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  1. JCRJM

    Hello from the UK

    Hi welcome to the forum
  2. JCRJM

    Today I Received

    Got to say the royal mint upped the packaging for this one. Came in a box with all the little foam cushions. Looks great
  3. JCRJM


    Whisky and lego. Starting to get into dragonball Z figures as my brother has showed me the ins and outs. Oh and some pokemon cards but not added anymore lately.
  4. JCRJM

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    I tried 3D printing my own so i can sandcast but i hd the quality of print too low. First attempt only fits in from underneath another block. the underneath messed up because of the low quality print.
  5. JCRJM

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Hopefully cheaper silver. To order some bullion for the group order
  6. JCRJM

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Is the group order shut for tonight?
  7. @fehk2001 id like to see your collection
  8. I havent mate maybe a gap in the market here :)) i did order some of those ones from predecimal tho
  9. Thanks mate @fehk2001 i feel for any information i should personally message you now 😂😂 so helpful with this stuff.
  10. Man I checked so much as well 😭😭 these descriptions were lying. Well if anyone has any non-pvc flips that i could buy say about 100. Im happy to buy from one of you so i know for sure they arent pvc.
  11. @fehk2001 i got these a little while ago. Are these the correct thing? When i bought them they had really strong smell and were all stuck together so i assumed pvc?
  12. Well thats my job for the weekend then.
  13. I am the same here i thought i knew but i clearly dont. Are these ok?
  14. Dont worry @MickD i have messaged him to asking if i can exchange for the acid free ones and if i owe more i will square him up. i know pvc messes up the coins but see if the coins r in the cardboard flips. Would they be fine becuase they dont come in contact with the pvc? Or does the pvc leak over time?