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  1. JCRJM

    Today I Received.....

    Well worth it mate. Really low mintage as well!
  2. JCRJM

    Today I Received.....

    Looks even better in Gold than silver. 😍
  3. JCRJM

    for sale or exchange Trade

    Looking to trade this 2017 1oz Australlian Stock Horse. Looking for 2 x 1oz Silver Britannias(Any years)? let me know if you are interested. thanks
  4. Number 4 is my favorite 😂😂 i’m just going to continue stacking and trying maxing my european silver purchases for a bit. Try and save some more cash just incase of job difficulties.
  5. JCRJM

    3D printers

    That print looks brilliant mate.
  6. JCRJM

    Today I Received.....

    😍😍😍 Just to add ive wanted this coin since I joined the forum and seen @augur old profile picture! with thanks to @Marc for being a top guy 👍🏻
  7. JCRJM

    Lighthouse or Air-Tites?

    I use lighthouse because any time ive looked at air tites and at the tubes they are Expensiveee anyone got a good website to buy the airtite tubes from?
  8. Would you accept £1,100 for the sov mate?
  9. Age of discovery 19 y old. maderia red wine bourbon. sit nicely on the shelf.
  10. JCRJM

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Ill take 1 byb please ill bank transfer u the £5
  11. JCRJM

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Enjoyed the video Numi! Any chance you know if my unicorn will be back before chirstmas? 🦄
  12. JCRJM

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I seen this when it came out didnt jump on it. Not really interested in the 50p’s got the paddington ones and they just dont do it for me. Congrats to everyone on the easy flip.
  13. JCRJM

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Finish work at 12 then ill send mine over
  14. Not too heavily but still buying some btc and have been over the last few months.