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    JosephM reacted to 5huggy in MEGA BREAKING NEWS!   
    WOW! it STARTS
    Mark Carney calls for global monetary system to replace the dollar
    info here - - >>>> https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed-jacksonhole-carney/world-needs-to-end-risky-reliance-on-u-s-dollar-boes-carney-idUKKCN1VD28C

    Added 0 minutes later... “While the world economy is being reordered, the U.S. dollar remains as important as when Bretton Woods collapsed,” Carney said, referring to the end of the dollar’s peg to gold in the early 1970s.
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    JosephM reacted to KDave in They offered me cash bonuses to keep gambling   
    At least with precious metal addiction you have something to show for it alongside the crippling debt and eventual bankruptcy. 
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    JosephM reacted to HighlandTiger in They offered me cash bonuses to keep gambling   
    There is only one person to blame and it isn't the gambling websites.
    And this comes from someone who has struggled with a gambling addiction on and off for nearly 40 years.
    People have been gambling for thousands of years, it will never stop. I have zero sympathy for anyone who has lost money gambling. Instead of trying to blame everyone else, gambling addicts need to look closer to home and get help for themselves. Stop blaming the gaming companies, no one is ever forced to make a bet. 
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    JosephM reacted to Abyss in They offered me cash bonuses to keep gambling   
    Story BBC website grandmother lost £633,000 from gambling online. Made me sick to my stomach that somebody could lose generational wealth (sold her house and had proceeds late fathers house) and the company took the money JackpotJoy. Sad state of affairs and the world live in.
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    JosephM reacted to HawkHybrid in Germany to auction a zero-percent 30-year bond for the first time   
    it's not blindly hoping, there is method to the
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    JosephM reacted to sixgun in Germany to auction a zero-percent 30-year bond for the first time   
    That's right - a big tip from the financial community is to go long bonds - long bond futures, buy CALLS in bond futures, long Eurodollar futures (/GE) or short Libor ETF's like DLBR
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    JosephM reacted to sixgun in Germany to auction a zero-percent 30-year bond for the first time   
    As far as i was aware German bunds are negative yielding. So a zero coupon bund will immediately show a capital gain. If bond yields become more negative, the price of the bonds go up so there is a capital gain. i am sure it will come unstuck quite soon. The other issue is many pension funds by law must have sovereign bonds in their portfolio. So it doesn't matter how negative they go there will be pension funds that must buy them. Once upon a time holding bonds gave investors security and a steady income now they are another method of elite theft.
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    JosephM reacted to 5huggy in Germany to auction a zero-percent 30-year bond for the first time   
    The bond sale expected to take place at 10:30 a.m. London time will mean the German government will not make any interest payments to those buying the bond until it matures in August 2050.
    A zero-coupon bond from the German government is an option for investors to park their money in a longer term safe-haven asset and lock their cash for a 30-year period amid global uncertainties.
    SO IMHO - bonds becoming a non "income" asset - then a shoot load more of the "intelligent" money will pile into "OUR" favourite "PET ROCK"
    Cant wait to see which camp will be the happiest in 30 years! 

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    JosephM reacted to AuricGoldfinger in The benefits of a LISA   
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    JosephM reacted to KDave in CORBYN BREXIT SPEECH on now on BBC news Live!   
    He says give workers 10% in business shares at the place they work. Why would anyone set up a business take the risk put in the work just to have 10% robbed off then and given to those employees who have no ties and have taken no risk.
    Nationalise infrastructure is fair enough. 
    Second referendum policy you might as well kick of the civil war now. 
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    JosephM reacted to tallyhojim in The benefits of a LISA   
    Bank of El Mattress is the only safe bet.
  13. Sad
    JosephM reacted to MickB in Loss of a Thames Valley Police officer   
    Sad news that a serving Police officer died in the line of duty. The thin blue line is thin enough but the loss of life just makes it worse.
    PC Andrew Harper was only doing his job and there could be no way that the people who took his life should ever get away with it. I find it sickening that when in uniform he would be treated with a lack of respect that brought to an end his life. He was only married for four weeks and was due to go on his honeymoon today. 
    If anyone attacks a Police Officer then they certainly don't respect anyone in society, so they don't deserve any sympathy when met with the full force of the law.
    My condolences to his wife and family. 
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    JosephM reacted to MrGeorge in The benefits of a LISA   
    Well I live up in Scotland and next door just sold there house for 1.5 million with 10% down your mortgage over 25 years is a little over 7k a month I can rent a house same size easy for 3k a month can move when I want and don't have to spend a fortune doing it up every 5-10 years. So no I don't see how America is that different to the UK rates might vary a bit still the same idea.
    As for the LISA no am not fussed at all about a free £750 a year it's nothing and it's never going to turn into something worthwhile.
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    JosephM reacted to MHoppy in Today I Received.....   
    @ChrisSIlver Thankyou! Winner winner chicken dinner

