs that up when it shows the mine going to ever greater depths to keep up with demand. Bottom line a lot of folks in this hobby are speculators. They have to make a judgement call on the available facts. I'd suggest there is enough evidence to state that the following are facts : i) the markets have manipulated the price of silver and have kept it repressed; ii) the present economic system that has repressed the price of silver is unsustainable - it demands constant growth; iii) significant world powers that are trying to move away from from this economic system - the dollar and our banking system/markets - are amassing enormous quantities of gold and silver. When you add that to the fact that silver will get ever more expensive to produce the best guess on the available evidence is that this is a great time to be buying.