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  1. JCRJM

    New upload of gold delivery

    HI mate great video again. Only advice i could give is try not to burn yourself out at the start and after your first few orders focus on the same things you like. Easier to sell when time comes great pickups.
  2. JCRJM

    My first unboxing.

    yeh i really like the 50g bar. Nice pickups
  3. JCRJM

    My first unboxing.

    Great video mate. Never seen the IGR stuff before. Do you mind me asking where you ordered from?
  4. JCRJM

    Potential eBay scam please help

    Hi mate. The account hasnt paid for the order and has no feedback.
  5. JCRJM

    Potential eBay scam please help

    Hi thought this would be the best place to put this. Need advice. if someone has no feedback and it looks dodgy. If you cancel the sale will you then receive bad feedback?
  6. Own one myself. Very nice coin. Well worth it mate
  7. JCRJM

    New laptop

    If anybody plays fortnite hit me up. Pretty terrible on pc but trying 😂
  8. JCRJM

    New laptop

    Pretty easy to do to if decided on as well. Just make sure windows is downloaded to a USB from their website.
  9. JCRJM

    New laptop

    I would say look at pcspecialist to make it yourself saves a lot. I have bought 3 PCs from here and they are a great company. Id say i5 is fine not many people need an i7. I have 8gb of RAM and it is enough. Also I play games on my PC I have 1060 Nvidia graphics card. This copes fine with playing games also. Then up to you with hardrive and ssd. Tb of hardrive will do u into the foreseable future. Also if you want you can get it on interest free monthly payments for the first year.
  10. JCRJM

    2019 new year silver coins

    As the same as every year i’m looking forward to the chinese pandas. I really liked the 2018 design and they have been good last few years so hope its good what you looking forward to? (read wrong) hot, there will be a new rwanda gold lunar coin. I imagine it will go for crazy premium. Also imagine the 1/4oz proof beasts will continue to be hot.
  11. Between us and JP Morgan we'll have the market cornered soon :))
  12. JCRJM

    Side Project - Cigar Boxes

    They look great mate. if you don't mind me asking. How do you cut the foam inserts. Do you just draw a circle with a template and cut with a scalpel? or more complex?
  13. JCRJM

    Stack Goals!?

    Lord of the rings taught us nothing
  14. JCRJM

    Stack Goals!?

    @AuricGoldfinger i would give one tip that i dont feel a lot of people mention but that might be just because i cant let go. I would try to keep birthday presents and christmas purchases of pms to a low of for special stuff. I have now got a few items that i probably wont let go of because of the memory they hold. Not good when looking in investment terms. My 1oz gold lion was a 21st present so hard to let go of now.
  15. JCRJM

    Stack Goals!?

    Ohh thats a good one @Roy not sure but sadly can calculate this weekend. Today i bought a dominos for the family cost £31. I also bought two silver brits to add to the group order from byb and it cost £28.75. So that is pretty bad. 2oz to 1 takeaway.