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    JosephM reacted to 5huggy in Ive figured out Gold AND Silver!!!!   
    Twice as much printed = 1/2 the value   - You can t print GOLD!
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    JosephM reacted to 5huggy in URGENT NOTE ___ LSE FEEDS SERIOUSLY DOWN   
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    JosephM reacted to Pete in Ive figured out Gold AND Silver!!!!   
    Don't forget that if you can print more money then you will have more fiat in your pocket.
    Reckon the Eurozone needs to fire up its big denomination notes pricing machines soon as it cannot lower interest rates below zero.
    Watch on Netflix the first series called "The Heist" - Spanish but overdubbed.
    Quite intriguing ( forget the second series though - too much filler bad ).
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    JosephM reacted to Ablist in Ive figured out Gold AND Silver!!!!   
    ALL "THE" prices are manipulated by "The Man" ... Numismatics is just a bunch of blah. Not a one of us actually knows the true value of gold or silver, or a numismatic coin with certainty on any given day, and yet we are all experts. We all have the next best this coming, and, simultaneously just avoided the last losing proposition. Oh and of course we are always right and are making 100 mil a month. I get it now. "I can see cleary now that the rain is gone..." I will be a billionaire this year!! Glad I got this sorted out, I was starting to get stressed out a bit. You all can thank me later!
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    JosephM reacted to vand in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    A plea to you all: sit on your hands.
    We stand on the breakout of what will very likely be one of the greatest bull markets of our lifetime. Think about what has happened over the last 10 years: unprecedented level of stimulus into a monetary system that is no longer fit for purpose. This is much worse than the abuse of the system that drove the prior PM bull markets of 1971-1980 and 1999-2011. 
    The fallout from this crazy experiment will drive the price of gold by similar factors over the next decade, just as it did during the previous bull markets. Bull markets always run longer and further than nearly all their early adopters think is possible.
    PMs will be valued many multiples higher in the years to come. Scoot on over to a "mainstream" investment site like MrMoneyMustache or MoneysavingExpert and gold doesn't even figure on the radar. They are ALL about passive index funds and chasing the stock market. They worship VTSAX. If you are lucky you might find someone holding 20% bonds. They won't even look at gold until it has at least doubled from current levels, and even then they will be some of the earlier adopters. 
    There will come a time to sell your PMs and buy something that is better value, but that time is still years away. It will be when everyone thinks it is a good time to be overweight on gold, when Dow/Gold is somewhere between a half to a quarter of its current level.
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    JosephM reacted to kimchi in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    Expect the 'story' to take many twists and turns over the following days and months, so much so that any truth at all will be hard to discern - that's why I think the key thing is why he was arrested in the first place (reported to be at least). After that it was only ever going to be suicide, and now the circus of confusion begins (it is the most carefully watched facility in the US according to former inmates, the press now have it as a bungling institution and the guards were having a good kip at the time. He is the most powerful mover/shaker/blackmail deep state honeypot asset ever, now he was a braggard who wielded no significant influence).
    It was the same with Brexit - the outcome of the vote was predicted, anticipated, as was Boris' takeover, the years since have simply been a pantomime sideshow that was also predicted. Oh and just so happened to span years of work by the police and 'non-partisan' 🤣 commissions and enquiries into systematic institutionalized child abuse rings throughout politics, the entertainment industry, and even with links to the royal family that ended with a whitewash and the police being blamed for even entertaining such ideas.
    CCTV, photos and footage of these incidents usually exposes the deception (Woolwich, Westminster bridge, the cyclist attacked at Parliament, the nightclub shooting in the US where they filmed victims being carried towards the nightclub - oops! -etc etc). The list goes on and on. CCTV images from Diana and Dodi inside the elevator at the Ritz before they left, and photos as they left, are all we have in that case, and are provably false/faked/mocked up as per usual.
    Anyway! What I am basically saying is ignore the circus from now on, don't get caught up in the details because they will have your head spinning faster than you can imagine, and that is entirely the aim.
    The only question that matters is 'why?'.
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    JosephM got a reaction from goldmember44 in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    I feel its now damage control and a case of they have scared these high profile people and now they can calm it down. Now just claiming he was a nobody who was full of sh** and only kidded on to have dirt on all of these high profile characters. 
    The last few days I have have several news updates about where Prince Andrew is and when hes with the queen. Why? Especially if Epstein was a loner. 
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    JosephM reacted to sixgun in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    Epstein was a loner - he invited a journalist round for company. He wasn't important....blah blah -
    So why is CNBC talking about him with a panel of people? Why did the US Attorney General give a press conference on him saying how angry he was he was allowed to commit 'suicide'. Why is the media full of articles. Why were presidents, princes and other VIP's meeting him, coming to his island.....?
    Just BS - you would have to be asleep not to follow such lameness. 
    i note the extro comments about Epstein being friends with Woody Allen - how one guest was intrigued by a hebephile and Woody Allen (paedophile) being buddies.
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    JosephM got a reaction from goldmember44 in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    Time to play it down 
  25. Haha
    JosephM reacted to sixgun in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    Yes indeed there was such CCTV - as there will have been of the Pentagon on 9/11, the trains on 7/7 and just about everywhere else but the people are told it didn't exist - the cameras weren't working, the video got lost, got deleted.............. For after all we couldn't have the truth getting in the way of the lies could we.